unlocker208 —— VMware 安装 MacOS的必备补丁

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unlocker208 是使用 VMware 安装 MacOS的必备补丁,亲测可用,详情参阅压缩包内有readme。 VMware 安装 MacOS的流程: =============================================== 1. 安装VMware Station Pro 12.0 2. 将Unlocker解压,右击win-install.cmd,选择“以管理员身份运行” 3. 为MacOS新建虚拟机,注意一定要下载懒人版安装包,格式为ISO或CDR 4. 新建完虚拟机之后,“开启此虚拟机”,VMWare会报错。这是因为虚拟机的隐藏参数设置错误,你要手动修改: 打开虚拟机所在文件夹,找到.vmx文件,右键使用其他程序打开,并选择记事本,在文件最后添加: smc.version = "0" 并保存。 ================================================= Mac OS X Unlocker for VMware V2.0 ================================= 1. Introduction --------------- Unlocker 2 is designed for Workstation 11, Player 7, ESXi 6 and Fusion 7. If you are using an earlier product please continue using Unlocker 1 Version 2 has been tested against: * Workstation 11/12 on Windows and Linux * Player 7 & Workstation Player 12 on Windows and Linux * Fusion 7/8 on Mavericks and Yosemite * ESXi 6.0 The patch code carries out the following modifications dependent on the product being patched: * Fix vmware-vmx and derivatives to allow Mac OS X to boot * Fix vmwarebase .dll or .so to allow Apple to be selected during VM creation * Fix libvmkctl.so on ESXi 6 to allow use with vCenter * Download a copy of the latest VMware Tools for OS X Note that not all products recognise the darwin.iso via install tools menu item. You will have to manually mount the darwin.iso for example on Workstation 11 and Player 7. The vmwarebase code does not need to be patched on OS X or ESXi so you will see a message on those systems telling you that it will not be patched. In all cases make sure VMware is not running, and any background guests have been shutdown. The code is now Python as it makes the Unlocker easier to run and maintain on ESXi. There are some challenges to write the code as ESXi has a subset of Python 2.7 which constrains some modules that can be used. 2. Prerequisites ---------------- The code requires Python 2.7 to work. Most Linux distros, ESXi and OS X ship with a compatible Python interpreter and should work with

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