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Keysight N1085A PAM-4 Measurement Application For 86100D DCA-X Series Oscilloscopespdf,(技术资料)Several industry groups and standards bodies are using, or actively considering using, Pulse Amplitude Modulation 4-Level (PAM-4) technology to jump to the next-generation speed class.
03 Keysight N1085A PAM-4 Measuremen: Applicatior -Data Sheet Debug and Verity Your Designs Quickly and Easily Transform complexity into simplicity Select industry-leading hardware Keysight N1085A PAM-4 measurement software saves engineers Configure your oscil oscope for single or multi-channel time and money by automating PAM-4"pre-compliance capability. The 86100D DCA-X wide-bandwicth oscilloscope is a measurements for standards that have not yet been ratified flexible solution that provides ultra-low jitter performance(as low as 45 fs rms)together with an extremely low noise acquisition File iew lools Help system For return loss, the N1085A software controls an N1055A TDR module(or an economy or performance network Task flow Select Tests Configure Connect Run Tests Automator Results Html Report| analyzer)and performs S-parameter measurements SetUp dEvice Under est(DUT) Highest accuracy Select Measurement opton Multi-Lane Test Opon Select tests C PAM-4 IEEE C Switch Matrix 86100D DCA-X+86108B(fully integrated solution) C PAM-40F-CEI CN1045AN1055A Sinale Lare Configure at Channel skew Select lane Number Lane Connect 厂 Enabe Debug Tests Device Connected PNA Connect PNAENA 国国国 Rests 国 -Test Report Comments(Opbonall- : Device ldentifier: SELECTOR TYP匚 OR TYTD Comments ③圆Q Option Description Based on the 86100D DCA-X Series oscilloscope platform Channels N1085A is an easy-to-use oscilloscope applicat on that Bandwidth 50 GHZ Jitter k 45 fs typ Saves time in understanding details of standards Clock recovery Integrated, 50 M to 32 Gbaud Reduces the time it takes to characterize your PAM-4 design from hours to minutes Helps to debug your device using custom configurations Highest channel count Characterizes up to four lanes in multi -lane devices 86100D DCA-X+ N1045A/N1055A TDR (remote head solution) b□ Optio Description Channels 16 Bandwidth 60 GHZ/50 GHZ Jitter 100 fs typ (86100-PTB Clock recovery External(N4877A 32G CDR) TDR/TDT/S-Parameters Using n1055A Keysight N1085A PAM-4 Measuremen: Applicatior-Data Sheet Debug and Verify Your Designs Quickly and Easily(Continued) Select the desired pam-4 test suite Configure your measurements The N1085A software application covers PAm-4 transmitter Customize parameters that are specific to your setup, such as measurements outlined in EeE P8023bs and four OlF-CE1-40 data rate and attenuation. Use default values or enter your own (56G)clauses. The tests are conveniently organized by clause settings including number of waveforms taken; type of pattern Click on the desired test group, and the appropriate tests are and whether or not to remove the effects of test cables. choose offered in Select Tests Normal mode to test within limits or choose Debug mode to test to your custom limits and adjust other test parameters 1.N1085A-1TP Performs PAM-4 transmitter tests outlined in IEEE P8023bs, Annex 120D, CDAU1-8 chip-to-chip Setup Select Tests Configure connect Run Tests Automa tion Resuts Html Report| Compliance c Debug IEEE P802 3bs, Annex 120E, CDAUI-8 chip-to-module A=tivate/Rafresh Limi: Setm. Active:(officia)PAM-4 Test Linit 彐- PAM-IEEL Te Settings For: Signaling Rate 9 Channels fo N1045A/N1055A (Slot 1, Cn A and E) Select or type in a value: Select Measurement Option O SIRC Respose(th Orde" Bessel) F PAM-4 IEEE ● STRC Randvid-h(3e9 Signaling Rete: Set the Signaling Rate to ● Eye Heiuhl/Mith Pr ubcbiliLy(4 IDe tested. Enter value n the format C PAM-4 OIF-CEL of aver ages for Coefficient Tests (16 10.3125e9, ●86108A/ BISA Stte(oM a Channels to Switch chan(2A) Torrmow= a custom ale: Oper the o Channels fo,Switch chan2(2B) and