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PC AUTO MOTIVE ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance System"improve safety Main source (90%)for accidents: The driver htp://wwn-tv. de/auto/Toyota-fuehrt-Ausweichassistenten-ein-article11526331 html Adaptive Cruise Control Videokamera Ruckfahrkamera Emergency Braking Nachtsichtkamera Lane Departure Warning Mid-Range-Radar Front Lane Keeping assistance Blind Spot detection Parking Assistance Light Assistance System Ultraschall Night Vision Pedestrian Det Long- Range-Radar Mid-Range-Radar Heck 106 9106 km/h km/h km/h Virtual Test Driving Technology 2013- Session ADAS 15112013|3 PC AUT。MT|vE ADAS Testing of ADas- some established testing methods High effort for setup and modifications Virtual Test Driving Technology 2013- Session ADAS 15112013|4 PC AUT。MT|vE ADAS Requirements for testing ADAS should be: Easy setup of test scenarios for different ADAS E.g. Park Assist(mainly still standing objects) E.g. Adaptive Cruise Control (partially very complex traffic scenarios with moving objects) Simple modification of test conditions /scenarios like Parking spaces Braking vehicles in front /back Safety while testing ADaS like emergency braking (no danger/accidents Reproducibility of tests of different complexities Early Validation available(MIL, SIL) Along the whole development(HIL, VIL Virtual Test Driving Technology 2013- Session ADAS 15112013|5 PC AUTO MOTIVE ADAS Application examples Challenges and Solutions /Application examples ACC/EBS HMI LDW/ LKAS Parking Assistance Autonomous Driving Active/Passive Safety Virtual Test Driving Technology 2013- Session ADAS 15112013|7 PC AuT。 MOTIVE ADAS Application examples ACC, Emergency Braking System a. Intelligent trattic Maneuver-based control Realistic environment for complex scenarIos Criteria-based triggering a Virtual driver Maneuver-based instructions Different sensor models Criteria-based triggering for development and test of algorithms and controllers Fully non-linear vehicle model haker with integration of controller and component models Regulations by laW, NCAP, Virtual Test Driving Technology 2013- Session ADAS 15112013|8 PC AUTO MOTIVE EBS: Regulation by law/EC EC regulation no 661/2009/EU regulation no. 34712012 1. Detection: detect the possibility of a collision with a preceding vehicle 2. Warning: warn the driver by a combination of optical acoustic or haptic signals 3 Automatic Brake, if the driver takes no action automatically apply the vehicle's brakes 4. Specifies two test procedures vehicle approaching a moving target vehicle approaching a stationary target EVT EVT 30-80km/h 20 km/h 10-50km/h 0 km/h 30-80km/h Virtual Test Driving Technology 2013- Session ADAS 15112013|9 FER EUROF NCAP PC euroncap. com AUT。MT|vE EBS: up to 5 stars from EURO NCAP EURO NCAP-AEBS 2014 implementation Car-to-Car Rear Stationary(CCRs) Car-to-Car Rear Moving(CCRm Car-to-Car Rear Braking(CCRb) EVT 12m&40m 50 km/h 50 km/h 286m/s Test speed points Vrel_ impact Score 10 km/h 1.000 0 km/h 1000 Parameter variations with 15 km/h 2.000 0 km/h 2.000 EVT 20 km/h 2000kmh200 CarMaker test maneuver catalog 25 km/h 2.000 0 km/h 2.000 知m 30 km/h 2.000 10 km/h 1333 30-80kmh 0 km/h Maneuvers ameters VariationsEvaluation Criteriai's 35 km/h 2.000 25 km/h 0.571 40 km/h 1.000 35 km/h 0.125 EVT 45 km/h 1.000 0.000 50 km/h 1.000 0.000 器 10-50kmh Total 14.000 9.029 30-80km/h Normalised score 645% Virtual Test Driving Technology 2013- Session ADAS 15112013|10 PC AUTO MOTIVE Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Agenda Motivation Challenges and Solutions 1. ACC, Emergency Braking 2 HMI: BMW.i8 Instrument Cluster MIND= Rolls-Royce 3. Lane Departure Warning/ Keeping 4. Parking Assistance 5. Autonomous Driving Summary and outlook Virtual Test Driving Technology 2013- Session ADAS 15112013|15

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