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Technische Daten HX-PA SERIES amUniMeasure RATIOMETRIC VOLTAGE OUTPUT Utilizing a precision potentiometer, the UniMeasu'e General I SPECIFICATIONS HX-PA series positicn transducer provides basic abso Available Measurement Ranges .. See Table 4, Page 8 lute positioning with an analog output. With a steady Sensing Device Precision Potenti ometer state input voltage, and with the potentiometer con Connector MS3102E-145-6「 Mating Connector(included) MS3106E-14s-6S nected as a voltage divider, the ratiometric output voltage is directly proportional to wire rope extension Performance The unit will function with any input voltage up to 25 volts maxirnlurm To obtain best output linearity the input 2"3",4"&5" Ranges, ±0.25% Full Scale 0",15",20"&25" 0.15%Full Scale voltago should bc well regulated All other ranges ±0.10% Full scale Repeatabilit ±0.015%FU|Scae Resolution Essential y Infinite CONNECTION DIAGRAM Electrical +vinA Input Impedance 1000g03% Output Impedance 0to1200g + Excitation voltage 5∨ cIts max. AC or Do Nominal Output Voltage m/inch Use total measurement ange in calcu: ation) Range in /rches mv/imm Eny Thermal Coefficient of MODEL NUMBER CONFIGURATJON Sensing Elemen ±100PPM/°CMax HXPA Operating Temperature 25C to c5C perating Hum dity Shock 50G@0.1msM Measurement Range Designator Cption designators'rom Vibration 10 Hz to 200C Hz, 15 G peak frcm standard ranges shown in OPTIONS list(page 91 in or der uf: Ingress Protection Table 4 page 8 appearance on OPTioNs list Exclusive of W re Hope Area……NEMA4(P65) Opticnal Ingress Protection NEMA 6(P-68) HX-PB SERIES BRIDGE CIRCUIT VOLTAGE OUTPUT The UniMeasure HX-PB series ransducer includes the General SPECIFICATIONS sensing potentiometer in a bridge circuit with adjustable Available McasJreent Ranges. See Table 4. Page 8 zero and span controls. The completely passive circuit Sensing Device … precision Potentiometer gives a maximum output voltage at maximum span Connector s3102E-14S-6P setting of approximately 18% of the input voltage. The Mating Connector(included MS3106E-14s-6s span adjustment allows for easy interface to a bridge Performance amplifier. With zero position adjustable to anywhere Linearity witnin the total range of the transducer, voltage output is 2",3",4,&5" Ranges ±0.25%Fu|Scal 10",15",20"825 ±0,15%Fu‖sca|e positive when extending the cable from the selected zero 0.1C%Fu‖scae position and is negative when retracting from zero Repeatability 0.015%Full Scale Resolution,…, Essentially Infinite CONNECTION DIAGRAM Electrical 25K NPUT了+Mn∧ GND Output Impedance 1.25Ks2at max span setting O JTPUT youi 14.4Ko2@ 51%max span setting COMIC Excitation Voltage 25 Volts Max AC or dc POT Output Voltage User adjustable to a maximum of 8% of Input Volt Environ mental OSITION Thermal coefficient of Sensing element 100 PPM/C Max MODEL NUMBER CONFIGURATION Operating Temperature -25°Cto95°℃ HX-PB Operating Humidity 0 50G愈0.1msN 2000 HZ, 15G peak Measurement Range Designator Cption designato Ingress Protection frorm standard ranges shown in Tab e 4, page 8 OPTIONS list(page 9: in order of Exclusive of Wire Rope Area..NEMA 4(IP-65) appearance on OPtIONS list Optional Ingress Protec. ion Page 3H IEMA 6(IP-68) Way Technische Daten HX-P420 sERIES am UniMeasure 4 to 20 mA OUTPUT The HX-P420 position transducer provides a 4 to 20 mA General SPECIFICATIONS output signal with a potentiometric sensor. The HX-P420 Available Measurement Ranges.. See Table 4, Page 8 is particularly advantageous in electrically noisy envirol ,Ms3102E14s-6P ments. Since the transmitter is loop powered