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CUM750/ CUS70 Table of contents 1 Safety instructions......... 4444 9 Technical data.,,。,,。,,。,,,,,,,,44 1 Designated use 9.1n 2 Installation, commissioning and operation 2 Output 1.3 Operational safety 9.3 Power supply 44 1. 4 Return 59.4 Environment 44 1.5 Notes on safety icons and symbols 59.5 Mechanical construction 44 2 Identification,,,,,,,,。,,,,。,,,。7 Index ,。,,,,。,,45 2.1 Device designation 2.2 Scope of delivery 2.3 Certificates and approvals 8 3 Installation 9 3.1 Quick instamatic 3.2 Incoming acceptance, transport, storage..... 10 3.3 Installation condit 10 3. 4 Installation instructio ,,,,.,12 3.5 Post-installation che 12 wiring∴ 13 4.1 Electrical connecti 13 4.2 Post-connection check 5 Operation 19 5.1 Key assign 19 5.2 Display m 5.3 Menu structure 23 5.4 Main menu 2 5.5 SYSTEM SETUP 5.6 MODIFY POINTS 5.7 MODIFY OUTPUTS ,33 5. 8 ADVANCED 5.9 PASSWORD 35 Commissioning...,. 。,,,36 6.1 Function check 6.2 Switching on 6.3 Quick start-up 36 6.4 Menu structure and factory settings 38 6.5 Application-related configuration information.,.. 39 7 Maintenance。., 40 7. 1 Maintenance schedule 7.2 Cleaning the pump ..,,40 7.3 Software update 7.4 Spare parts 42 8 Accessories 43 Endress+hauser Safety instructions CUM750/CUS70 Safety instructions Designated use The Sludge Level Ultrasonic Measuring System CUM750/CUS70 has the task of determining the separation zone in sludge-water mixtures in settling basins and thickeners. The CUM750 transmitter allows the recording of separation zones at several points by connecting up to four sensors Any other use than the one described here compromises the safety of persons and the entire ing system and is, therefore, not permitted The manufacturer is not liable for damage caused by improper or non-designated use 1. 2 Installation, commissioning and operation Please note the following items a Installation, electrical connection, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the measuring system must only be carried out by trained technical personnel. The technical personnel must be authorised for the specified activities by the system operator a Technical personnel must have read and understood these Operating Instructions and must dhere to them a Before commissioning the entire measuring point, check all the connections for that electrical cables and a Do not operate damaged products and secure them against unintention dy laged ons are not da commissioning. Mark the damaged product as being defective Measuring point faults may only be rectified by authorised and specially personnel s If faults can not be rectified, the products must be taken out of service and secured against unintentional commissioning Repairs not described in these Operating Instructions may only be carried out at the manufacturer's or by the service organisation 1.3 Operational safety The transmitter has been designed and tested according to the state of the art and left the factory in perfect functioning order. Relevant regulations and European standards have been met As the user, you are responsible for complying with the following safety conditions Installation instructions a Local prevailing standards and regulations Ex systems have an additional Ex documentation which is part of these Operating Instructions (see also chapter Scope of delivery" EMC This instrument has been tested for electromagnetic compatibility in industrial use according to applicable European standards Protection against interference as specified above is valid only for an instrument connected according to the instructions in these Operating Instructions Endress+hauser CUM750/ CUS70 Safety instructions 1.4 Return If the device requires repair, please send it cleaned to the sales centre responsible. Please use the original packaging, if possible Please enclose the completed " Declaration of contamination"(copy the second last page of these Operating Instructions) with the packaging and the transportation documents No repair without completed" Declaration of contamination"! 1.5 Notes on safety icons and symbols Safety icons △ This symbol alerts you to hazards. They can cause serious damage to the instrument or to persons if ignored This symbol alerts you to possible faults which could arise from incorrect operation. They could cause damage to the instrument if ignored Note This symbol indicates important items of information Electrical symbols Direct Current (DC) A terminal at which DC is applied or through which DC flows Alternating Current (Ac A terminal at which(sine-formAC is applied or through which AC flows Ground connecting A terminal, which, from the user's point of view, is already grounded using a grounding system Protective earth A terminal which must be grounded before other connections may be set up Equipotential connection A connection which must be connected to the grounding system of the equipment This can be, for example, a potential matching line of a star-shaped grounding system depend Protective insulation quipment is protected by double insulatic Alarm rela Input Output Endress+hauser Safety instructions CUM750/CUS70 Dc voltage source Temperature sensor Endress+hauser CUM750/ CUS70 Identification 2 Identification 2.1 Device designation 2.1.1 Nameplate Compare the order code on the nameplate (on the transmitter) with the product structure(see below) and your order. The device version can be identified from the order code Madc in Germany, D-70839 Gerlingen CUM750 Endress+Hauser Etl order code/ Best Ni CUM750-lDOAA 6809BBC3T05 channels/ Kanal 4-20mA,Rs232 mains/ Netz 230VAC,50.60Hz C∈ 20302212 2.1.2 CUM750 product structure Version Language version D nglish Power supply 0 pply 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz re-supply 115VAC, 50/60 Hz Communication RS 23 B Additional equipment CUM750- 2.1.3 CUS70 product structure Version Standard Cable length A 3 m(12.65 ft cable Cle 230V 3 With cleaning pump 1 15 V AC, mounting bracket dditional equipment CUSTO- Endress+hauser Identification CUM750/CUS70 2.2 Scope of delivery The scope of delivery of the measuring system comprises a CUM750 transmitter Operating Instructions BA 225C707/en The cus70 sensor is not contained in the scope of delivery and must be ordered separately If you have any questions, please contact your supplier or your sales centre responsible 2.3 Certificates and approvals Declaration of conformit The product meets the legal requirements of the harmonised European standards. The manufacturer confirms compliance with the standards by affixing the CE symbol Endress+hauser CUM750/ CUS70 Installation 3 Installation 3. 1 Quick installation guide Proceed as follows to completely install the measuring point Install the transmitter and the sensor isee Installation instructions "section Connect the sensor to the transmitter as illustrated in the electrical connection "section Connect the transmitter as illustrated in the electrical connection " section a Commission the transmitter as explained in the Commissioning" section 3.1.1 Measuring system The complete measuring system consists of: ■ The Cum750 transmitter The custo ultrasonic sensor It also consists optionally of the following elements which can be ordered as accessories a A cyyl01 weather protection cover a railing bracket for cusco An immersion tube ■ a cleaning pump 4 己啻 多 6 Fig 2: Complete CUM,S0 measuring system CUSZ uitrasonic sensor CUM750 transmitter 2 Immersion tube/accessories/ Flxing bracket for pump /accessory Railing bracket i Weather protection cover accessory/ Endress+hauser Installation CUM750/CUS70 3.2 Incoming acceptance transport, storage a Make sure the packaging is undamaged Inform the supplier about damage to the packaging Keep the damaged packaging until the matter has been settled a Make sure the contents are undamaged Inform the supplier about damage to the delivery contents Keep the damaged products until the matter has been settled a Check that the scope of delivery is complete and agrees with your order and the shipping documents a The packaging material used to store or to transport the product must provide shock protection and humidity protection. The original packaging offers the best protection. Also, keep to the approved ambient conditions(see"Technical data") a If you have any questions, please contact your supplier or your sales centre responsible 3.3 Installation conditions 304111.97 265!10.43 232/9.13 o 母 mm/inc Pg 11 g13.5 13.5 Pg9 Pg 9 aLU 0/s-en Fig 3: Dimensions of cUM750 transmitter Endress+hauser

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