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2.2 Features Q IEEE802.11a/b/g/n(2X2)bascd on QualcommAthcros AR102IX solution USB 2.0 Interface, High and Full Speeds supported e Module is powered by the host with a 3.3V +/-10% supply Internal otp memory for calibration data Advanced power management to minimize standby sleep and active power Security support for WPS, WPA2, WPA, WAP and protected management frames Full 802.1le QoS support including WMM and U-APSD 9 Support for the IEEE 802.1le, h, i,j WEP, TKIP, and AES hardware encryption Support ad hoc and infrastructure mode Support halogen free standard 2.3 Interface ◆ Interface Interface: Half hole Antenna: IPEX connector ◆ Pin definition 7 From module topⅤiew Pi Symbol Name Status Pin Description Number GND P 2 USB DP I/O USB D+ signal USB DN I/0 USB D- signal 4 CHIP PWD L Reset. low active 3.3V P Analog 3.3v power supply GND P Ground pad GND P Ground pad 3. Electrical Specification 3.1 Recommended operating rating Element Symbol Min Typ Max Unit DC supply voltage 3.3V 3.3 3.46 3.2 DC Characteristics Symb Parameter Min n ol Supply voltag 3.14 3.3 3.46 (V) Power saving 450 (uA) Standby 112 (mA STBY Continuous Tx Current 2. 4Gil I7 (Dual Chain) 310 (mA) 3.3V Continuous Rx Current 2.4GHz(Dual Chain) (mA Continuous Tx Current SGHz Dual Chain) 480 (mA) Continuous Rx Current 5GHz(dual Chain) 60 (mA) 3.3 Environment Storage Condition Environment condition Opcrating Tcmpcraturc:-l0 dcg C-70 dcg. C Temperature Storage Temperature: -40 deg C-80 deg C Operating Humidity: 5%95%(Non-condensing Humidity Storage Humidity: 5%-95%(Non-condensing 4. RF Specification 4. 1 Rx Characteristics Parameter Min Max Unit 2.412 2.484 GHz Rx input frequency range 5.150 5.825 GHZ RX Characteristics Mir Typ Max Unit 1. Minimum Input Level Sensitivity 1)802.11b, I Mbps(Per 8%) dBm 2)802.11b,1Mbps(PER≤8%) d Bm 3)80211g,54Mbps(PER≤10%) dBm 4)802.1In, 2.4G, HT20-MCS7(PER 10%) 72 d Bm 5)802.11n, 2.4G, HT40-MCS7(PER <10%) dBm 6)802.11a,6Mbps(PER≤10%) 93 dBm 7)802.1la,54Mbps(PER≤10%) -76 d Bm 8)802.1ln,5G,HT20-MCS0PER≤10%) -93 dBm 9)802.11n,5G,HT20-MCS7(PER≤10%) -73 dBm 10)802.11n,5GT40-MsO(PR≤10%) 90 dBm 11)802.1In, 5G, HT40-MCS7 (PER 10%) 70 dBm 2. Maximum Input Level(PER 8%) 1)802.11b, 11 Mbps(Per%) d Bm 2)80211g,54Mbp(PER≤10% dBIm 3)802.lln,24G,HT20-MCS7(PER≤10‰) dBm 4)802.l1n,24G,HT40-MCS7(PER≤10% dBm 5)80)2.11a,54Mbps(PRR≤10y%) dBm 6)802.11n, 5G, HT20-MCS7(PER 10%) -3 dBm 7)802.n,(,T40-MCS7(P限R≤10‰) dBm 4.2 Tx Characteristics Parameter Min Typ Max Unit 2.412 Tx input frequency range GHz TX Characteristics Min Max Unit 1. Power Lcvcls 1)802.11b, Target Power(@ I Mbps 16 18 20 dBm 2)802.11b, Target Poweri@lIMbps 16 18 20 dBm 3)802.11g, Target Poweri@6Mbps 16 18 20 dBm 4)802.11g, Target Power(@54Mbps 12 14 16 dBm 5)802.11n, 2.4G, Target Power(@HT20-MCSO 16 18 dBm 6)802.11n, 2. 4G, Target Power(a HT20-MCS7 11 15 dBm 7)802.11n, 2. 4G, Targct Powcr(aHT40-MCSO 16 20 dBm 8)802.11n, 2.4G, Target Power(aHT40-MCS7 10 12 d Bm 9)802.11a, Target Power(@6Mbps 14 16 10)802.1la, Target Power(@ 54Mbps 11 4838261 d Bm d Bm 11)802. 1In,5G, Target Power(@ HT20-MCSO 14 16 dBm 12)802. 11n,5G, Target PoweriaHT20-MCS7 10 dBm 13 )802.1In, SG,Target Power@HT40-MCSO 12 14 dIN 14)802. 11n, 5G, Target PoweraHT40-MCS7 dBm 2. Frequence Error +20 ppm 3. Modulation Accuracy( VM)@Target Power 1)802.11g,54Mbps 2)82.lln,2.4(,IIT20-MCS7 34 -28 dB 3)802.lln,2,4G,HT40MCS7 28 dB 4)802.11n,SG,HT20-MCS7 32 -28 B 5)802.1In, 5G, HT40-MCS7 32 28 dB 5. Mechanical Specifications PCB Assembly dimension ◆ Dimension(LXWⅹH:Ll50mm*W:22.5mm*H2.3mm 1.0 1.3 1.30 22.50 Environmental requirements and specifications TP Content 1 Temperature 1.1 Operating Temperature Conditions The product shall be capable of continuous reliable operation when operating in ambient temperature of -10C to +70C 1.2 Non-Operating Temperature Conditions Neither subassemblies shall be damaged nor shall the operational performance be degraded when restored to the operating temperature when exposed to storage temperature in the range of-45℃to+135℃ 2 PCB Bending The PCb bending spec shall be keep planeness under 0. Imm for both NATER and end assembly customer 3 Handling environment 3.1. ESD Symbol Ratings Max Unit Electrostatic discharge voltage V,(HBM) 2000 Human body modcl) V(CDM) Electrostatic discharge voltage (charge device model) Plcasc handle it under esd protcction environment 3.2. Terminals The product is mounted with motherboard through half hole. In order to prevent poor soldering, please do not touch the pad by hand 3.3. Falling It will cause damage on the mounted components when the product is falling or receiving drop shock. It may cause the product mal-function 4 Storage Condition 4.1 Moisture barrier bag before opened Moisture barrier bag must be stored under 30 degree C, humidity under 85%o Rh The calculated shelf life for the dry packed product shall be a 12 months from the bag seal date 4.2. Moisture barrier bag open Humidity indicator cards must be blue. <30% 5 Baking Condition Products rcquirc baking bcforc mounting if a) humidity indicator cards reads>30% b)temp <30 degree C, humidity < 70%RH, over 96 hours Baking condition: 90 degree C, 12-24 hours Baking times: I time 6 Soldering and reflow condition 245+0/5c 217c 200'c oE中 150c Pre-heating Soldering TIme 90-120sec 60~90sec Follow the solder paste composition to set the reflow profile Lead frcc solder pastc(SAC305, SAC387 or SAC405)reflow profile sctting as above Ramp up rate(to Peak temp): <1.2'c/sec, typicall Time above Liquidus(217C): 60-90Sec Peak Temp: 245+0/-5'C Ramp-down rate(Peak to RT): 1-3C/sec, typically

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