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Lenze 电磁离合器电磁制动器手册.pdfpdf,Lenze 电磁离合器电磁制动器手册.pdf
> Show/Hide Bookmarks Product key 14.105 Electromagnetic clutches 7.5 -480 Nm 14.115 Electromagnetic brakes, 7.5-480 Nm 1415.口.苣.·口-..V,②., T Stator design Armature design Frame size Armature design 06,08,10,12,16, 1-with outer flange hub 2-with inner flange hub(bra nly 3- without flange hub 5-With flange hub bearing (for clutches only Stator design Variants 1-Flange design Supply voltage -W bearing Rotor bore Armature bore The specifications in the product key, nameplate and packaging sticker are valid for electromagnetic clutches and electromagnetic brakes lenze BA1401751.0 > Show/Hide Bookmarks Nameplate Structure Field Content Example 1 Manufacturer Brake type Manufacturer no. Ident no lenze-D14.11612.1.020426n003418 2 Rated voltage Rated power Rated brake torque/CE ident 24VDc 28W 6ONM Packaging sticker Assembly Field Content Example Manufacturer Bar rcode no lenzeD-AerzEn 2 Tyoe see product key Type no Typ: Nr.00034418 nAme Qty. per box MAGNETTEIL KPL 1 Stuck 4Rated voltage /Rated power /Rated brake torque Date of packaging 24Dc28W60N 20426 Note Rostschutzverpackung-Reibflachen fetfrei halten! BA14.01751.0 > Show/Hide Bookmarks Contents i Preface and general information................. ■■ 1 About these Operating Instructions 1.1.1 Terminology used 2 Items supplied 1.3 Lenze drive systems 3.1 Labelling 3.2 Application as directed 3.3 Legal regulations 2 Safety information. ■■■日■■ ■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■重 2.1 Persons responsible for the safety.. 2.2 General safety information 3 Layout of the satety information 3 Data... ■■ ■■■■ 曹■■ ■■■■ ■■■ ■■重 3.1 Product description 10 F| ange-mounted clutches....∴.∴ 3.1.2 Shaft-mounted clutches 3.1.3 Flange-mounted brakes 3.2 Selection table of clutches 3.3 Selection table of brakes Installation......,.... 四 ■■■■■■■■■■■■重国■■■■■■■■■ 4.1 Preparation 4.1.1 Product ke ④1:2 Designs Assembl 11111 2.1 Clutch n and id brake of design 1 2.2 Stator design 3 15 4.2.3 Mounting of armature assembly of designs 1, 2 and 5. 2.4 Mounting of armature assembly of design3 16 4.3 Electrical connection 18 5 Maintenance,,∴ ■■■■■ ■■■ ■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■ 19 5.1 Disassembly 19 .2 spar Declaration of Conformity /Manufacturer's Certification Service addresses lenze BA1401751.0 > Show/Hide Bookmarks Preface and general information Preface and general information About these Operating Instructions These Operating Instructions inform about safety-relevant working on and with electromagnetic clutches and brakes. They contain all safety information which must be observed All persons working on or with the stated electromagnetic clutches and brakes must have these Operating Instructions available and observe the information and notes relevant for their work The Operating Instructions must always be in a complete and perfectly readable state 1.1.1 Terminology used Clutches and brakes The terms clutches" and"brakes"will be used for electromagnetic clutches and brakes"in the following text Drive system The term"drive system will be used for drive systems with spring-applied brakes and other Lenze drive components 12 Items supplied The drive systems are individually designed with modules. The list of all items supplied can be obtained from the accompanying papers After receipt of the delivery, check immediately whether the items delivered match the accompanying papers. Lenze does not accept any liability for deficiencies claimed subsequently. Claim visible transport damage immediately to the forwarder. visible deficiencies/incompleteness immediately to your Lenze representative BA14.01751.0 > Show/Hide Bookmarks Preface and general information 13 Lenze drive systems 1.3.1 Labelling Lenze drive systems and components are clearly labelled and defined by the indications on the nameplates Manufacturer: Site enze bremsen gmbh Wulmser Weg 5 Postfach 10 13 52 D-31855 Aerzen D-31763 Hameln Clutches and brakes are supplied as individual parts. the user combines them as desired Specifications, especially packing stickers, nameplate and type code are valid for the entire stator If individual parts are supplied, there is no identification 13.2 Application as directed enze drive systems are to be used in machines and systems. are only to be used for the ordered and acknowledged application conditions must only be operated under the conditions prescribed in these Instructions. must not be used at powers higher or lower than indicated in these Instructions Any other use shall be deemed as inappropriate! 13.3 Legal regulations Liability The information data, and notes in these Operating Instructions met the state of the art at the time of printing. Claims on modifications referring to controllers which have already been supplied cannot be derived from the information, illustrations, and descriptions Lenze does not accept any liability for damage and operating interference caused by inappropriate use unauthorized modifications to the drive system improper working on and with the controller perating errors disregarding these Instructions Warranty Warranty conditions: see Sales and Delivery Conditions of Lenze Bremsen Gmbh Warranty claims must be made to Lenze immediately after having detected the defect or fault The warranty is void in all cases where liability claims cannot be made lenze BA1401751.0 > Show/Hide Bookmarks Satety information A 2 Safety information 2.1 Persons