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HTECHVISION2019 CONTENTS Introduction∴ .4 Research Methodology .... 85 Trend 1: DARQ Power: Survey Demographics Understanding the dNA of DARQ 16 References 88 Trend 2: Get to Know Me Unlock unique consumers and unique opportunities 29 Trend 3: human+ worker Change the workplace or hinder the workforce ,,,44 Trend 4: Secure US to Secure ME Enterprises are not victims, theyre vectors 59 Trend 5: MyMark Meet consumers' needs at the speed of now 73 3 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2019 THE POST-DIGITAL ERA IS UPON US NTECHVISION2019 The Post-Digital Companies are taking their first steps in a new world-one that tailors itself to fit Era is Upon Us. every moment. It's a world where products, services, and even peoples surroundings are customized, and where businesses cater to the individual in every aspect of their lives READY FOR shaping the very realities they live in Japan s biggest e-commerce company Zozotown, is delivering custom fast fashion. Its skintight spandex Zozosuits pair with he company's app to take customers'exact measurements custom-tailored pieces from Zozotown's in-house clothing line arrive in as few as 10 days Gillette is catering to individual preferences in health and beauty, partnering with 3D printing startup Formlabs to offer customized razor designs. 2 Consumers create their personalized roduct through the company s website the digitally personalized design is then physically printed and assembled to be shipped directly to their door TECHNOLOGY VISION 2019 THE POS TAL ERA Introduction HTECHVISION,019 And customizing for the individual doesnt According to our Technology Vision 2019 survey of 6, 672 business and IT executives, necessarily require Zozosuits or direct design input 45 percent report the pace of innovation in their organizations has significantly Sams club developed an app that uses machine learning and data about customers' past purchases accelerated over the past three years due to emerging technologies to auto fill their shopping lists, and plans to add a navigation feature which will show optimized routes through the store to each item on that list. 3.4 Virgin Hotels greets its guests with a cocktail of their choice and a minibar stocked with their favorites thanks to a the company uses in place of a rewards progra Significantly accelerated 45 Companies like these are figuring out how they can shape the world around people and pick the right moments to offer their products and services Accelerated Looking at these companies individually, there is a 49% story of hyper-personalization and on-demand digital services. But the collective enterprise efforts reveal a fundamental shift in how people will experience the world for generations to come. Soon, each individual will have their own reality, and every moment wi Stayed the same 6% represent an opportunity for companies to play a role in shaping it What is enabling- and driving-this reality-shaping shift? The emergence of a post-digital world. We as a Slowed society are nearing a turning point in digita 0% enterprise, where more businesses will have completed their digital transformations than not Digital-era technology, which began as a differentiating advantage years ago, is now expected from every business But its impact is still changing 5 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2019 THE POST-DIGITAL ERA IS UPON US Introduction HTECHVISION2019 the relationship between businesses and society, and As the playing field evens out, companies will need to the expectations of individual people acknowledge a shift in their reality too-around the level of expectations they face from digitally mature Digital-born companies and those completing their customers, employees, and business partners. transformations have showered consumers with Businesses have used technology-driven mass digital products and services. Facebook, Twitter, customization to get more granular with consumers Snapchat, and a constant rotation of new social through a top-down approach: selling two different media brands have become go-to destinations for options then 10 different options then 100 different finding and sharing information Smart home devices options. Companies success with this approach has enable contextual interactions between the digita ostered the illusion that they can meet any need,no and physical world(Hey google, remind me to talk to matter how personal or custom Now to meet the accounting staff when i get to the office), direct expectations in the post-digital world they need to equests for physical products and services(alexa, turn that illusion into rea lity that means order more dish soap), and even digitally driven understanding people at a holistic level and social interactions from wherever people chooses recognizing that their outlooks and needs change at call Mom with FaceTime a moment ' s notice The digital saturation of reality has granted companies In the post-digital world, every moment will represent with exceptional capabilities. They can understand a potential new market of one It's where demand is In the post-digital world their customers with a new depth of granularity. they communicated instantly and gratification is expected every moment will have more channels than ever to reach those immediately. What's more, both are constantly consumers. And with every company finally changing creating an infinite and never-ending represent a potential converging on the same digital footing, there are stream of opportunities to be met through business newmarket ofone more digital ecosystems and more potential partners to-business(B2B)and business-to-consumer(B2 to help companies create holistic experiences engagement, as well as in the public sector the post digital world here technology is the fabric of But as we move collectively into the post-digital era, ality and companies can use it to meet peopl these capabilities and advantages are now available wherever they are, at any moment in time-if they rise y organization. Digita to the challenge differentiating. With every business heavily investing in digital technologies, how will leaders set themselves apart? 