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Telemecanique able of contents CHAPTER O General instructions Introduction WARNINGS AND CAUTIONS 000 DANGER PRECAUTIONS TO BE TAKEN BEFORE USING THE VISION CONTROLLER 0-2 Installation environment .0-2 Static Electricity 0-3 Cleaning Power 0-3 Power Sequence 0-3 Before Switching on the power 0-3 Before Creating Type Data 0-4 General cautions 04 How to use this guide..... 0-4 Important Symbols 0-5 CHAPTER 1 Part names and functions VISION CONTROLLER Names and functions of vision controller parts Using the Controller Correctly Camera for VisIon controller FULLFRAME Camera XUVco02 Part names and functions 1-5 DIP Switch 1-6 Using the Camera Correctly Spectral Response… 1-7 Standard camera Xuvcoo1 1-8 Part names and functions Using the Camera Correctly 1-9 Spectral Response.. VISION CONTROLLER 3 able of contents Telemecanique Camera cable and camera extension cable 1-10 Names and functions of parts 1-10 Using the Cable Correct 1-10 Keypad Names and functions of parts 1-11 Operation of the Cursor Lever and EntER button 1-12 CHAPTER 2 Installation and Wiring Connecting Peripherals 2-3 Using Peripherals Correctly .2-4 Installation Environment and Mounting Space 2-5 Noise considerations 2-5 Heat Dissipation 2-6 Mounting space∴ 2-6 Mounting the ViSION coNTRoLleR 2-7 Mounting the VIsIoN CONTROLLER on a dIn Rail 2-7 Mounting the VISION CONTROLLER Using Screws 2-8 Mounting the camera 2-8 Using the Camera Correctly. .............2 View Range and resolution Selection Graphics 2-9 Resolution .2-10 View range……… 2-10 chaPTER 3 Input/Output Terminals Attaching Wires Notes on the terminal blocks .3-3 Wiring Method 3-4 Recommendation: ferrites using 3-4 4 VISION CONTROLLER Telemecanique able of contents Parallel Outputs 3-5 Pin Assignment 3-5 Output Circuit 国国着 3-7 Parallel Inputs 3-8 Pin assignment Input Circuit Notes on Parallel Input/Output 3-10 Notes on the Parallel Outputs .3-10 Notes on the Parallel Inputs 3-11 Flash Output Sync Signal 3-12 Pin assignment .3-12 Flash Time Diagram… .3-13 Using the Flash Output Sync Signal Correctly……….……3-13 Electric Power Wiring 3-14 Pin Assignment 3-14 Notes on Power Supply .3-15 Behavior during momentary power Interruptions 3-16 CHAPTER 4 Serial Ports(RS232C) RS232C Ports 4-3 Using the serial ports correctly 4-3 RS232C Connections 4-4 COM Port 45 Pⅰ n Assignment.… 4-5 Wiring Examples 4-5 Connection with SEI TWIDO Plc 4-5 Connexion with SEl Premium/Micro Plc 4-6 Connexion with SEl Quantum Compact PLC 国B 4-6 Connection with sEl Momentum plc 4-7 Connection with Allen-Bradley PLC 4-7 Connection with Omron Plc .4-8 VISION CONTROLLER 5 able of contents Telemecanique Connection with matsushita plc from fp series .4-9 Connection with mitsubishi Plc .wwwww 4-10 TOOL Port 4-11 Pin assignment 4-11 Wiring examples 4-11 Connection with an IBM PC-AT Compatible CHAPTER 5 Camera modes Overview 5-3 Imaging Time/Resolution for Memory Image Display 5-4 Frame Mode and field mode 5-5 Frame Mode 5-5 Field mode Using Frame and Field Mode Correctly 5-6 CHAPTER 6 General Specifications VISION CONTROLLER 6-3 Monitor 6-3 Keypad 6-4 FULLFRAME Camera XUVco02 6-4 Standard Camera XUVco01 6-5 CHAPTER 7 Part numbers VISION CONTROLLER Cameras FULLFRAME Camera cable 6 VISION CONTROLLER Telemecanique able of contents Camera extension cable Keypad Monitor Data Backup Software and PC cable 17-4 chaPTER 8 Dimension Diagrams VISION CONTROLLER 8-3 Camera 8-4 FULLFRAME Camera XUVco02 8-4 Standard camera XUvco01 .8-5 Camera cable and camera extension cable 86 Keypad 8-6 Monitor 8-7 CHAPTER 9 Pin assignment Pin positions for camera xuvcoo2 .9-3 Pin positions for camera xuvcoo 1 9-4 VISION CONTROLLER able of contents Telemecanique VISION CONTROLLER Telemecanique General instructions Introduction Be sure to read this guide carefully before using this product to ensure proper use There are two guides available for the VISION CONTROLLER XUVM110/M210 Hardware exploitation guide Software exploitation guide Please read the guide appropriate for your needs Please ensure that the correct guide is read in accordance with objectives for use WARNINGS AND CAUTIONS To be obseryed at all times Read the guide carefully before installing, running, maintaining or inspecting the equipment This guide uses two safety flags to indicate different levels of danger. WARNING A handling error could cause serious physical injury to an operator, and in the worst case could even be fatal NOTE: A handling error could cause serious physical injury to an operator, or damage to the equipment DANGER 个 This symbol means a handling error could cause serious physical injury to an operator and in the worst case could even be fatal When using the equipment for a purpose which could conceivably result in the physical injury of an operator and/or damage to the equipment itself, adequate secondary or backup safety and/or protection mechanisms of one sort or another should also be incorporated into the system Do not use the vision controller in an environment which contains combustible gases as this may result in an explosion Never open the VISION CONTROLLER. The main unit contains high-voltage components which are dangerous to touch Do not loosen the retaining screws as this may result in electric shocks VISION CONTROLLER General instructions Telemecanique Configure so that the emergency stop and interlock circuits are external circuits Be certain to use the equipment within its specified ratings and environmental conditions at all times. Failure to do so can cause overheating Do not disassemble or restructure the VISION CONTROLLER in any way as this may result in electric shocks or in the emission of smoke Do not bend the VISION CONTROLLER,'s power cable, or place anything heavy on top of the cable. Do not place the cable close to any other items of equipment that emit significant amounts of heat. When disconnecting the power cable, always grip the plug, and never pull the cable, as this could result in an electric shock or the emission of smoke Always ground the earth wire. Failure to do so may result in an electric shock The power cable must be carefully secured in position using the terminal screw a faulty connection may result in the generation of excessive heat or the emission of smok Do not touch the terminals while the power is ON, as this may result in an electric shock PRECAUTIONS TO BE TAKEN BEFORE USING THE VISION CONTROLLER Installation Environment Avoid using the VISION CONTROLLER XUVM110/210 in the following types of locations Locations with direct sunlight or environmental temperatures that exceed a range of0。cto50°C. Locations with a relative humidity exceeding a range of 35%Rh to 75%RH or that are subject to condensation due to dramatic temperature fluctuations Locations with an atmosphere containing corrosive gases or flammable gases Locations that subject the main unit to direct vibration or impact Locations with a lot of fine particles, iron filings or salt Locations likely to have contact with water, oil or chemicals Locations with an atmosphere likely to contain organic solvents such as benzine, paint thinner, and alcohol as well as strongly alkaline materials such as ammonia and caustic soda 0-2 VISION CONTROLLER

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