WAYCON SL系列拉杆型差动变压位移传感器 手册.pdf

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WAYCON SL系列拉杆型差动变压位移传感器 手册pdf,WAYCON SL系列拉杆型差动变压位移传感器 手册
TECHNICAL DIMENSIONS range(FS) body length A core length B push rod length C [mm] 187 177 0..100 287 277 37 170 0.200 487 477 0..300 687 320 677 240 657 Other measurement ranges are available on request. ty pe: free core, unguided push rod core, push rod 20 type: guided push rod g20 push rod supportet by iglidur bearings, push rod extricable type: rod end bearing ②20 ¢8 Faucon Positionsmesstechnik SENSOR TYPES cable output radial Sensors with cable output have a cable fitting and a spring for bend protection of the cable For installation the bending radius should not be less than 3 times the cable diameter. The standard cable length is 2 m Instruments with option h for temperatures up to 150C teature a ptFe cable Sensors have a through hole. please use this type for application at heavy dirt exposure SW14 SW14 The movcment of the push rod removes the dirt trom the sensor and conveys it to the rcar. Depending on the application the sensor can -on request. be supplied with a closed rear end body(without additional charge). Please specify that in your order. connector output radial (cable with straight or angular connector) For sensors with connector output the cable has to be ordered separately. You can choose from a cable with a straight connector or with an angular connector The connector is protected from accidental removal by a threaded fitting(M12). The cable lengths are 2/5/10 m 31 The connector pair has protection class IP67. 防 ADJUSTMENT OF ZERO POINT AND GAIN Please note that the zero point and gain may shift for long cable length between sensor and electronics. Thus install the sensor with the according cable length to the electronics and then adjust zero point and gain 1. Push rod entirely in-adjust offset Move the sensor to the zero point of the measuring range and set the offset potentiometer on 0 mA/OV for the output signal. 2. Push rod entirely out- adjust gain Move the sensor to the end of the measuring range(push rod moved out) and set the gain potentiometer on 16 mA/10V/5 V for the output signal 3. Adjust offset (4...20 mA output only) set the offset potentiometer on 20 mA(+4 mA) for the output signal Signal inversion If an inverted output signal is required(20. 4 mA.0V/5.0 V), swap clamps 6 and 8 (secondary coil)on the external electronics Faucon Positionsmesstechnik AC-OUTPUT assignment for TPE-cable assignment M12-connector white(5) black( 6) econdary 2 2= Primary 2 brown( 9) 1= Primary 1 blue(8) secondary 1 assignment for PTFE- cable white (5) green (6): secondary 2 yellow(9): primary 1 4= secondary 2 brown (8 secondary 1 3= Secondary 1 CABLE ELECTRONICS KAB brown supply v+ blue. black output GND cable length sensor-electronics cable length 1m white output signal assignment for PTFE-cable supply v+ sensor GND output GND output signal If not specified otherwise the cable electronics is placed at 1 m from the end of the cable. On request in your order, however, the cable electronics can be placed at EXTERNAL ELECTRONICS MCA dimension 18 27.5 39..36v ■■■ Primary 2 Secondary 2 Shield" Secondary 1 Primary 1 external electronics imca (for DIN-rail mounting 6.5 13 current output Connection The external electronics IMCa is designed to be installed in switch cabinets (Din-rai 11 GND (signal) mounting). The connection to the sensor is conducted as connector with screw termina s Terminals 1 and 7 are internally connected At harsh EMC environments, it is possible to install the electronics at a max distance of 1oo m in a switch cabinet a twin twisted sensor pair cable (4-cores, minimum cross section 0, 5 mm4), single or i connector twin twisted cable electronics tallation in double shielded, is to be used for the further wiring to connect the switch cabinet extermal electronics to the system. It is recommended to ground the shield in the switch cabinet near the electronics(do not ground at the machine/ sensor). the sensor housing is grounded supply at the m chine frame. To pre It interference, the cable length should not exceed 100 m signal output Faucon Positionsmesstechnik ORDER CODE -□--口 measurement range [mmI protection class IP67 0.50 emperature 150C 80 improved linearity 0, 20% 0..100 100 200 (not option H/IP68) radial connector M12 0..300 300 radial cable output 0 0 0 free core A push rod push rod guided rod end bearings external electronics IMCA output cable electronics KAB 0..20mA 4..20mA 10v 0.10V voltage supply 0.5V 9.36VDC 24v ±5V ±5V ±10V ±10V Connector cabl cable with straight connector M12 (SA) K4P2M-S-M12 K4P5M-S-M12 5 m K4P1OM-S-M12 cable with angular connector M12 (SA) K4P2M-SW-M12 2 m K4P5M-SW-M12 5 K4P10M-SW-M12 10m fixed connector cable(2, 0 m standard, KA, KR additional metre of tpE-cable additional mctrc of ptfe-cable(H We reserve the right to alter the specification without orior notice Way con Positionsmesstechnik gmbH Head office office koln email: nto@wayson. d Mehlbeerenstr, 4 Auf der pehle 1 internetwww.waycon.de 82024 Taufkirchen 50321 Bruhl e.+49(0)89679713-0 490)2232567944 Faucon Fax+49(0)89679713-250 Fax+49(0)2232567945 Positionsmesstechnik

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