responsible for the safety Operators An operator is any natural or legal person who uses the clutch or the brake or on whose behalf the clutch or brake is used The operator or the safety personnel must ensure that all relevant regulations instructions, notes and laws will be maintained that only qualified personnel works on and with the clutch or brake that the Operating Instructions are always available that unqualifed personnel is not allowed to work on and with the clutch or brake Qualified personnel Qualified personnel are persons who, because of their training experience and know ledge of all applicable standards and regulations as well as of all operating circumstances, have been entitled by the person responsible for the system to work on and with the system and to see and avoid al possible dangers definition for qualified personnel to IEC 364) 2.2 General safety information These safety notes do not claim to be complete. If any questions or problems occur, please contact your Lenze representative The clutches and brakes met the state of the technology at the time of delivery and are generally safe to operate Clutches and brakes endanger persons, the clutches and brakes themselves and other properties of the user if unqualified personnel works on and with clutches and brakes the clutches and brakes are used for a purpose other than intended The clutches and brakes must be designed such that they perform their function and do not cause danger for persons if they are installed correctly and used as intended in error-free operation. This also applies to clutches and brakes integrated into a drive system Operate the clutches and brake only in a correct state Retrofittings, modifications or changes of the clutch or brake are generally forbidden In any case Lenze must be contacted before. The friction lining and the friction surfaces must by no means have contact to oil or grease since even small amounts reduce the brake torque considerably · Enclosure P44, temperature class B(130°C) BA14.01751.0 > Show/Hide Bookmarks Safety information A Application range of the clutches and brakes No potentially-explosive or agressive atmosphere Humidity, no restrictions Ambient temperature-20°cto+40°C Sparking in switching operation Especially at high speeds and high surface speeds of large clutches and brakes sparking can occur during the switch-on slip phase. This is a completely normal phenomenon of pole face clutches and brakes. If necessary, insulate the drive system depending on the ambient conditions 2.3 Layout of the safety information All safety information given in these Operating Instructions have the same layout A Signal word! Note The icon characterizes the type of danger. The signal word characterizes the severity of danger. The note text describes the danger and gives information how to prevent dangerous situations Warning of danger to persons Icons used Signal words Warning of hazardous Danger! Warns of impending dange electrical voltage Consequences if disregarded A Death or severe injuries Warning! Warns of potential, very hazardous situations Possible consequences if disregarded Warning of a general Death or severe injuries. △ Caution Warns of potential, hazardous situations Possible consequences if disregarded: Light or minor injuries Warning of damage to material Icons used signal words Stop! Warns of potential damage to material Possible consequences if disregarded STOP Damage of the drive system/device or its environment Other notes Icons used Signal words Tip Designates a general, useful note If you observe it, handling of the drive system/controller will be made easier lenze BA1401751.0 9 > Show/Hide Bookmarks echnical data 3 Data 3.1 Product description 3.11 Flange-mounted clutches The clutch consists of the stator (1 )with encapsulated coil, the rotor(2) with fixed friction lining and an armature assembly (5, 6, 7)with armature plate and prestressed spring The stator(1)is centred to the shaft and mounted at the machine panel. The rotor (2) is connected to the shaft using a key Designs 1.1 and 1.5 are particularly suitable for through-shafts. The magnetic field which is created when a dc voltage is applied attracts the armature plate against the friction face of the rotor(2)via the air gap"Su ". The torque is transmitted without backlash by the spring. The prestressed springs draw the armature plate back to its initial position when the dc voltage is no longer applied. The clutch is released without residual torque Stator 5, 6, 7 Armature assembly 5,6,7 Fig. 1 Flange-mounted clutch type 14.105. 0.1.1 312 Shaft-mounted clutches The clutch with magnet frame with bearing is particularly suitable for the mounting on through-shafts. The stator(1)with encapsulated coil and sealed deep-groove ball bearing is secured against torsion by a torque arm engaging into the lug at the stator. The torque arm must only accept the bearing friction a circlip holds the stator (1 )on the rotor in axial direction. At the same time the rotor(2) with fixed friction lining must be mounted outo the shaft centring are not necessary. If a dc voltage is applied the armature plate of the armature assembly (5, 6, 7)is attracted against the friction surface of the rotor(2) by the magnetic field. The torque is transmitted without backlash. When the DC voltage is switched off the prestressed spring pulls the armature plate back to its initial position It is released without residual torque BA14.01751.0

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