an as Mating Connector (included Ms3106E145-6S Performance sembled system consists of a power supply, current monitor, and transmitter all connected in series Zero ±0.30% Full scale and span adjustments allow setting the 4 mA position 10,15”,20&25" Ranges 0.20%FuS within the first 30%of total travel and setting the 20 mA All other ranges ±0.15% Full scale Repeatability ±0.015%Fu!Scal position within 80% to 100% of total travel. The HX-P420 Resolution Essentially infinite may be powered with a supply voltage in the range of 12Electrical to 35 VDC subject to the total loop resistance Output User Adjustable 4 to 20 mA EXcitation Voltage 12 to 35 VDC CONNECTION DIAGRAMA LOOP RESISTANCE VS SUPPLY VOLTAGEi MinSupply Voltage …(02 x Load Res)+12VDC 1120 OHMS Insulation Resistance 100 Megohms min at 100 VDC CPERATING 20 Adjustment Rang 4 mA o to 30%n of ra 80% to 100% of Range PSTENTNMETER Prc 00112 Environmental 0 normal Coefficient of sensing element 100 PPM/C ma Operating temper 25°Cto80 Opcrating humidity… 1009 MODEL NUMBER CONFIGURA TION Vibration 15 Gso t ms max HX-P420 Shock 50 G's01 ms max Ingress Protecti Exclusive of Wire Rope Area.. NEMA 4(IP-65 Measurement Range Designator Option designators from ornl standard ranges shown in OPTIONS list(page 9)n order OptionalIngress Protecti NEMA 6 ( IP-68 Table 4, page 8 appearance on OPT oNS list L HX-P510 sERIES 0 to 5 VDC or o to 10 VDC OUTPUT The HX-P510 position transducer provides a 0 to 5 or 0 General SPECIFICATIONS to 10 VDC output utilizing a potentiometric sensor. Pins Avalable measurement Ranges ...See Table 4, Page 8 B and c of tre connector are both common and are Precision Potentiometer Connector s3102E-14S-6P connected together internally at the transducer enabling Mating Connector(included) .MS3106E-14S-6S a three or four wire connection. With adjustable zero Performance and span, zero position may be set within the first 30% Linearity of the total measurement range. The span allows 3. Rances 0.30%o Full scale 10″15",20&25 Ranges 0.20% Full Scale maximum output voltage to be adjusted to 5 vdc or 10 All other ranges 土0.15%FuSa|e VDC for displacements between 80% and 100% of total Repeatability 0. 015% FulE Scal range. The HX-P510 may be powered by an unregu Resolution Essentially Infinite 三| ectrical lated supply voltage in the range of 11 to 35 VDC ..o to 5 VDc ad ustable to 10 VDC CONNECTION DIAGRAM Excitation Voltage 1 to 35 VDC Excitation Current 40 mAma Output Impedance 104 max 0-10¥C Output Load COMMON CoNDITION三R Insulation resistance 100 megohms min at 100 VDC +yout Zero Adjustment Range 0 to 30%of Range Span Adjustment Range. .............80% to 100%o of Range Protection Reversed Polarity Environmental Operating temperature 0Ct55 MODEL NUMBER CONFIGURATION Storage Temperature -40to70C HX-P510 Operating hurr idly 1009 ∨ ibration. 15 Gso.1 ms max 50 G's 0.1 ms max Measurement Range Designator ption designators from Ingress Protection from standard ranges shown in OPTIONS list(page 9)in orderi Exclusive of Wire Rope Area. .. NEMA 4(IP-65 Table 4, page 8 of appearance on OPTIONS list Optional Ingress Protection NEMA 6( P-6B Wau Technische Daten HXP1010 sERIES um UniMeasure +10VDC OUTPUT(Adjustable to +5 VDC) The UniMeasurc HX-P1010 series position transducer General L SPECIFICATIONS provides an cutput voltage from- 10 VDC to +10 VDC Available Meas rement Ranges.See Table 4. Page B with adjustab lity to-5 VDC to +5 VDC. The zero MS3102E14s-6P position may be set within 10% to 90% of the total range Mating Connector (included) MS3106E14s-6s ot the transducer. The output voltage will be positive len the