ABB IRC5机器人控制软件服务信息系统Service Information System操作手册(英文版).pdf

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ABB IRC5机器人控制软件服务信息系统Service Information System操作手册(英文版)pdf,ABB IRC5机器人控制软件服务信息系统Service Information System操作手册(英文版)
Operating manual Service Information System(SIs) Robotware 5.0 Document D: 3HAC 025709-001 Revision:A The information in this manual is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment by ABB. ABB assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this manual Except as may be expressly stated anywhere in this manual, nothing herein shall be construed as any kind of guarantee or warranty by ABb for losses, damages to persons or property, fitness for a specific purpose or the like In no event shall aBb be liable for incidental or consequential damages arising from use of this manual and products described herein This manual and parts thereof must not be reproduced or copied without ABB's written permission, and contents thereof must not be imparted to a third party nor be used for any unauthorized purpose. Contravention will be prosecuted Additional copies of this manual may be obtained from ABB at its then current charge o Copyright 2005, 2008 ABB All right reserved ABB Automation Technologies AB Robotics SE-721 68 Vasteras Sweden =ma Table of contents 1 Introduction 1. 1 What is the Service Information System(SIS) 2 SIs counters 2.1 Calendar time 2.2 Operation time 10 3 Gearbo 3 Running the Service Information System 3.1 Using the sis sys 3.2 Setting the sis parameters 14 3.3 Reading the sis log 16 3.4 Exporting the Sis data 18 3. 5 Safety shutdown 19 Index 3HAC 025709-001 Revision Table of contents 3HAC 025709-001 Revision:A verview About this manual This manual explains how to use the Service Information System(SIS) age This manual can be used during operation, installation and maintenance. For example during installation when the service interval is set, or after maintenance when the duty time eter is set to Who should read this manual? This manual is intended for Installation personnel Maintenance personnel R Prerequisites The reader should Be familiar with industrial robots and their terminology Be familiar with system parameters and how to configure them Organization of chapters The manual is organized in the following chapters Chapter Contents 1. Introduction Describes in general what the Service information system is 2. Service Information System counters Describes the following counters: calendar operation a 3. Running the Service Information Describes every step from setting the System parameters to exporting the results References Reference Document iD Operating manual -IRC5 with FlexPendant 3HAC16590-1 Operating manual -Robotstudio 3HAC032104001 Technical reference manual- RAPiD Instructions functions and data 3HAc16581-1 ypes Technical reterence manual System parameters 3HAC17076-1 Revisions Revision Description First edition A Minor corrections 3HAC 025709-001 Revision:: A Overview 3HAC 025709-001 Revision:A 1 Introduction 1.1. What is the Service Information System(SIs) 1 Introduction 1.1. What is the Service Information System(SIs) Service Information System(SiS)is a software function within the robot controller, which simplifies maintenance of the robot system. It supervises the operating time and mode of the robot, and alerts the operator when a maintenance activity is scheduled Maintenance is scheduled by setting the system parameters of the type SIS Parameters, see Setting the sis parameters on page 14. All system parameters are described in Technical reference manual, section System Parameters SIS also supervise large robots from damaging the motors during high load operations with a safety shutdown Supervised function The following counters are available Calendar time The Calendar time has a general alarm that is based on the calendar time. Operation time Operation time has a general alarm based on operational time Gearbox Each supervised gearbox has a time counter, based on the wear of the axis and the work load on the robot. The number of supervised gearboxes on the robot are different for each model To find out the number of supervised gearboxes on a specific model read the joint service logs, for more information see Components on page g 3HAC 025709-001 Revision: A Introduction 1.1. What is the Service Information System(sIs) 3HAC 025709-001 Revision:A

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