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Matlab2010安装方法-matlab2010b安装图文.pdf Matlab 2010的安装方法
图20-4 MATLAB2010的安装-4 在图20-4中点选“yes”(同意版本协议),然后选择“Next”,出现新的界面,见图20-5。 File Installation Key MATLAB Provide File Installation Key SIMULINK OF have the File Installation Key for ay license R2010o oI do not have the File Installation Key. Help me with the next steps You may have received a File Installation Key from the MathWorks Web site or from your license administrator The MathWorksmm Next> Cancel 图20-5 MATLAB2010的安装-5 在图20-5中点选“ I have the File installation Key for my license:”,在编辑框中输入文件 夹… MMat labr2010 crack\ install.txt中“ standalone”=>“2)”下的宇符(比如 55013-56979-18948-50009-49060),然后选择“Next”,出现新的界面,见图20-6。 Installation Type 回旧区 Choose installation type &SIMULINK R2010a Install all your licensed products using default settings. CUstom Speci fy all installation options O Products O Shortcuts e File type associ ations 小 The MathWorks < Back Next Cancel 图20-6 MATLAB2010的安装一6 在图20-6中点选“ Typical”(默认选择),然后选择“Next”,出现新的界面,见图20-7 Folder Selection 回回区 MATLAB Specify installation folder ASIMULINK Enter the full path to the installation folder: R2010a AProgram Files\MATLAB\R2010 rows Restore Default Folder Space available: 12405 MB Maximum space required: 0 MB The MathWorks <Back Next ance 图20-7 MATLAB2010的安装一7 在图20-7中,编辑框中选择 MATLAB的安装目录(比如默认目录C:\ Program Files matlab\R2010a\),然 后选择“Next”,出现新的界面,见图20-8。 I Confirmation Confirm your installation settings LINK Installation folder R200a C: \Program Files\MATLAB\R2010\ Product MATLAB Distributed Computing Server 4.3 MATLAB 7 10 Simulink 7.5 Aerospace Blockset 3.5 Toolbox 2.5 I iNformat1cs00⊥b0 Communi cations Blockset 4. 4 Communications Toolbox 4.5 Control System Toolbox 8.5 Curve Fitting Toolbox 2. 2 Data Acquisition Toolbox 2. 16 Database Toolbox 3.7 Datafeed Toolbox 3 Qualification Kit 1.2 Econometrics Toolbox 1.3 . The MathWorks < Back Install Help 图20-8 MATLAB2010的安装-8 在图20-7中,选择“Inta11”,即开始安装过程,见图20-9 223* Complete Installing Control System Toolbox 8.5 About 35 minutes remaining C: \Program Files \MATLAB\R2010a\toolbox \controlctrlobsoletellyap2m 图20-9 MATLAB2010的安装一9 安装结束之前,出现安装信息的对话框,见图20-10。 Product Configuration Hotes MATLAB Your installation may require addition nfi guration steps. See the ASIMULINK notes below for instructi ons R2010a 1. The following products you have installed require a compiler to run MATLAB Compiler 4. 13 MATLAB Builder Ne 3.1 MATLAB Builder JA 2.1 MATLAB Builder EX 1.2. 15 Simulink 7. 5 Stateflow 7. 5 Real-Time Workshop 7, 5 RPC Target 4.3 Make sure you have one of the supported compilers installed on your machine 2. SimBiology simulations can now be accelerated when a compiler is installed. It is recommended that you install a supported compiler on your machine. Run nex -setup to confi gure MATLAB to use an installed compiler. To confire Real-Time Windows Target von must tyme rtwint tum in A MATLAB y .The MathWorks <Back 图20-10 MATLAB2010的安装-10 在图201-10中,选择单击Next出现新的对话框,见图20-11。 J Installation Complete MATLAB° Installation is complete. &SIMULINK M Activate MATLAB R20100 Note: You will not be able to use MATLAB until you activate the software See the Help to learn more about activation. The MathWorksTm < Back Next 图20-11 MATLAB2010的安装-11 在图20-11中,勾选“ Active matlab”,单击Next,出现新的对话框,见图20-12。 fath orks Software Act ivat ion MATLAB Activate MathWorks Software ASIMULINK Activation is a process that verifies licensed use of MathWorks produets. This process Activation validates the license and ensures that it is not used on more systems than allowed by he license option you have acquired O Activate automatically using the Internet Recommended) Advanced Options O Activate manually wi thout the Internet .The MathWorks k■Next 图20-12 MATLAB2010的安装-12 在图20-12中,点选 “ Active manu ally without the Internet”,单击Next,出现新的对话框,见图20-13。 6 o offline Activation 回冈 Activate wi thout an Internet connecti on LINK OProvi de the path to the license file Activation B oI do not have a license file, Help me wi th the next steps The MathWorks <Back Cancel 图20-13 MATLAB2010的安装-13 在图20-13中,点选“ Provide the path to the license file:”,在编辑框中键入相应的注册文件(比 如D: crack\ lic standalone.dat)、也可通过单击 Browse按钮来浏览选取,单击Next,出现新的对话框, 见图20-14。 Activation Coplete MATLAB Activation is conplete △ SIMULINK区 Start MATLAB The PathWorks Finish 图20-14 MATLAB2010的安装-14 在图20-14中,勾选“ Start matlab”,单击 Finish按钮,即可出现 MATLAB2010平台,见图20-15。 7 夏 AILAB7.10.0(R2010a) Eil.gditDeb Desktop Window Hell 口。|都回 o Current Folder:: ocuments and SattingruAdninistrator v□t Shortcuts a How to Add 2 What's Nev 回国3·”国数m数 57 Yatch this Yido. soe Danos or road Getting Started. St 图20-15 MATLAB2010的编程平台 顺便说明一下,如果在编程过程中,命令窗口、代码历史等不能在视图中出现,可以通过单击菜单“ Desktop” 中下一级菜单而使相应菜单出现 Installer error You must have a supported version of the. lET Framework installed before you can install MAILAB Builder IE. Install the. ITEI Framework and then re-install MAILAB Builder lTE 8

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