cable is extending from the zero position and Linearity 2,3,4"&5" Ranges 0.30%Full scale negative when retracting from the zero posit on. The 10.15",20″825" Ranges 0.20% Full Scale span may be adjusted to the maximum output voltage All rangcs 0.15%Full Scale within 50% to 100% of the longest possible travel from Repeatability ±0.015% Fuil scale Resolution the zero positicn, whether positive or negative Essentially Infinite Electrical Output -10 VDC to +10 VDC A dual vollage input (+15 VDC, -15 VDC and COMMON) EXcitation Voltage +15VDC±10%,-15VDC±10% Is required but optional single excitation voltages of +5 25 mA max +12,+15, or +24VDC are available. With optional 1.qMax single input voltages, the power supply ground is iso Capacitive load lated from the output common Zero AdjUstment Range 10% to 9o% of Rang Span Adjustment R 50%to 100% of Longest Possibte Travel from Zero Position CONNECTION DIAGRAM Protect on Reversed Polarity TANDARD SINCLE INPUT VCLTAGE OPTION Tempera: ure Stal|iy……,, 0. 02%/C of spai OSITION(+Vin A Environmental 士“0√DC nCto+700C SIGNAL Operating temperature cMMC小N CUN IRNE C自M LLN韭|⊥LN Stcrago Tompc'a: u 40C:0+85C ⊥veut ○ perating humidity… 100 PETEN EMETER Vibration 15 G'sO1 ms max COM"is common to"vout oni 50G's0.1 ms max Ingress Protection MODEL NUMBER CONFIGURATION EXclusive of Wire Rope area..NEMA 4(IP-65 HX-P1010- Optical| ngress Protection……NEMA6(P68) Measurement Range designator TABLE 1 OPTIONAL SINGLE INPUT VOLTAGES Option des gators from from standard ranges shown ir Table 4 pAge 8 OPTIONS list( page 9)in Opticn Designato Inout∨ oltage Input Current Optional Singlc Input Voltage from Table t order of appearance on Ami (Omit for standard input configuration) OPTIONS list |5 150 65 S|24 SELF-SEALING SCREW On models with zero and span controls(HX B, IIX-P420, HX-P510, HX-P10 to zero and span adjustments is accomplishcd by removing o-ring scaling screws Page5 Wau Technische Daten HX-EP SERIES 远厉 UniMeasure DIGITAL OUTPUT Utilizing an incremental encoder as the sensor, the General ( SPECIFICATIONS UniMeasure HX-EP series position transducer provides a two Available Measurement Ranges..Ses Table 4, Page 8 channel square wave current sinking output signal in quacra- Connector MS312E-14S-6F The resolutlon values shown in the specifications table incicate Lineal nce l o ture. The standard output is a single-ended TTL compatible Mating Connector(incluced)....MS3106E-145-6S square wave with 2KQ2 pullup resistors provided internally 0.03 Full scale resolution for times 1 counting mode where a count is reg s- Repeatability -0.015%Full Scale tered for ure up transition in channel A. With interface Resa utio ee table belo Electrical electronics capable of times 2 or times 4 counting mode, a true resolutional increase of 2 or 4 may be obtained. For Input√ oltage +5vDG45% Inp It Current 125 mA Ma 004" per count in times 1 counting moae whereas no. example, the HX-EP-50 has a resolution of approximately Output Current sinking (20 mA max i two channel single-ended TTL square wave from LM339 oper resolution is approximately. 001 per count in times 4 counting collector output stage. 