BS EN 61010-1-2001 测量,控制和试验室用电气设备的安全要求 第一部分:一般要求.pdf

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BS EN 61010-1-2001 测量,控制和试验室用电气设备的安全要求 第一部分:一般要求pdf,BS EN 61010-1-2001 测量,控制和试验室用电气设备的安全要求 第一部分:一般要求
EUROPEAN STANDARD EN61010-1 NORME EUROPEENNE EUROPAISCHE NORM March 2001 Cs19.080;71.040.10 Supersedes en61010-1: 1993+ A2: 1995 Incorporating corrigendum June 2002 English version Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use Part 1: General requirements (EC61010-1:2001) Regles de securite pour appareils Sicherheitsbestimmungen fur elektrische electriques de mesurage, de regulation Mel-, Steuer, Regel-und Laborgerate et de laboratoire Teil 1: Allgemeine anforderungen Partie 1: Prescriptions generales EC61010-1:2001) (CE|61010-1:2001) This European Standard was approved by cenelec on 2001-01-01 CENELEc members are bound to comply with the CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations which stipulate the conditions for giving this European standard the status of a national standard without any alteration Up-to-date lists and bibliographical references concening such national standards may be obtained on application to the Central Secretariat or to any CENELEC member. This European Standard exists in three official versions(English, French, German ). A version in any other language made by translation under the responsibility of a CEnelec member into its own language and notified to the central secretariat has the same status as the official versions CENELEC members are the national electrotechnical committees of Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom CENELEC European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization Comite Europeen de normalisation Electrotechnique Europaisches Komitee fur Elektrotechnische Normung Central Secretariat: rue de Stassart 35 B-1050 Brussels O 2001 CENELEC-All rights of exploitation in any form and by any means reserved worldwide for CENELEC members Ref.No.EN61010-1:2001E Page 2 EN61010-1:2001 Foreword The text of document 66/233/FDIS, future edition 2 of lEC 61010-1, prepared by IEC TC 66, Safety of measuring, control, and laboratory equipment, was submitted to the lEC-CENELEC parallel vote and was approved by cenelec as en 61010-1 on 2001-01-01 This European standard supersedes en 61010-1: 1993 and its amendment A2: 1995 However, EN 61010-1: 1993, with its amendment A2: 1995, remains current for any part 2 first edition standard which has not been superseded by a part 2 second edition standard and which refers to EN61010-1:1993 The following dates were fixed latest date by which the EN has to be implemented at national level by publication of an identical national standard or by endorsement (dop)201-1101 latest date by which the national standards conflicting with the en have to be withdrawn (dow)2004-01-01 Annexes designated"normative"are part of the body of the standard In this standard annexes a to h and za are normative Annex Za has been added by cenelec In this standard, the following print types are used requirements and definitions: in roman type NOTES: in smaller roman typ conformity: in italic type terms used throughout this standard which have been defined in clause 3: SMALL ROMAN CAPITALS Endorsement notice The text of the International Standard IEC 61010-1: 2001 was approved by CENELEc as a European Standard without any modification Page 3 EN61010-1:2001 CONTENTS P INTRODUCTION Clause 1 Scope and object 1.1 Scope 1.2 Object 9 1.3 Verification 1.4 Environmental conditions 10 2 Normative references 10 3 Terms and definitions 3.1 Equipment and states of equipment………… 12 3.2 Parts and accessories 12 3.3 Electrical quantities 3.4 Tests 13 3.5 Safety terms∴… 3.6 nsulation 4 Tests 16 4.1 General 4.2 Sequence of tests........ 4.3 Reference test conditions 17 4. 4 Testing in SINGLE FAULT CONDITION............. 5 Marking and documentation 23 5.1 Mark king 23 5.2 Warning markings… 28 5.3 Durability of markings…… 28 5. 4 Documentation .28 Protection against electric shock 31 6.1 Genera 31 6.2 Determination of ACCESSIBLE parts 31 6.3 Permissible limits for ACCESSIBLE parts 32 6.4 Protection in NORMAL CONDITION 6.5 Protection in SINGLE FAULT CONDITION 36 6.6 Connections to external circuits 40 6.7 CLEARaNCEs and CREEPAGE DISTANCES 42 6. 8 Procedure for dielectric strength tests. 50 6. 9 Constructional requirements for protection against electric shock 53 6.10 Connection to MAINS supply source and connections between parts of equipment…… 6. 