ABB ACS800 挤出机宏Extruder固件手册.pdf

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ABB ACS800 挤出机宏Extruder固件手册pdf,ABB ACS800 挤出机宏Extruder固件手册
Extruder Control Application Program Supplement ACS 800 Code: 3AFE 64648543 REVA EN EFFECTIVE: 25.06.2002 PDM code: 00197078 zip O 2002 ABB Oy. All rights reserved Table of contents Table of contents 5 Introduction to the manual 7 Chapter overview… Safety instructions.................... Compatibilit Reader 重1 面面 重重重 Contents Related documents Program features Chapter overview 778999 Main features Default control connections Control locations Parameters 13 Chapter overview 13 Terms and abbreviations Actual signals table 13 Parameters table 13 Parameter differences between the Extruder and standard programs 20 Table of contents Table of contents Introduction to the manual Chapter overview This chapter instructs where to read the safety instructions and gives general information on the manual Safety instructions Follow all safety instructions delivered with the drive Read the complete safety instructions before you install, commission, or use the drive. The complete safety instructions are given at the beginning of the Hardware Manual Read the software function specific warnings and notes before changing the default settings of the function For each function the warnings and notes are given in the subsection describing the related user-adjustable parameters Compatibility The manual is compatible with ACs 800 Extruder Control Application Program 7.X Reader The reader of the manual is expected to know the standard electrical wiring practices, electronic components, and electrical schematic symbols Contents This supplement describes the operation and the settings of the Extruder Control Application Program. The rest of the program is equal to the Acs800 Standard Application Program which is documented in the Firmware Manual for ACS800 Standard Application Program (3AFE 64527592 [English]) The supplement contains the following chapters Program features describes the operation of the Extruder Control Application Program Parameters describes the user adjustable settings for tuning the operation of the Extruder Control Application Program Introduction to the manual Related documents Firmware Manual for ACS 800 Standard Application Program(3AFE 64527592 TEnglish]) Hardware Manual(appropriate Hardware Manual is delivered with the drive) Option manuals(appropriate option manual is delivered with the option device) Introduction to the manual Program features Chapter overview The chapter describes the main features, the default control connections and the control location selection of the acs 800 Extruder Control Application Program Main features The Extruder Control Application Program controls the operation of the screw extruder Extruders are used in the plastics industry for converting raw melt plastics into powder, pellets, pipes, etc The main features of the extruder application are Accurate sensorless speed control Several control devices can be connected to the drive. the change between the devices is easy. See subsection Control locations and parameter group 11 Torque limitation function protects the extruder screw and gear. See parameter group 20 Among other speed control options it is possible to control the speed through two digital inputs(motor potentiometer function). two adjustable ramp times are available for the motor potentiometer function See parameter group 22 Stall protection function protects the extruder screw and gear. See groups 07 and 36 Program features 10 Default control connections Terminal block X20 VREF Reference voltage -10 VDC kohm<r≤10kohm Terminal block X2 1 VREF Reference voltage +10 VDC 2 GND 1kohm≤RL≤10koh 3 A|1+ Speed reference 4 0. 10V. Rin >200 koh A|2+ By default, not in Al2- 0(4)…20mA,Rin=100ohm A|3+ By default, not in use A|3 0(4)…20mA,Rin=100oh Ao1+ Motor Speed, 0(4)... 20 mA <- AO1- 0. Motor nom T O2+ Motor torque 0(4)...20 mA <- Ao2 O.. Motor nom. torque Terminal Block X22 D|1 Stop/Start D|2 Run Enable 3 D|3 4 D|4 5 D|5 Accel/Decel 12 6 D|6 7 +24VDC 24∨ DC max.100mA 8 +24 VDC DGND Digital ground 10 DGND2 Digital ground D|‖L Start interlock(0= stop) Terminal block X23 +24VDC GND tage output24∨DC,250 Terminal block x25 RO11 Relay output 1 2 RO12 3 RO13 Read Terminal block X26 RO2 1 Relay output 2 RO22 RO23 Run Terminal block X27 RO31 elay output 3 2 RO32 3 RO33 Fault(-1) ctions dsf Program features

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