2 KQ2 internal pullup resistors provided moae Phase Quadrature 900+20 The actual resolution of a HX-EP transducer differs from unit Environmental to unit because of tolerances associated with the wire rope Operating temperature. .m.....0C to 70'C diameter and the capstan upon which the wire rope wind Storage temperature -25C to gocc The nylon jacketed wire rope option will have the effect of OGs for 11 ms duration Vibration 20 Hz to 2000 Hz ( 5G's slightly reducing the resolution. Linearity and repeatability Humid ity 100% remain independent of resolution. In applications where the Ingress Protection output count is interpreted as a percentage of lotal travel Exclusive of Wire Rope Area……NEMA4P-65) resolutional differences from unit to unit are no critical Op: ional Incress Protection... NEMA 6(IP-68 However, in applications where the digital output is to be TABLE 2---------------------RESOLUTION interfaced to a digital display to give an output in engineer ng MODEL RANGE RESOLUTION TOLERAN units, the calibration constant supplied with the transducer may be used to calculate a suitable scale multiplier to produce (inch) (mm)(cor the correct engineering units. HX-EP-10 “0250 50001969 ±030 Alternative outputs shown in the "Optional Outputs" table HX-EP-25 256402500984 ±0.20 below are available to facilitate interfacing to a variety of HX-EP-50 1250250.0 984 different types of equipment HX-EP-60 601.5m 2058 8.10 HX-EP80 802.0m 1552 6.11 ±020 2.5 829 326 0.20% MODEL NUMBER CONFIGURATION GREATER THAN 100 100 2.5m 82.9 3.26 +0.209 HX-EP. Measurement Range Designator Option designators from d amsTer anma h shown is a calculated number baced upon the cap 1. Tha from stan dard ranges shown in Table 4. page 8 OPTIONS list (page 9)in orde- resoi-tional d fferencesrom un: to unit due to manufacturing tolerances on he capstan and vire rope. In practice, the output count in a given unit of travel is an intcg utput Option(Omit for standard ouTput of appearance cn oPTioNs list Use cption designator from column A in Optional Outputs"table belov STANDARD OUTPUT CONNECTOR OPEN COLLECTOR WAVEFORM WIRING OUTPUT STAGE A Optional Outputs BI COMMON 2K! □ C]CHANNELA Index channel Adds index() channel. Index is triggered within tre first 0.25" LETCHAI "g"(6 mm)of extension of the wire rope. Triggers repeatedly fo each complete rotation of the internal capstan See STANDARD COMMON Quadrature 901Nc OUTPUT box for cutput stage, waveform and connector wiring Symmetr 160°±10° 8 to 28 VDC Current Sinking +8 to +28 VDc 10KΩ WAVEFORM CoNNECTOR H1"35 ITA currert sinking output with ICK]2 internal pullup resistors 8 to 28 VDC input voltage ∨out 7406 巴 COMMON 5 VDC TTL Differential Line Drive Current Sinking I5 VDC C CHANNEL A H2" Line driver output. 35 mA current sink ng capahility with 2KS2 囗 CHANnEL B ntemal pullup resistors. 5 VDC input voltag 旧N. 8 to 28 VDC Differential Line Drive Current Sinking +8 to 28 VDC H3"I Line driver output, 35 mA current sinking w th 10KS2 intemal 1kKΩ CONNECTOR WAVEFORM IRING pullup resis:ors, 8 to 28 VDC input voltage 746 Vout +5 VDC NNEl 5 VDC Push-Pull H5 Push-Pull circuit with 20 mA current sourcing and 20 A 7404 CHA、NELB current sinking capability. +5 VDC input voltage FCHANNEL B 7404 COMMON Wau Technische Daten HX-V SERIES 或 m UniMeasure VELOCITY OUTPUT The UniMeasure HX-V series linear velocity transducer General SPECIFICATIONS incorporates a self-generating tachometer which elimi vailablc Mcasurement Ranges…… See Table4,Pace8 nates the need for any external power supply. Extra Connector… MS3102E-14S-6P long brush life, excellent stability and a wide operating Mating Connector (included).... MS3106E-14S-6S Electrical temperature range make the V series transducer highly Output See Table reliable for long term service ……+0.10% F.S. wthin25 Volt output Ripple TABLE 3 --*mm--- VELOCITY OUTPUT Input None Required; Self Generating Output Impedanc MEASUREMENT VELOCITY OUTPU Thermal Effects 0.01%Max per Degree c RANGE RANGE DESIGNATOR through Range20cto75℃ n(mm) 100 in min. m/min) Environmental 1C 250 Ing temperatur 0to95° 3,15,3C 15390 