press Delete. o Samples Taken for Eye Mcde (250e3 ● TX On Voltage stale(Atn 2.N1085A-∠TP o TX Off Voltage Scale(Auto) Q Pattern Verification( Disabe Performs Pam-4 transmitter tests outlined in e Savc Tested viavcform3 (Nc) OlF-CE1-56G-XSR-PAM4(Extra Short Reach interface o Seect Waveform Director/ C: I emp KRwm) OIF-CE1-56G-VSR-PAM4(Very Short Reach interface, OlF-CEl-56G-MR-PAM4(Medium Reach interface OIF-CEl-56G-LR-PAM4(Long Reach inter face) 3.N1085A-7TP Provides the ability to control a switch, allowing users to use a single channel to test multiple channels Multi-Lane T est Option Switch matrⅸ CN1045AN1055A C Single lane Switch Matrix Setu 5 Keysight N1085A PAM-4 Measuremen: Applicatior- Data Sheet Debug and Verify Your Designs Quickly and Easily(Continued) Choose your tests Guided connection diagrams for easy setup N1085A software provides comprehensive coverage of all PAM-4 Simply follow the steps to connect and configure your device tests that are specific to the clause you are testing you may under test (DUT)and click Run Tests. The N1085A and the dCa click on all tests, a group of tests, or individual tests. The fu will automatically measure your device using a wide range of test name appears in the test list, and is also shown in the test DCA plug-in modules such as the 86108B, N045A and N1C55 resu ts and reports. a description of the test and reference to the If 86100D-SIM is installed, the N1085A software can also be Standard/a are shown for each test configured to ce-embed the effects of cables and fixtures evel Noise, Thickness, RMS, Linearity(RLM) Set Up Seect Tests Configure Connect Run Tests Autonation Results|Html Report ElMO Output Voltage Measurements(pattern: Linearity Pattern Instructions fcr Connection: PRBS9 Connect on YO Level-Linearity pattern 12 teste will Please pay attention to the scope connection O Level RMS-Linearity pattern 1 physiCa setup wi I bt vO Level Separation Mismatch Ratio-RLM Ihis test is testing with Ix Enabled. make sure lx is enabled Se device to a Prbs pattern Followttese-Connect the scope to the DUT Signals as follows Eye Width(EW), Eye Height(EH)Measurements dO Eye Height/idth Measurements (pattern: PRBSn) 口 O Eye Height 口 O Eye Width Output Waveform Measurements -.O Output Waveform Measurements(pattern: PRBSn) vO Steady-State Voltage vf 题圆 0 O inear Fit Pulse Peak O Sianal-to-noise-and-distortion ratio Phase trimmers > =]v O Normalized Coefficient Step Size (recommended o abs Coefficient step Size c(1)inc c(o)hold c(-1hold vO abs Coefficient Step Size c(1)dec c(o)hold c(-1)hold Transmitter in fixture/HCB/mcB MO abs Coefficient Step Size c(1)hold c(o)inc c(-1)hold O abs Coefficient Step Size c(1hold cfo)dec c(-1)hold have completed these instruct ons Run Tests Suppress all connaction prompts vO abs Coefficient Step Size c(1)hold cfo)hold c(-1)inc MO abs Coefficient Step Size c(1)hold c(o)hold c-1)dec 白回 o Full Scale Range Tests O Minimum Pre-cursor Full-scale Ratio vO Minimum Post-cursor Full-scale Ratio Jitter ard Signaling rate measurements vO Jitter and Signaling Rate Measurements pattern: JP03AB) O Signaling Rate O Even-odd Jitt vO Random Jitter vO Deterministic Jitter Automated return loss measurements When used in conjunction with an N1055A TDR or ENA/PNA vector network analyzer the N1085A software can perform differential and common mode return loss measurements =vO Return Loss PNA/ENA/N1055A Measurements vO Differential Output Return Loss vO Common-mode to Differential Output Return Loss 06 Keysight N1085A PAM-4 Measuremen: Applicatior -Data Sheet More Features to Further Streamline Your Development Generate reports Control your device or other equipment Users and your customers are interested in the performance The automation tab enables you to enter commands to control of your device. Share a report that shows the test conditions, external devices or equipment, and to further sequence your summary of pass/fail, summary