fuji控制器PXR系列通信功能(RS485 MODBUS)

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fuji控制器PXR系列通信功能(RS485 MODBUS)使用说明书
CONTENTS 1. COMMUNICATION FUNCTIONS………… eneral 2. SPECIFICATIONS………… ……2 2. 1 Communication Specifications CONNECTION 3.1 Communication terminal allocation…… 334 3.2 Wiring… 4. SETTING OF COMMUNICATION CONDITION 4.1 Set items… 4.2 Setting Operation Method…… 5. MODBUS COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL……………… 5677 5.1 General… 5.2 Composition of Message 5.3 Rcsponsc of Slave Station 10 5.4 Function Code……… 5.5 Calculation of Error Check Code(CRC-16) 5.6 Transmission Control procedure…… 5.7 FIX Processing(Cautions in data write) …………15 DETAILS OF MESSAGE 6.1 Read-out of Bit data[ Function code:0H]………… 16 6.2 Read-out of Read-out Only Bit Data [Function code: 02H] 17 6.3 Read-out of Word Data[Function code: 03HI ……19 6.4 Read-out of Read-out Only Word Data [Function code: 04H1. .. 22 6.5 Write-in of Bit Data(1 bit)[Function code: 05H ………24 66 Write- - in of word data( 1 word)[ Function code:06H]………………………25 6.7 Write-in of Continuous Word Data [Function code: 10H] 26 ADDRESS MAP AND DATA FORMAT 7.1 Data format…………… 28 7.2 Address Map of Internal Calculation Value Data 7.3 Address Map of Enginccring Unit Data 7. 4 Additional Explanation of Address mar 43 8. SAMPLE PROGRAM… 9. TROUBLESHOOTING… 52 1 COMMUNICATION FUNCTIONS 1.1 General PXR provides a communication function by RS-485 interface, by which it can transmit and receive data to and from host computer, programmable controller, graphic display panel, etc The communication system consists of master station and slave stations. Up to 31 slave staTions(PXr)can be connected per master station Note that, because the master station can communicate with only one slave station at a time, a party to communicate with must be specified by the"Station No. set at each slave station In order that the master station and slave station can communicate. the format of the transmit/receive data must coincide. For the PXR, the format of the communication data is determined by the modbus protocol Please use an rS-232C 5 RS-485 converter in case of designating a personal computer or other devices which have an rs-232C interface as a master station LRS-232C ()RS-485 converter](recommended article) ype: KS-485(non-isolated type)SYSTEM SACOM Corp Type: SI-30A (isolated type)/SEKISUI ELECTRONICS CO., Lid Notel moDbus is the registered trade mark of Gould Modicon Caution When using the rS-232C P RS-485 converter, pay attention to cable connection between the converter and master station. If the cable is not connected correctly the master station and slave station cannot communicate In addition, be careful about communication settings such as baud rate and parity set for the converter 2 SPECIFICATIONS 2.1 Communication Specifications Itcm edification Electrical specification Based on eia rs-485 Transmission system 2-wire, semi-duplicate Synchronizing systcm Start-stop synchronous systcm C Jumber connectable units Up to 31 units Transmission distance 500m max ( total extension distance) Transmission speed 9600bs Data format Data length 8 bits Stop bit bit Parity ven, odd (selectable) Transmission code HEX Value(MOdBUs rtU mode Error detection CRC-16 Functional isolation between transmission circuil Isolation d others(withstand voltage 500VAC) 3. CONNECTION △ WARNING For avoiding electric shock and malfunctions, do not turn on the power supply untill all wiring have been completed 3.1 Communication Terminal allocation PXR3 Terminal number RS485 RS485 Signal name PXR4 Terminal number RS485 RS485 Signal name PXR5. PXR9 Terminal number RS485 RS485 ignal name 3.2 Wiring Use twisted pair cables with shield The total extension length of the cable is up to 500 m. A master station and up to 31 units of the PXR can be connected per line Both ends of the cable should be terminate with terminating resistors 100Q(1/2W or more The shield wire of the cable should be grounded at one place on the master station unit side If the PXr is to be installed where the level of noise applied to the PXr may exceed 1000 v, it is recommended to install a noise filter in the master station side as below Recommended noise filter: ZRAC2203-11/ TDK Master station RS-232C RS-485 Noise filter Transmission (PC, etc.) PXR cable 4 SETTING OF COMMUNICATION CONDITION In order that the master station and instrument (PXR) can correctly communicate, following settings are required All communication condition settings of the master station are the same as those of instruments(PXr) All instruments(PXR)connected on a line are set to"Station Nos (STno)"which are different from each other. (Any" Station No. is not shared by more than one instrument. 4.1 Set Items The parameters to be set are shown in the following table. Set them by operating the front panel keys Parameter Value at Item Setting range Remarks symbo delivery Transmission spccd 9600bps Fixcd(can not bc changed) 8 bits Fixed(can not be changed) Set the same Data length Stop bit 1 1 bit Fixed(can not be changed) communicalion condilion to the master 0: odd parit station and all slave CoM Parity setting I: even parity stations Set a different value to STno Station No 0to255 (0: communication function stop) each station. A Set the parameter to“1” Communication 0: Z-ASCIl PCOL protocol specified (The parameter is not I Modbus in order splayed depending on nodels 4.2 Setting Operation method The following example shows how to set the communication condilions Example: Selecting an even parity and"STno=18"on a station K Indication Description operation 200 Running state(PV/SV indication) SEL Press the Sel key for approximately 6 seconds. P-nI appears and (6 seconds) 0 NO. 3 block parameter is selected STno Operate the y key repeatedly until STno parameter appears.(If past oover, operate the A key to return. STno Press the sel key. The numeric value on the lower indicator SEL o blinks and thc sctting modc is sclcctcd stno ∧V 18 Operate the a or y key to change the numeric value to 18 SEL STno Press the SeL key again. The numeric value stops blinking and 18 the selling is registered CoMI 0 Press the v key to display the com parameter SEL CoM Press the SEL key. The numeric value on the lower indicator o blinks and the setting mode is selected CoM Operate the A or v key until the numeric value changes to 1(even ∧√ parity SEL CoM Press the sel key again. The numeric value stops blinking and the setting is regist PCOL Press the y key to display the pcol parameter Make sure that the set yalue is set to“1” (If the set value is set to another one set it to"l SEL 200 Press the sel key for 3 seconds to resume the running indication (3 seconds) 200(PV/SV indication 5. MODBUS COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL 5.1 General The communication system by the modbus protocol is that the communication is always started from the master station and a slave station responds to the received message Transmission procedures is as shown below 1) The master station sends a command message to a slave station 2) The slave station checks that the station No in the received message matches with the own station No or not 3)If matched, the slave station executes the command and sends back the response message 4) If mismatched, the slave station leaves the command message and wait for the next command message a) In case when the station No in the received command message matches with the own slave station No Master to slave Command message Data on Slave to master Response message the line b) In case when the station No in the received command message mismatches with the own slave station Master to slave Command message Data on Slave aster (Not respond the line The master station can individually communicate with any one of slave stations connected on the same line upon sctting thc station No in thc command mcssagc

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