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Opto 22 SNAP 选型手册pdf,Opto 22 SNAP 选型手册
0DT0222 Ⅱ 的DT022 Gill 0DT0222 l →TT ●●● ●●●● 的DT022 SNAP Ultimate 1/0 SNAP Serial 1/0 ultimate ioc ultimate i/o SNAP Ethernet 1/o cLCsoccL 圆国圆 c ethernet i/oC SNAP Simple l/o o simple io,o 醒国 品国 DT222 ●●● ●●●●●●●●●● 的DT022 0DT0222 Factory Floor software ioProject software OptoTerminalTM-G70 Opto 22 Scaled-up or Opto Terminal-G75 ioDi spla OptoPCServer HMI system ptoDIsplay o dIsplay on FactoryFloor software Factory Floor software pRoject software SNAP 因国 SNAP-LCM4 with controller M4SENET-100 program SNAP-LCM4, SNAP-LCSX SNAP-LCE SNAP Ultimate v/O or SNAP-LCSX-PLUS cm皿国田m旺国 SNAP Serial 1/O SNAP Ethernet 1/0 SNAP Ultimate I/o SNAP Ethernet 1/0 SNAP Simple l/0 OPC- or DDE-Compatible HMi g (for example, GENESIS r InTouch LabVIEW@ iFIXO RSView32) FactoryFloor prOject Optoserve ptoo OPC Server (OPC 1.0-compliant Lo (OpC 2.0-compliant) Factory Floor software FactoryFloor software ioProject software SNAP controller 出国田 SNAP-LCM4 with MASENE T-10 vith control 图匪吧 adapter card program SNAP-LCM4, SNAP-LCSX SNAP-LCE SNAP Ultimate /0 or SNAP-LCSX-PLUS S SNAP Serial 1/O SNAP Ethernet v/o SNAP Ultimate I/0 SNAP Ethernet l/0 SNAP Simple 1/o 的DT022 OLE DB- SQL Commands or Compliant stored procedure calls Database QL For example, Delimited ASCll string Proxy Oracle EA SQL Statement, SQL Statement (INSERT UPDATE (INSERT, UPDATE SOL Server Text etc.) string Ing ptoConnectTM Push/Pol Push Push FactoryFloor Factory Floor Opto Control chart aProject io Control chart SNAP software software ir creates, sends, and soTtWare creates, sends, and controller 国 receives data string/file receives data string/file with control progra SNAP-LCM4 with SNAP-LCM4, SNAP-LCSX or SNAP-LCSX-PLUS M4SENET-100 adapter card SNAP-LCE SNAP Ultimate I/O l/O unit SNAP Serial I/O SNAP Ethernet 1/02 SNAP Ultimate /0 SNAP Ethernet I/o SNAP Simple 1/0 croso VBA code using SNAP Ethernet l/O Driver Toolkit Access SQL Commands OptoSQL Delimited aSCll string Proxy SQL Statement SQL Statement OptoConnect+ (INSERT, UPDATE Text 留( NSERT, UPDATE Text A etc) software g string Poll Push/Poll Push Push Factory Floor Factory OptoControl prOject ioControl chart creates, IEEE 1394- software SNAP software chart creates sends,and receives data based controller 出凹 sends, and string packets receives data string. program SNAP-LCM4, SNAP-LCSX SNAP-LCM4 with 图皿 or SNAP-LCSX-PLUS M4SENET-100 adapter card SNAP-LCE SNAP Ultimate 1/O SNAP yo unit SNAP Serial/o SNAP Ethernet v/O SNAP Ultimate I/o SNAP Ethernet I/0 SNAP Simple 1/0

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