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ABB M2QA/M2QA-H系列船用三相异步电动机(H80-H355)pdf,ABB M2QA/M2QA-H系列船用三相异步电动机(H80-H355)
ABB 20A120A-H Scncs Wane Thrcc pasc naushon Meter M2M/20A4 Sence Asline Tnec hesc auction Moors AB ABB电机产品特点 ABB Motors Features 可靠 -低噪 High Reliability oIse 产品概述 M2QAM2QAH系列船用三相异步电动机(H80-H355) 3B船电机在士界造船业等到,泛应用,M2QA》2CAH系列船用三相异步电动是A 公司M2300型的景新一代船用产品,为适应中三为,制工艺严格按照国家标准GB75《族 High Eficiency 巳机和性解和“钢制海廾紳遗”设,并国家船标局认E。 同时,电机通AES,BCCS,VGL,KRR,NK正EC笔国际标准和有关船级社的规范要 求,活月于铝用、风、柴油机、滋机械等爸和识含 高灵活性 Excellent Consistency M2QA/M2QAH系列突出特点 Summary ◆专门为胛用设备设计,以优异的能和可靠,泛应用于全球的各大緊 M2QA/M2QA-H Series Marine Three- phase Induction Motors 月设备制造企坐。 (H80-H355 ◆电y壳材料采用高强度铸铁,具有良好的耐冲击唑能 ◆针对各种恶的海洋环境进行表面处琿,具有卓越的防潮、防霉及防盐 ABBs Marine motors are widely used in the shipbuilding industries. M2QAM2QA-H series 雾性能 marine three-phase induction motors belong to the well known ABB M200 family The manufacturng ●适应各国船用设备对电源和烦率的要,可用380v50Hz,亦可使手 echnology is comply ng with the national standards, e.g. GB755 <Rotating Machine Rating an 44.. Performance and zC "Steel Marine Vessels Produce criterion The motors are in conformity and certified by several international dassification societies, such Outstanding Features of M2QA/M2QA-H Motors ABS. BV CCS. DNV GL KR. LR. NK. EC. The M2CA/M2QA-H moters are suitable for the use he equipment and environment, the on marine pumps, ventilators, hydraulic machines, and other marine equiment M2Q.FM2QA-H motors with hig rmance and high rel ability are widely used by leading marine equipment manufactures. o Special high strength cast iron is used in parts such as frame and shaft. 4 special surface treatment can withstand various marine environments as e Power supply and frequency can meet the requirements of marine equ pment of any shipbuilder, 380V/50H2 and 440V/60Hz are the most frequent combinations of voltage frequency. ABB M2OA120A-H Scnos Mae Thrcc phase naushon Mctcrs M2M42044 Sence Maine nee hesc auction Motors AB 型号说明 Type Designations 使用条件 Using Condition M2QA 13 铁心长度 坯空气温度 -25~+50° Ambient air temperature-25+50C Lenath of the core 拔 Om Altitude m 型号标记 吸数 空气相对湿度 不大于95% Related humidity no more than 95% 机座号 Poe 锰 Dewiness Frame size 短机座,M为中机座L为长机座 盐雾 Salt mist 以转轴中心高(mm】表示 Length of the frame 泊雾 Oil mist Represented by shaft height in mm 理莴 有有有有有有 Mildew 冲击 结构简介 振动 Vibration yes ◆六系列电动机的防护等烟四的,思度头 倾斜 22.5℃ Inclination 22.5℃ ◆电出浅匚采用特殊设计的高言度披头;且在接线鱼内与机座表面各有一按地牌,彻房确保电都的气安全:采用高强度的铸铁材 摇摆 有 Swing yes 料,增强了电机的机械中音力 ◆标准电机擰ξ盒为顶盒,若需左右出线,则在定单中说明。一般怙况,,按线盒可拉厍户需作4X90旋转,非常便于使用。 ◆为延长电机使用寿命,巳杌绕组采用最新材科的电磁线。电机绝缘谖计为F级,温升为9K。若需降低电机温升,则按公式推导, 画过低输已功率来实现。现以需70K湿升例 接法 Connection P2-F1xy70△t 千瓦及以下者 3kW and below P1=样本上标准输出功率 三千瓦以上 3kW upside P2=按B级源升70K折算出的新的翰出功率 △t=实际温升,一殼情况下9K考虚 Construction in Brief 4 Totally enclosed fan cooled IP 55. 