of all tests, and details for each tests or to control timing test. Many include a test specific screen shot of the measured arameter up I select Tests Confgure conrect Run Test Automation Results Htnl ReportI Execute commands from: Script C files start Setting Commande M KECYSLGGHET 回 Create auloialion coiuuimlaudx回回x Create Single Command Entire Script PAM-4 App Test Report 1. Selectapplication tab or menu and desired action Set Up seect lests Lontigure connect Hun lests ile Men.I Overall Result: PASS C Click Radio Button C Select Ex stng Value from Combo Box C Click Check Bxx Enter New Value In Conmbc Box (if accepts user ext) Test Configuration Details C Type in Text Box Connect App to External Instrument Device Description 2. Use command(s) Enable Debug Test Switch Option Lan Measurement Option PAM-4 EEE Test se恶 sion Detail TlexDCA sW Version 0550.15 rame,00100D ces如 ctcs As(mmG( starting with到 slut1:8s108日 Copy To Clipboard Append To Script More Info Cancel DCA Model Numbers sl: Not Pr·nt Slots: Not present Slot. Not present Frame MY50100113 slot1:MY51480108 DCA Serial Numbers Slot2. XXXXXXXX slots: XXXXXXXXX Slot: XXXXXXXXXX Application SW Version.99.9012 Debug Mode Used Yes Compliance Limits (official) PAM-4 Test Limit Last test date 2015-10-2212:04:04UTc-07:00 Summary of Results Test Statistics Failed Passed Total 4 Margin Thresholds Warning <Z% Critical <0% 07 Keysight N1085A PAM-4 Measuremen: Applicatior -Data Sheet More Features to Further Streamline Your Development(Continued) Configure your solution in three ways Oscilloscope compatibili The hardware and software architecture provides wide flexibility. Keysight offers a wide range of electrical and optical test The N1085A PAM4 measurement application may be run as solutions to address current and emerging communications follows standards. When testing PAM-4 electrical designs, you may se a hardware comb nation that fits your device data rate 1. 86100D DCA-X runs N1085A PAM4 software application and other higher rate tests for other standards. Each row shows locally and controls remote ENA/PNA via LAN the recommended configurat on of hardware and software to 2. PC runs N1085A PAM4 software application and controls measure the many parameters. The multi-module approach is remote 86100D DCA-X. ENA/PNAvia LAN useful for designers who may already own a plug-in module 3. PC runs both N1085A software application and N1010A FlexDCA and controls remote 86100D DCA-X. ENA/PNA via LaN Recommended hardware and software 86100D DCA-X oscilloscope mainframe This lets you use your PC for more processing power and other DCa hardware 86100D DCA-X mainframe applications, or you can have all measurement capability 86100D ETR nhanced triggcr consolidated into a compact solution. For return loss 86100D-PTB internal precision timebase measurements. the n1o85a can control an n1o55a tdr or (multi-channel config only) ENA/PNA vector network analyzer to perform measurements DCA Softwarc 86100D 200 enhanced jitter analysis automatically (UPO3A/JP03B patterns 86100D-201 advanced waveform analysi (software equalizers such as CTLE) 86100D-300 advanced amplitude/noise analysis(included with 86100D-200 N 86100D-9FP PAM-N ana ysis software (performs underlying PAm measurements 86100D-401 advanced eye analysis(optional) gitter on individual PAM-4 eyes) AN 86100D-SIM InfiniS m-DCA (optional) (embedding/de-embedding of cables or fixtur N1085A PAM-4 measurement applicati (see below for ordering info) DCA plug-in module Highest fidelity solution 86108B-HBW/232 precision waveform (integrated clock analyzer ("MegaModule " Itra-lo 86108B-PT2 50 GHz phase shifters random jitter 86108B-CA2 matched cable set(optional ( 45 fs typ. 86108B-DC2 DC blocks(optional) Multi-channel solution N1045A, N1055A or 86118A-H01 remote (emote sampler head) head receive- N4877A-232c N1027A-MC1 multi-channel accessory kit Return loss measurements (optional- pick ONE