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IBM I2情报分析入门指南,一个IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook 8的快速入门指南
qUick Start to/BM2° Analyst's Analyst's Notebook is the powerful visual investigative analysis software which brings clarity to complex investigations and intelligence analysis This guide aims to introduce you to the key concepts and basic operations of Analyst's Notebook Read this guide to familiarize yourself with the softwar before you read the other product documentation, to learn more about Analyst's Note book Contents What is Analyst's Notebook? Starting Analyst's Notebook and Creating a Chart Adding Entities to a Chart Linking Entities Adding Information to entities Saving a Chart and Adding a Summary Selecting Chart Items Adding Text to your Chart Navigating your Chart Searching your Chart 17 Using the Task Pane for Analytical Tasks Listing Chart Items 20 anging the Chart Layout 22 Adding a Legend to your Chart 23 Preparing and printing your Chart 24 Using Data Sources 26 tices ① Throughout this guide, the information boxes at the end of each topic refer you to the relevant sections of the online help. Press the F1 key to access the online help while using Analyst's Notebook. What is Analyst's Notebook? Analyst's Notebook is a powerful application that enables you to collate and visualize information from many different sources, organize it in a meaningful way, and then analyze it using a variety of techniques You do this by adding entities such as people, places and events to a chart, and using links to show the relationships between them. You can then explore the chart using analysis tools such as List Items, Filters and Histograms, and Social Network Analysis. In this way, you can uncover hidden information and identify possible patterns within your data Starting Analyst's Notebook and Creating a Chart When you start Analyst's Notebook, a new, blank chart is created for you displayed as a tabbed page in the application window To start Analyst's Notebook, from the Start menu, select All Programs t IBM 12 Analyst,s Notebook 8, IBM i2 Analysts Notebook 经是 温 Chart Task Pane Overview Window Search Bar To create another chart, click the New Standard Chart toolbar button Another tabbed page is added to the application window chat×ar:x Adding Entities to a Chart You can add people, places, objects, and events to your chart in the form of entities. Each entity has a type, such as a person, vehicle or organization, and a representation. Typical entity representations are icons, event frames and theme lines Adding an entity to a chart You can use the Entity type panel in the Add chart Items Task Pane to drag an entity onto a chart In the Task Pane, click the Add chart Items tab Step 2 Click on an entity type in the Entity Type panel and, while holding down the left mouse button, drag it 温」菡中 Drag an Add chart items onto the chart ⊙g口②区国 Icore: Common Anonymous Male Subscriber Telephone Mobile Phone Credit Card The entity is added to the chart as an icon You can use the representation buttons the top of the task pane to add entities ⊙g由口⊙回 with different representations To add an entity as 回口⊙国 an event frame click the Event Frame button then Query 1 drag an entity type onto the chart Choosing an entity type from a different palette Similar entity types are contained together in palettes. For example, the commodities palette contains types such as Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, and so on. You can change the that a different set of entity types is listed in the Task Pa ○电口9回国 Step 1 [Icons: Common ⊙口③回国 Click the arrow Icors commodities nd select a pal p-down Sub? Commodities menu Cerrcorder Cannes Cyber Cme Step 2 DULlEs All entity types Cothing Cocaine contained in the T Fags palette are displayed in the task pane Searching for an entity type If you know the name of an entity type, you can use the search option to locate it 张的? 9由囗⊙回国 Click the arrow and select Search from the drop- L All Entity Types. down menu Activities Cdars 器? Add Chat Items 区 name in the search box Air Rifl Machine Gun Ing shotgun Revolver entity types are displayed Synonym matches may u so be found Adding your most popular entities If you tend to use a few entity types again and again, you can use the Most Popular quickly tep 1 Click the arrow in the Entity Type pa ne drop-dc Recendy Used Curs Most Pupuar Step 2 Currently on Chort The entity types that Organization you use most splayed In the las Pane Renaming an entity You can change the label of an entity that you have added to the chart ick on the entity to lect it, then press the F2 key. The label is IMale 1l Step 2 Enter the new name and press the enter ke STEELE Deleting entities To delete an entity that you have added to the chart, select it and press the delete For more information about entities, refer to the book Working with Entities ① in the Adding and Editing Chart Items book in the online help Linking Entities Links are used to depict an association between two entities, such as a relationship or telephone call. You can add links of different types to entities to describe the association between them Linking two entities You can use the Link Type panel in the Add Chart Items Task Pane to add a link to a Step 1 Links: Common Click on a ink type in th STEELE S DIAMOND ■ TI arsac lor Step 2 Click on the first entity and, while holding down the left mouse button drag the link to the second entity Release the mouse button to complete the link Choosing a link type from a different palette As with entity types, similar link types are stored together in palettes For example, you can use the Telephone Call link in the Telecoms palette to link two telephone Click the arrow and armed ies select the Telecoms palette from th drop-down menu. Finance Step 2 ■enC Click on the Telephone Call Transaction Add the Telephone Call link to Telephone Cal the two telephone entities Showing the direction of a link Step 1 Right-click on the link between the two entities 78656782 Selet: Enus Smart Match Aganst Selection k Step 2 From the shortcut menu select Add Arrow Edt I: em Properties An arrowhead is displayed on the Telephone Call link, showing the Reversing the direction of a link Step 1 Right-click on the link between 663 ename"Telephone Call Select Ends Add Arow Step 2 From the shortcut menu select Reverse arrow The direction of the arrowhead s reversed Telephone Call For more information about links, reter to the book Working with Links in ① the Adding and Editing Chart items book in the online help Adding Information to Entities You can add extra information to entities and links at any time. For example you can add a detailed description, grade and source information, and attach cards with further information Adding descriptions and grades Double-click on an icon to display the edit Icon dialog Select Description Grades To add a description, enter it in th crab 1 Description box. Ceab?1 Step 4 Step 5 To grade the information, select grades from the drop-down lists and Reference. enter in the grades area information in the source Step Click OK to apply these changes

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