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Rabbit RCM2000 RabbitCore 说明书pdf,Rabbit RCM2000 RabbitCore 说明书
TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1. Introduction 1.1Fe 1.2 Advantages of Using the RCM2000 1.3 Development and evaluation tools 4 1.3. 1 Development Kit 4 1.3.2 Documentation Chapter 2. Hardware Reference 7 2.1 RCM2000 Digital Inputs and Outputs 2.1.1 Dedicated Inputs… 2.1.2 Dedicated Outputs 2.2 Memory I/0 Interface ·…····…·…· 12 2.2.1 Additional i o 12 2. 3 Serial Communication …12 2.3.1 Serial Ports 2.32 Programming Port…… 13 2.4 Other Hardware 2.4.1 Clock doubler 2.4.2 Spectrum Spreader 2.5 Memory 15 2.5.1 SRAM 2.5.2 Flash EPROM 2.5.3 Dynamic C bios Source files 5 Chapter 3. Software Reference 17 3. 1 More About Dynamic C 17 3. 1. 1 Operating System Framework 18 3. 1. 2 USing Dynamic C 3.2 Programming Cable. 19 3. 2. 1 Detailed Instructions: Changing from Program Mode to Run Mode 3. 2.2 Detailed Instructions: Changing from Run Mode to Program Mode 19 3.3IO 0 3.3.1 PCLK Output 20 3.4 Serial Communication drivers 2 3.5 Sample programs 22 3.6 Upgrading Dynamic C 23 3.6.1 Upgrades Appendix A. Specifications 25 A 1 Electrical and mechanical specifications 26 A 1. 1 Headers .29 A.2 Bus loading… 30 A, 3 Rabbit 2000 DC Characteristics 32 A.4 O Buffer Sourcing and Sinking Limit.…… .33 A.5 Conformal Coating ….34 A 6 Jumper Conligurations 35 User's manual Appendix B. Prototyping Board B. 1 Mechanical Dimensions and Layout 38 B 2 Power Supply B3 Using the Prototyping Board 40 B.3.1 Adding Other Components 43 Appendix C. Power Management 45 C 1 Power Supplies............ 45 C I I Batteries and External Battery Connections C 1.2 Battery-Backup Circuit C1 3 Power to VraM Switch C. 1. 4 Reset generator ……47 C 2 Chip Select Circuit Appendix D. Sample Circuits 49 D1 RS-232/RS-485 Serial Communication D2 Keypad and LCD Connections D 3 LCD Connections 52 D4 External Memory…… ∴53 D5 Simple d/a converter 54 Appendix E. Programming Cable 55 Notice to Users 59 Index 61 Schematics 63 Rabbitcore rcm2000 1. INTRODUCTION The rabbitCore RCM2000 series is a family of microprocessor modules designed to be the heart of embedded control systems providing an array of io and addressing The rCm2000 is a microprocessor core module designed to be the heart of your own con troller built around the plug-in module. Data processing is done by a rabbit 2000 micro- processor operating at 25.8 MHZ(RCM2000 and RCM2010) The rcm2000 has a Rabbit 2000 microprocessor, a static ram. a flash memory two quartz crystals(main oscillator and timekeeping), and the circuitry necessary for reset and management of battery backup of the rabbit 2000s internal real-time clock and the static RAM. Two 40-pin headers bring out the rabbit 20001/o bus, address lines, data lines parallel ports, and serial ports The RCM2000 receives its +5 v power from the user board on which it is mounted. The RCM2000 can interface will all kinds of digital devices through the user board The rCM2000 Development Kit comes with a Prototyping board that can be used to demonstrate the operation of the rCM2000 and to prototype new circuits User's manual 1.1 Features Small size:1.90"×2.30"(48.3mm×584mm) Microprocessor: Rabbit 2000 running at 25. 8 MHZ(RCM2000 and RCM2010) 40 CMOS-compatible parallel i o lines grouped in five 8-bit ports(shared with serial ports e 8 data lines (do-d7) 13 address lines(A0-Al2 e0 read, write buffer enable Status, watchdog and clock outputs Two startup modc inputs for master/slave configuration External resct input Resct output Five 8-bit timers, two 10-bit timers; five timers are cascadable in pairs 256K flash eProM. 512K SraM Real-time clock Watchdog supervisor Provision for customer-supplied backup battery via connections on header J2 Four CMOs-compatible serial ports: maximum asynchronous baud rate of 806, 400 bps maximum synchronous baud rate of 6.45 Mbps. two ports are configurable as clocked ports Appendix a,Specifications, provides detailed specifications for the RCm2000 Three versions of the rcm2000 are available. Their standard features are summarized in Table 1 Table1 rcm2000 Features Model Features RCM2000 Full-featured controller RCM2010 RCM2000 with 128K SRAM RCM2020 RCM2000 with 18.432 MHz clock and 128K SRAM Rabbitcore rcm2000 1.2 Advantages of Using the RCM2000 Fast design time for your project since the basic core has already been designed and built Competitive pricing compared with purchasing and assembling the individual compo- nents Easy programming, including production installation of a program Generous memory size allows large c programs with tens of thousands of lines of code and substantial data storage User's manual 1.3 Development and Evaluation Tools 1.3.1 Development Kit The Development Kit has the essentials that you need to design your own a microproces sor-based system, and includes a complete software development system Dynamic C) The items in the Development Kit and their use are as follows CD-ROM with Dynamic C software, RCM2000, and Rabbit 2000 microprocessor documentation. You may install this software by inserting the disk into your CD-ROM drive. If it doesnt start automatically, click on"setup. exe. This software runs under Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT. We suggest taking the option to load the documentation to your hard disk. The documentation is in both hTML and adobe PDf format. and may be viewed with a browser RCM2000(RCM2020 model). This is a complete controller board that includes a rab- bit 2000 processor, 256K of flash memory, 128K of SRAM Prototyping Board. The RCM2000 can be plugged into this board. The Prototyping Board includes a 5 v supply for powering the rcm2000, and various accessories such as pushbutton switches, and leDs. In addition, you can add your own circuitry using through-hole or surface mount parts in the prototyping space provided Programming cable. The programming cable is used to connect your PC serial port directly to the rcm2000 to write and debug c programs that run on the rabbit 2000 AC adapter The aC adapter is used to power the prototyping board and the rcm2000 The wall transformer is supplied only for Development Kits sold for the North Ameri- can market. The Prototyping Board can also be powered from any dC voltage source between 7. 5V and 25 V. The linear regulator becomes rather hot for voltages above 15V. Rabbitcore rcm2000 1.3.2 Documentation Our documentation is provided in paperless form on the CD-ROM included in the Development Kit (a paper copy of the Getting Started page is included. Most docu- ments, including this comprehensive RabbitCore RCM2000 Users Manual, are pro vided in two formats html and pdf, html documents can be viewed with an Internet browser, either Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer. hTML documents are very convenient because all the documents are hyperlinked together, and it is easy to navigate from one place to another. PdF documents can be viewed using the Adobe Acrobat reader, which is automatically invoked from the browser The pdf format is best suited for documents requiring high resolution, such as schematics or if you want to print the document. Dont print a hard copy from the html version because the HTML version has no page numbers and the cross-references and table of contents links only work if viewed on line. The pdf versions contain page number references to allow navigation when reading a paper version of the manual To view the online docu mentation with a browser, open the file default. htm in the docs folder User's manual Rabbitcore rcm2000

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