Storage Temperature…155°o100C 20.4C 2C 500 Operating humidity 100 25 640 Vibration 10Gs to 2KHz 5C1500 50 Gso.1 ms Max 80 Ingress Protection 100 02500 118 Exclusive of Wire Rope Area..NEMA4(IP-65 Optional Ingress Protection NEMA6 (IP-68 118 GF匚 ATER THAN100 1002500 CONNECTOR WIRING MODEL NUMBER CONFIGURA TION HX-V- ABCDEE TACHOMETER ∨out Measurement Range Designator Option designators from POSITIVE OUTPUT OCCURS WITH from standard ranges showr i OPTIONS list(page 9) in order cf CABLE EXTENDING Table 4, page 8 appearance on OPT ONS list HX- VPA SERIES VELOCITY-POSITION OUTPUT The UniMeasure HX-VPA series combines a self General SPECIFICATIONS generating tachometer and a precision potentiometer to Connector Available Measurement Ranges……. See table4Page8 …MS3102A-1456P give an output of both velocity and analog position Mating Connector (included) Ms3106E-14s6s Standard position output is ratiometric voltage. Option Performance ally availablc position outputs include ratiometric voltage Positional Linearity from a bridge circuit, 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 10 VDC, and +10 2",3",4"&5" Range +0.25% Full scale 10″,15",20"&25"日 anges…t0.15‰Fu‖!scde VDC. See HX-PB, HX-P420, HX-P510 and HX-P1010 Allother ranges +0. 10% Full Scale data sheets for electrical specifications repeatability ±0015% Full scale sitional Resolution E sse CONNECTOR WIRING Electrical (Position) Input Impedance("A" Ci cuit) 1000±10% POSmON-COMMON BH Output Impedance("A" Circuit……0to100092 Excitation∨oaae 25 Vol:s Max AC or dC ENTIOMETER Nominal Output voltage +out (l Ise trtal meas remen: range in calculaticn) Range in ncho- mV//inch VELOCITY 980 mV/V/mm Electrical (Velocity) ge n m. Output POSITIVE OUTPUT OCCURS WITH CABLE EXTENDING Linea to 10%o F S withi 25 Volt Output Ripple 3% Max MODEL NUMBER CONFIGURATION Output Impedance 350g Environmental HX-VPA Thermal coeff t of potentiometer ...+100 PPM C max ○ perating te o c to 95c For optional output replace Option designators fror perating humidit VPA with VPB OPTIONS list (page 9)in order Vibration 15G's0.1ms VP420 appearance on OPtIONs Ii 50G's 0.1 ms max vP510 Measurement Range Designator ingress Protection P1010 from standard ranges shown in Exclusive of Wire Ro]e Area.. NEMA4(IP-65 Table 4. page 8 Optional Ingress Protectior NEMA6(IP-68 Wau Technische Daten HX m UniMeasure MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS I SPECIFICATIONS ical Specifications Available Measurement Ranges.. See Table Coristruction Ranges 80(2 m)and under.Anocized Aluminum Mounting Stainless steel Anacized Aluminum Hous ng Ranges 100(2.5 m)and grealer. Stainless Steel Mounting Base High Impact, Corrosion resistant Po urethane Housings Wire Rope Tens on See Table 4 Wire Rope Diameter See Table 4 Weight See Table 4 MS3102A-14s-6P Mating Connector(included Optional NEMA 5 Capability .... Bu head fitting with 8(2.5 m)of shielded, twisted pair cable Typical HX mounting bolts When configuring model number: Use value from this Check mark indicates column to indicate overall available measurement TABLE 4 neasurement range range MEASUREMENT STANDARD APPLICABLE SERIES WIRE ROPE WIRE ROPE WEIGHT RANGE MEASUREMENT HX-I DIMENSIONAL TENSION DIAMETER INFORMATION DESIGNATOR RANGES HX-P42QHX Hv‖( JOMINAL HX-P510 (in) 'mm) HX-P1010 2 Im)(Ib) Kg 50 94016042.9 2345605 2345605 246701604 0.9 246,70160420.9 195301604|209 24670160420.9 9494 01604 09 30 246701604209 20500 24670160420.9 05000 195301604209 4670160420 401000 246701604299 1250 19530160420.9 4 6.7016 0.42 0.sEe Fig. 1, Page 10 for DimensionalInformation 8020mv 215801604209 25m 100024066831 12030m 36100024066.831 15038m 610。