6 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2019 THE POST-DIGITAL ERA IS UPON US Introduction HTECHVISION,019 APARALLEL TRANSFORMATION Companies have not been alone on their journey to about which technologies they will or wont adopt to post-digital markets are made up of consumers, digital transformation People have been on a parallel get the experiences they want Companies must pay business partners and governments alike enjoying path, incorporating new technologies at an close attention not only to the choices themselves, the spoils of the digital revolution fully on first introduced, they took 12 years to reach 50 million can provide about their customers -and about new standard in practically every industry and soon,o gly rapid rate when mobile phones were but also to the powerful new insights those choices demand or fully customized products are now the users; the internet took just seven to get to the same market opportunities than later, customers will expect every point. Looking at purely digital technologies the organization to achieve both rates become frantic: Facebook reached 50 million Post-digital workers are incorporating technology to users in four years; We Chat, one year. Pokemon Go, complete tasks in new ways in new types of jobs but this is not to say digital is old or over Far from it the augmented-reality gaming app from Niantic? they are still being hired, trained, and managed in Companies have used the power of digital Nineteen days pre-digital ways With the war for talent continuing to transformation to shape themselves to shape rage, companies must adapt their technology customers and employees, and then to shape People are adopting new technology both quickly strategies to close the divide between themselves people' s expectations. What's left is using their and completely and whether theyre customers and their digitally mature workforce ongoing digital efforts to shape the market employees, or even threat actors, they are beginning Companies face a world of renewed expectations to outpace enterprises in their digital transformations. post-digital threat actors have nearly unlimited and core digital technologies are more critical than They are more knowledgeable about technology points of entry to enterprise with a global army ever. But the time for pilots and experimentation is itself and how companies use it and are becoming connected devices ready to be pressed into service, long past and leaders must begin to strategize for selective and demanding of what they adopt and an attack surface that includes not only the what's next challenging companies to work with them or adapt to target company but every partner and vendor in the them in different ways companys ecosystem, they have the clear advantage. Businesses must respond to thi Post-digital consumers are enjoying the results of digital threat with a collaborative approach technology saturation. In a world of unprecedented recognizing that they are not just potential victims, technology choice, people have strong sentiments but someone elses vector 7 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2019 THE POST-DIGITAL ERA IS UPON US Introduction NTECHVISION2019 GETTING TOTHE NEW" MOMEI Realistically, the world is not yet at the point of Look at JD. com, an e-retail platform and one of the verything being insta ouS.But post-digita fastest-growir anies in China. JD is radica ompanies are already playing a different game differentiating itself with its "Toplite" platf Companies still completing their digital service that helps third parties sell through jD by transformations are looking for a specific edge, setting up customized stores for unique shopping whether it's innovative service, higher efficiency, or experiences. Not only do these third parties benefit more personalization Post-digital companies are from the e-retail personalization, they also have ooking for much more. They are out to bypass the access to JD' s supply chain with cutting-edge competition by changing the way the market itself robotics and drone delivery that can reach rural works. From one market to many custom markets- areas. And through a partnership with Walmart on -demand in the moment physical store in Shenzhen will offer more than 8,000 products available in person or delivered from the Industry lines are no longer a boundary to growth, store in under 30 minutes.By offering and the disruption that came in waves as technology unprecedented customization and speed, JD is matured in the digital era is now ever-present. any enabling other companies to capture moments, and company can compete with any other or carve out a in doing so creating a new market for itself. new market. Take Amazon partnering with berkshire Hathaway, an insurance and holding company, and it won t be long before the standout examples of JPMorgan Chase, a global financial services firm, to oday are the norm companies are already ackle challenges in healthcare spending. The thr investigating