11 Disconnection from supply source ..57 Page EN61010-1:2001 Clause Page 7 Protection against mechanical HAZaRDs 面面 59 7.1 General 59 7.2 Moving parts 59 7.3 Stability 60 7.4 Provisions for lifting and carrying .61 7.5Wal! mounting..…… 画画 ∴61 7.6 Expelled parts 61 8 Mechanical resistance to shock and impact 62 8.1 ENCLOSURE rigidity test 62 8.2 Drop test 64 9 Protection against the spread of fire 65 9. 1 Eliminating or reducing the sources of ignition within the equipment 67 9.2 Containment of fire within the equipment should it occur 67 9. 3 Limited-energy circuit 69 9. 4 Requirements for equipment containing or using flammable liquids 70 9.5 Overcurrent protection 71 10 Equipment temperature limits and resistance to heat 72 10.1 Surface temperature limits for protection against burns 72 10.2 Temperatures of windings........ 72 10.3 Other temperature measurements…… 10. 4 Conduct of temperature tests 73 10.5 Resistance to heat 74 11 Protection against hazards from fluids 76 11.1 Genera 76 11.2 Cleaning 76 1.3 Spillage 76 11. 4 Overflow 76 11.5 Battery electrolyte 77 11.6 Specially protected equipment 11.7 Fluid pressure and leakage 77 12 Protection against radiation, including laser sources, and against sonic and ultrasonic pressure..... 80 2.1 General 80 12.2 Equipment producing ionizing radiation 80 2.3 Ultraviolet(UV)radiation 80 2. 4 Microwave radiation 81 12.5 Sonic and ultrasonic pressure 81 12.6 Laser sources 82 13 Protection against liberated gases, explosion and implosion ...... 82 13. 1 Poisonous and injurious gases 82 13.2 Explosion and implosion 82 4 Components …84 14.1 General 84 14.2 Moto 14.3 Overtemperature protection devices 14.4 Fuse holders 14.5 MAINS Voltage selecting devices age EN61010-1:2001 Clause Page 14.6 HIGH INTEGRITY components 面面面 87 14.7 MAINS transformers tested outside equipment.. 87 14.8 Printed circuit boards 87 14.9 Circuits or components used as transient overvoltage limiting devices. ..................88 15 Protection by interlocks 89 15. 1 General 111 89 15.2 Prevention of reactivating…… 89 15.3 Reliability… .89 16 Test and measurement equipment.. 89 16.1 Current measuring circuits 89 16.2 Multifunction meters and similar equipment 90 Annex A(normative)Measuring circuits for ACCESSIBLE current 91 Annex B(normative) Standard test finger 94 Annex C(normative)Measurement of CLEARANCES and CREEPAGE DISTANCES Annex D(normative )Parts between which insulation requirements are specified .100 Annex E(normative reduction of pollution degrees .104 Annex F(normative)ROUTINE TESTS .105 Annex G(informative)Leakage and rupture from fluids under pressure 107 Annex H (informative)Index of defined terms 113 Annex ZA (normative)Normative references to international publications with their corresponding European publications 116 Bibliography 114 Figure 1-Maximum duration of short-term temporary ACCESSIBLE voltages N SINGLE FAULT CONDITIoN 34 Figure 2- Charged capacitance level in NORMAL CONDITION and SINGLE FAULT CONDITION . ....35 Figure 3- Detachable MAINS supply cords and conditions Figure 4-Impact test using sphere 63 Figure 5-Flow chart to explain the requirements for protection against the spread of fire. ...66 Figure6- Battle… 68 Figure 7- Area of the bottom of an enclosure to be constructed as specified in9.2.1b)1)…… 69 Figure 8- Ball-pressure test apparatus 75 Figure 9- Ratio between hydraulic test pressure and RaTEd maximum working pressure..79 Figure 10- Flow chart for conformity options 14. 1 a), b), c)and d 85 Figure A. 1-Measuring circuit for a.C. with frequencies up to 1 MHz and for d 91 Figure A. 2-Measuring circuits for a.C. with sinusoidal frequencies up to 100 Hz and for d. c Figure A3- Current measuring circuit for electrical burns .93 Figure A 4-Current measuring circuit for wet contact 93 EN61010-1:2001 Figure B. 1- Rigid test finger(test probe 11 of IEC 61032) 94 Figure B2 Jointed test finger (test probe B of IEC 61032) Figure C. 1-Examples of methods of measuring CLEARANCE and CREEPAGE DISTANCES. ........99 Figures D. 1 a) to D. 1 d)-protection between HAZARDOUS LIVE circuits and circuits not exceeding the values of 6.3.2 in NORMAL CONDITION and having external TERMINALs of ACCESS| BLE parts.,…, 101 Figures D 1 e)to D 1 h)-Protection between HAZARDOUS LIVE circuits and other circuits which do not exeeed the values of 6.3.2 in NORMAL CONDITION and which have external terminals 101 Figure D2 a)and D 2 b)-Protection from a HAZARDOUS LIVE internal circuit for an ACCESSIBLE part which is not bonded to other ACCESSIBLE parts 102 Figure D2 c)and D 2 d)-Protection from a HAZARDOUS LIVE primary circuit for ACCESSIBLE TERMINALS of a secondary circuit which does not exceed the values of 6.3.2 in NORMAL CONDITION 102 Figure D 3- Protection of external ACCESSIBLE TERMINALS of two HAZARDOUS LIVE circuits.103 Figure G.