绝缘、温升 Insulation Temperature Rise 4 Special designed nigh sea ed cable gland used at the cable entrance; there are two terminations for earthing, one at the term ral box intarnal and another one at the outside of the frame, to ensure the electric secur ty throughly. High 绝緣等级 F级 Insulation class F级 rigidity cast iron material ta strengthen the resistance of mechanical impacting 绕组升(电阻法) 90K To'mIpcralure risu of winding(resistance method)90K 4 As standard, terminal boxes are mounted at the top, Lef: side right side are on reauest. Generally, Terminal box can turn 4 x 90, very conven ently for use 轴承允许温度(温度计法)90℃ Allowable bearing temperature 90℃ (thermometer method) To ensure long lifetime, the winding is made from the latest available material in class f protection and temperature rise 90K according to the classitication societies rules If lower temperature rise, i.e. class B(70K) is needed, it is necessary to reduce the output range. As an indication the following formula can be used 电压、频率及工作方式 Voltage, Frequency And duty P2=P1X70△t 旦压、频 50Hz,380V或 Voltage, frequency P1= output range according to cata ogue vaue 工作方式: 60Hz.440V 60Hz.440V P2= new outout range according to class B rise(7CK) 连绥工作制S1 continuous(S1) A1= actual tempera ure rse, normally 90K 5 ABB M2OA120A-H Scnos Mae Thrcc phase naushon Mctcrs M2.4204 Sence Nain inec hesc laucto' Worors AB 起动方式 振动 采用满压直接起动,容量较大电动机在空琙或轻或时,允许采用降压起动。Y-△起动或其他启动方式。 旦动机在仝载时测得的速度有效值见下表的数值: Starting Method Vibration On standard, use the way of starting d rectly. When the capacity is large or te load is light you are allowed to start the motor by reducing yollage or by the way of star-de ta starting, or by some other ways The measure of vibration speed at no laad are in the table below 机座会 Framc sIzC 60-280 315-355 传动方式 动等级 ration grade 振动度有效值 vibration speed{rms) 电动机可用皮带羚、正齿轮亚弹性联轴器传动 N 16 2.8 Transmit Method he motor can be transmitted by belt, scur gear or elastic coulping 铭牌 Rating Plate Marine Mnl ABB Marine Motors∈O ABR 3- Mot M2oA9ol2 LIEC6Co34-1 3-Mot M2QA200L2 6205/c 35.F 浸漆和表面处理 EC200L55 80Y 电动机绕组和金属零件的表面均按照温热电机的要求,经远特妹浸溃处理具有良好的防朝、防霉和防盐雾的性能 NO 50 Hz CCsg 0.90 IM B3 mpregnation and Surface Treatment 360△ The winding and the surface of the metal carts are tropicalized by means of special impregnation and treatment, and 2950 「mn have good features of gand mqist-resistant, mildew-resistant and saf moist-resistart 50 Hz S os091 55AMB50℃ 3GQA201501-BBA 312;c3 6312:c3235kg EC00341 e M204 轴承型号 Bearings 型号极数承型号 Bearing type线盒出线孔型号极数承型号 Bearing type 接浅盒出线孔 ype Poles件Der非件端 N-and Cable entry mm) TypePoles轴到Derd非轴伸端 N-and Cable entry Imn 80M2,4,6,E D-ADDUC3 6204 DDUC3 M7×1522544,5,63132Cc36513x3 M418 90524.6,86203UC62c5DDUS M27×15 50M26314536314C32M56×2+1M20×1 90L2,4.6.8E055DUC:6205DDUS 7×15250M4,3,B631453 5×2+120 100L24,6,86206DDUc362c6DDU3 27×1.5 6316c46316c42|56x2+1M20×1 12M 2, 4. 