the next generation of technologies have pooled their resources in a joint effort that has such as artificial intelligence(Al),distributed ledgers companies in entirely different industries preparing like blockchain, extended reality, and quantum for foundational disruption computing The message is clear: keeping up with the digitals"wont cut it for what's coming n 8 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2019 THE POST-DIGITAL ERA IS UPON US Introduction HTECHVISION,019 Business leaders looking to do more than just future opportunity. Distributed ledger technology the low altitudes at which drones fly partnered with complete their transformations must set new goals in Artificial intelligence, extended Reality, and Microsoft Azure to create a platform that gives state their sights including Quantum computing(dARQ) are already having and local authorities authorization enforcement, and an impact in disparate areas of enterprise darQ restriction abilities for drone operation in their areas 0 Move your focus to the end. as companies begin technologies will drive the post-digital wave, but The platform also lets companies incorporate to understand instant demand and supply options catching that wave will only be possible with the security and compliance checkpoints into drone expand they will have more opportunities than firm foundation of SMAC. Looking even furthe related workflows they can pursue Success will mean carefully down the road? daRQ technologies will enable choosing the specific opportunities companies innovation in such core aspects of the business By positioning themselves as the curators of reality want to target-and just as important, the ones that they will be foundational for whatever comes companies already have a new level of obligation to not to target-then working backward to after that society. But being able to deliver for specific and determine how they will get there onstantly changing moments creates challenging As companies move to meet these goals they must additional questions for businesses that are used to Define what it means for your business to be post- also accept a new level of responsibility. as one market of many and long-static circumstances digital as the world moves into a new phase of businesses use technologies to reach further into With limitless opportunities, how do you measure the cooperation. as companies settle on their new people's lives, shaping the very fabric of reality they potential impact of products and services on society? goals and the pathways they will take to reach ust address the privacy safety ethics and How do you avoid crossing ethical boundaries where them, they must also determine which ecosystem governance questions that come along with that level there are different lines for every reality and moment? partners they need and where their own place in of access. And how does a company responsibly pick the the ecosystem should be opportunities to target in the first place? When you Look at drone usage, which companies are reach the point of being able to deliver nearly Master SMAC as a core competency and a ncorporating for everything from agricultural anything instantly, it is critical to remember that "can foundation to rotate to what's next. When it comes services to public safety, utility monitoring, and doesn t al ways mean"should to enterprise-level technology strategies, product delivery. they re even changing what's companies can never stop moving. Social possible in healthcare, with Switzerland's postal It's every company's responsibility to understand the mobile, analytics, and cloud ( SMAc) combined to service provider using drones to move time-sensitive impact of its moments at scale drive the biggest enterprise and market b samples between hospitals and bypass the delays transformations since the dawn of the industri of ground transport. But this does raise issues of era. At this point, the failure to complete patient satety, privacy, and data protection that the mastery of Smac will leave businesses unable to involved organizations must address as well as serve even the most basic demands of a post navigating potentially restricted airspace. AirMap digital world But success will unlock boundless which operates an airspace management system for 9 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2019 THE POST-DIGITAL ERA IS UPON US ntroduction HTECHVISION2019 209TECH TRENDS This year' s Accenture Technology Vision highlights five emerging trends that will shape businesses over the next three years. In each trend, you will see how digital saturation is raising expectations, abilities, and risk across industries, and how businesses are seeking new ways to differentiate themselves as the world moves into the post-digital era DARQ Power Get to Know Me TREND Understanding the dNA of DARQ Unlock unique customers and unique opportunities New technologies are catalysts for change, offering Technology-driven interactions are creating an businesses extraordinary new capabilities. Distributed expanding technology identity for every consumer. This ledger technology, artificial intelligence, extended living foundation of knowledge will be key to not only reality, and quantum computing will be the next set of nderstanding the next generation of consumers, but new technologies to spark a step change, letting also to delivering rich, individualized, experience-based businesses reimagine entire industries. relationships in the post-digital age 10 TECHNOLOGY VISION 2019 THE POST-DIGITAL ERA IS UPON US

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