02406683 20050m 3610002406683 25063m 3610002406683 30075m 3610.0024066.831 88r 3610002406683 400100mv 3610002406683.1 500125m 36100C2406863.9 600 600152m 36100024068639 90203m 36100024068639 1000 1000254m 361000240612054 1200 120030.4mh 36100024061235 1600 1600406m 36100102406}14164 See Fig. 2, Page 10 for Dimensional Information 1800 180045.7m 3100021061597 2000 1U00210.516374 d Page8 pecifiedliols subject to change wi houi notice Wau Technische Daten HX am UniMeasure OPTIONS OPTION OPTION DESIGNATOR DESCRIPTION Nylon jacketed wire rope NJC Replaces standard stainless steel wire rope with 0.018 nylon jacketed (Ranges to 80 wire rope. This option increases wire rope life dramatically but may increase non-linearity by as much as +.05% of full scale Nylon jacketed wire rope NJC037 Replaces standard stainless steel wire rope with 0. 037 nylon jacketed (Ranges 100 to 400"only) Wire rope Reversed output R Output is at a maximum whcn wire rope is fully retracted. Output decreases as wire rope is extended. Does not apply to velocity signal NEMA 6, IP-68 capability V6 Connector is replaced with a buikhead fitting and 8(2. 4 m) of urethane jacketed, shielded twisted pair cable. Retraction mechanism and electrical componcnts are sealed to NEMa 6 IP-68 capability Stainless steel construction SS All anodized aluminum parts on transducer Ranges to 80"only housing are replaced with stainless steel. Transducer is sealed to nEma 6. P-68 capability. Eight feet (2. 4 m) of urethane jacketed shielded twisted pair cable exits unit. No connector Non-standard potentiometer PXK Replace"X"in option designator with required potentiometer ( Applies to hⅩ PA onl value in K ohms. Non-standard potentiometer linearity is as follows Ranges 0 to 2 to o to 5"...........+1.00% of full scale Ranges 0 to 10"too to 25 +o, 50% of full scale Ranges 30and above ±025% of full sca|e Note: This option is subject to potentiometer availability. Alternate wire rope exit E1.E2.E3 E E3 Measurement ranges Specify from to80"(2.0m orientation shown 213 160 54 40.5) MOUNT ING SUR. ACE MOUNTING H门L A 4)1. 79(45.5)11.21(30.7)Dimensions in rackets 3,15,3096(244)1.95(495)1.37(348) millimeters 4”,20,4080(20.3)2.11(536)153389 6;25.5016413271716912 49(12.4)2426 84(467) 25(64) Alternate wire rope exit E1,E2,E3 E1 Measurement ranges 100 Specify from (2.5 m) and greater onentation shown ,g/(246) 5.33(150) 517(1313) Dimensions in brackets are millimeters Way Technische Daten HX 城 m UniMeasure DIMENSIONAL INFORMATION Measurement Ranges Measurement to80"(2m) Ranges 100 翻(2.5m)and greater CABLE EXIT A 1) Fig. 2 MOUNTING HOLE 28(7,1) 266 THRU 120,7 PL冫 CABLE AND 'HX-YP SERIES p53 1,40 CONNEC TOR 单135) 35,5) Ms302E-14s-6P 19(18mm) DN MODELS WITH ZERO AND SPAN ONTROLS, REMOVE SELF SEALING SCREWS TO ACCESS ADJUSTMENT 05) OTENTIOMETER MOLNTING BOLT PAD 535(136 91 510(155) 1. Transducer mounts with () 25 or M6 Socket head cap k olts BN MCDELS WITH AND SPAN CONTROLS, REMDVE SELF SEAL ING p25(6,4) RANGE SCREWS TO ACCESS ADJUSTMENT UTENTIOMETERS (3 7(348) 4"20".40 13(38.9) MOUNTING ,25",S)" 1.69(429) BOLT PA 60 84(467 80 2.08(52.8) 645 (164 1435) RANGE DIN A DIMB Ranges to800170(196)3:6096.5) 1001001010806-560(420) 200 Transducer mounts with .50 or MI2 socket head cap bolt 2. Dimension"C is the cable offset that occurs as the cable CONNECTOR lended from the ForC. in inches, C=.0016x E where e extension in inches Dimensions In brackets are millimeters For C ill c=,0016xE here e rsiin in mm Diese Daten konnen jederzeit ohne vorankundigung geandert werden Wasco

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