TDR with S-parameters N1055A 35 or 50 GHZ TDR/TDT module 86100D-202 enhanced impedance and s-parameter Perfor mance Network Ary 4-port model with a frequency range of Analyzer(PNA at least 30 GHz 08 Keysight N1085A PAM-4 Measuremen: Applicatior-Data Sheet More Features to Further Streamline Your Development(Continued) Perform key PAM-4 measurements Ordering instructions PAM-4 signaling includes many new measurements and The N1085A PAM-4 measurement software is a transportable challenging tests. The list below shows the transmit parameters license(-xTP)that can be assigned by the user to an 86100D tested by the N1085A software application DCA-X mainframe or a user-supplied PC The transportable nature of the license allows the user to move the license from one instrument (or PC) to another File View Tools Help 习|吧|国 Task Fluw a Set up S:leLL Tests corhiure connect| Hun lests Automaton tesults Html Heport1 Ordering information 日○PAM4 IEEE Tests B-MO Jitter anc Signaling Rate Measurenents(pattern: JP03A/B) Model Option Description O Signaling Ratc N1085A MO Even-odd JItte- PAM-4 measurement application for ethernet and Sele-t Tests OIF-CE O Deterministic Jicter E-vo Output Voltage Measurements (pattern: Lirearity Pattern N1085A 1TP EEE P8C23bs draft PAM-4 measurements vo Level-Line arity pattern O Level RM5-LInearltr pattern ransportable perpetual licens Confgure vO Level Separaticn Mismatch Ratic-RLM N1085a 4TP OlF-CEl 56G draft PAM-4 measurements E-MO Output Waveform Measurements( pattern: PRBSn) transportable perpetual licen Oina’ Ft pilose peak Cannect o Signa-to-noise-and-distortion ratio N1085A 7TP Switch control, transportable perpetual license E.YO Normalized CoEfficiEnt step sze vO aDs Coeffidient Step Size c(-)inc c(o)hold c(1]ho vo aDs Coe ffident step slze c(-)dec c(o)hod c(-1)hol Run Tests vO as Coeffidient Step Size c(-)hold c(o inc c(-1)ho yO abs Coe ffiaient Step Size c(- )hold c(o]dec c(-1)hoH Required software options O a]s coeffient step Size c(-hold cqughold c(-1]inc vO as Cne fficient Sten Size r( hold r(ohnld r(-1]der Model Option Description EYO Ful S:al Rang: Tests 86100d 9FP PAM-N analysis SW yO Minimum Pra - cursor Full-scale Ratio 86100D 200 Enhanced jitter analysis sottware EvO Eye Heiyhl/widu NeasurelmIenis pallel RBEn1) O Eye Heigh 86100D201 Advanced waveform analysis software O Eye Wicth -IyO Main voltage Measurements(pattern: PHBEn) (FFE/CTLE/DFE equalizers) Mo Differertial Peak to Peak Output Voltags Test with X disabled o DC Common Mode Output ol: age Test 86100D300 Advanced amplitude/ Noise analysis O AC Common Mode Output \ol age Test O Differertial Peak to Seak Output Voltage Test ElMO LIlies MO Find Optimal CTLE Eye Opening 白区 O Return LOce PNEN/055 A Meaeuremente Recommended software options o Diferertal Output Return Loss O Common-mode to Differental Output Return Loss Model Option Description 86100D SIM InfiniiSim-DCa waveform transformat or (Embedding/De-embedding) 09 Keysight N1085A PAM-4 Measuremen: Applicatior- Data Sheet ,s甲 F.e a c 1 OpO ~。s一画卤 ,p, 1。 ① °5 Keysight oscilloscopes Multiple form factors from 20 MHz to >90 GHz Industry leading specs Powerful applications 10 Keysight N1085A PAM-4 Measuremen: Applicatior- Data Sheet AdvancedTCA Extensions for Instrumentation and Test AXle)is an open standard that extends the AdvancedTCA for general purpose and semiconductor test. Keysight is a found ing member of the AXle consortiu ATCA, AdvancedTCAs and the ATCA logo are registered us trademarks of the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group L AN eXtensions for Instruments pu.s the power of Ethernet and the Weo inside your test systems. Keysight is a founding member ot the LXi consortium Www.pxisa. org E PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation(PXI)modular instrumentation delivers a rugged, FC-based high-performance measurement and automation system

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