6. E 6207 DDUC G207 DDUC3 27×1.5 20s4,3,B6316 B18C325×2+1M20只1 132S2.4,6.860DDuC362caDD3 6316c4B318c4 1321A 2 4.6.8 FS DDUC: 6208 DDUC3 M42x2290M4.6.86316c3831032M×2+1M120x1 1{l2,4,t,8瞧26209ZC3 M42x231684,B6319G3619C321:23+10x1 gM2,4,6,86102C36310ZzC3 315M26316046315c42472×3+1M420×1 180L2,4,6,8e310zzC36310zzc3 M2x2315M4,3,66319c36319c32172x3+1120×1 20UL2,4,E,8已122zG363122Z3 M48X2 315L 63164 6313c4 225s4,E,8613zz036313ZzC3 43×2 315L4,5,863193 313C3 2M72×3+1M.20×1 ABB M2OA120A-H Scnos Mae Thrcc phase naushon Mctcrs M2M42044 Sence Maine nee hesc auction Motors AB 电动机外形图 Dimension Drawing 电动机外形图 Dimension Drawing ⊥⊥ H80-H112 H132-H355 H80-H112 H132-H355 H80-H112 H132-H355 B5 晶 E 次下x H0-H112 H132-H35 B35 H80H112 H132-H355 B35 型号圾数 B 型号极效HA N ype Poles Type Poles 51G.165 18010014056 1226519510310128175 e1556130 324 90L2612265195g1c33528 135 2041235-2 0uL2-i80 10CL2 0123001310511215 4—315 270 1070628683 M13 112M2815205 335 s2156180 278 13252-8216 55 2c5 89 80 M12134 13252518 335 12 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25M2QA71MA3G0A072501+C1305660.740.74917222200051147 750r,min=B poles Basic des gn C377MG072302C138569071.044.92.552220008e1143 0.7 oMA15叽A3GA104501“℃了066824342 .00G:1 L.55 MA8201c1410730151493732425004616 3L8B104502℃7000070341421502. 75M4B020Q·41574079155555C624250001741752 30D25421 1zaA114301c63574570 2.D 21c015s4 9OL4A g2501c13907850813.58551032.52500031725 29A154101℃735075557522982224003c285e58 1O0L4A 132M8B 1252 501C14300 5.b 620 2502C420 150M8A 11411201°7142084508584361269232700130645 164302℃72085.5C7 12535273023260092412562 75 1的A16450172086C7813.9952 2.2 24 0.21221 142 56138811010060801261870280027363 132M1A 2102C1430875084155061 11 1叫LBA 84501-℃73087C 20 5.1 220.23e4517e 720242800654311369 15220L8A204501-0725889C79324552192.2220371032356B 1E2501C:1460 3 185225SA2410189Q,641.145E239 2.0 0.5387E9U 6日 185 3014A182501c“4 24g1504s1 F4:01℃了0 420 182501-14709 40.816. 25M8A254301.℃70910 e.1 0.975392 202501-c1465910.9 636 02819254 2BB八284101 2S4A22207014/6120871886621021 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data table P55C411F级温升 Temperature rise class F 电机技术数据表 Technical data table P55|c411F级温升 Temperalure rise class F 440V 60Hz 440V60Hz 以幸 型号规格产品代可速奴率功率盂轰电流 Currem 转短T 救动惯量重量 型号规格产品代码转造率功因数旦浇 Gurrent itail TYp =oh5 Dead EfICiency Per宝已流流额定 designation ccdE 、额定流T额定转短领定砖定JGD/4) <g prEssure I;l designation ccds A额定己流T 慢大转 Momenta g rEssure le 额定转知-GD SIN Nm IE/I INA/IN 3g Lp ds,\ Lp db() 60Grmin=2 poles Basic design 120ar/min=6 poles Basic design C43M2QA71M243G0A071301c33606008450975812219220000310 6 0.21MnQA71M3A3GaA073301-℃106555c680.74d1a8 1.9 0.00C5 1M2U C130C33607200.51.346 003711 030℃136 0.0UC:411 2.2 4 00009116 1278M2B081302C33957670872.506635722240000717 0302℃115650c721:77465031.820096185 sPa 01340075008 327B6486212300352,6 0693540810191167250752084874322 000282 2. 2539L2A91501C34058130.8954536671026280001632469 12793L6A035601-11c0740772924611.032220007254 345 20L2A 101c3430000360966sE12224004023373 7313LA10402℃12075073380431479201800923860 4.E0 8450917.826612752,2240006714275 2.53 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