- Conformity verification process 108 Table 1- Symbols 25 Table 2-Tightening torque for screw assemblies Table 3-Multiplication factors for CLEARANCE for altitudes up to 5 000 m Table 4- CLEARANcEs and creepage diSTANCes for MAINs CIrcuIts Table 5- Clearances for circuits derived from MAINs circuits ∴45 Table 6- clearance values for the calculation of Table 7- CREEPaGE diSTANCES 48 Table 8- CLEARANCES for measurement categories ll,Il and v 49 Table 9- Test voltages for BASIC INSULATION 52 Table 10-correction factors for test voltage according to test site altitude 53 Table 11- Physical tests on power supply cords 11面 Table 12 -Acceptable perforation of the bottom of an ENCLOSURE 68 Table 13-Limits of maximum available current 70 Table 14-Overcurrent protective device 70 Table 15- Surface temperature limits in NORMAL CONDITION Table 16-Insulation material of windings Table 17-Impulse withstand voltages 88 Table 18-Output im pedance for impulse generators 88 Table E. 1-Reduction of the pollution degree of internal environment through the use of additional protection 04 Table G 1-Test pressures for equipment with pressures above 14 MPa 110 EN61010-1:2001 INTRODUCTION This part 1 specifies the safety requirements that are generally applicable to all equipment within its scope. For certain types of equipment, these requirements will be supplemented or modified by the special requirements of one, or more than one, particular part 2 of th standard which must be read in conjunction with the part 1 requirements Page 8 EN61010-1:2001 SAFETY REQUIREMENTS FOR ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT FOR MEASUREMENT CONTROL AND LABORATORY USE Part 1: General requirements 1 Scope and object 1.1 Scope 1.1.1 Equipment included in scope This part of IEc 61010 specifies general safety requirements for electrical equipment intended for professional, industrial process, and educational use, any of which may incorporate computing devices, as defined in a) to d)below, When used under the environmental conditⅰ ons of1.4 a)Electrical test and measurement equipmen This is equipment which by electrical means tests, measures, indicates or records one or more electrical or non-electrical quantities, also non-measuring equipment such as signa generators, measurement standards, power supplies, transducers, transmitters, etc NOTE All indicating and recording electrical measuring instruments (except those excluded in 1. 1.2)fall within the scope of IEc 61010 unless they are panel meters designed only for building-in to other equipment Built-in panel meters are considered to be components and only need to meet the relevant requirements of IEC61010, or other standards, as part of the equipment into which they are built. b)Electrical control equipment This is equipment which controls one or more output quantities to specific values, with each value determined by manual setting, by local or remote programming, or by one or more input variables c)Electrical laboratory equipment This is equipment which measures, indicates, monitors or analyses substances, or is used to prepare materials, and includes in vitro diagnostic (IVD)equipment This equipment may also be used in areas other than laboratories, for example self-test IVD equipment may be used in the home d) Accessories intended for use with the above(for example, sample handling equipment 1.1.2 Equipment excluded from scope This standard does not apply to equipment within the scope of a)IEC 60065 (Safety requirements for audio, video and similar electronic apparatus ) b)IEC 60204(Controls for electrical machines) C)EC 60335 (Safety of household and similar electrical appliances d)IEC 60364(Electrical installations of buildings) e)IEC 60439-1( LoW-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies) f)IEC 60521(Class 0, 5:1 and 2 alternating current watthour meters); g)IEC 60601(Medical electrical equipment)

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