WAYCON LMI系列耐压型导电塑料位移传感器 手册.pdf

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WAYCON LMI系列耐压型导电塑料位移传感器 手册pdf,WAYCON LMI系列耐压型导电塑料位移传感器 手册
Dimensions and electrical Data LME 12 LMI 12 PRESSURE AREA P680.2 BAR cable pole casle fixing area Welding seam Housing PCURO31 PCURO32 Optimal rackets M4 deep b mm fixing area Area for sensor Welding seam Assembly indication After installation of the sensor and putting on the magnet on the sensor, the unique magnet must be pushed entirely on the sensor (up to flange / cable connection)to link the transmitter element in the sensor with the magnet PCUR031 Cursor PCUR032 Cursor 28.6 256 n2 drill holes 4 4 drill holes p 4.1 STA001 Brackets Case dimension Screw M4 p cept 4 12.4 saft 26.5 weld Waukon

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