iOS9 For Users and Developers

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ios 9 for Users and developers Revision history 1.0 09/06/2015 Initial release 1.1 09/11/2015 Updated device compatibility and included information from September 9th event P」 retrace ios 9 for Users and Developers is the third book that i have written about Apple's iOS system. In the previous books there was an attempt to cover absolutely everything that has changed between the previous version. In this book, there will be a different approach This book's initial release the items that affect the largest number of users, will be covered first. Within subsequent updates to the book, additional items will be covered This is not the only approach that I will take with this book. My goal is to understand the most that I can about ios 9. This means that there will likely be additional information added to existing sections as I learn additional information about the topic. It is not possible to learn every single aspect of a new operating system in a short amount of time Even with Apple's track record of providing yearly iOS updates, what is learned in iOs 9 will be the basis for any future iOS updates In the same manner that some of my other books included a section with updates, this book will also have a similar section The initial release of this book will not be the last release of the book Having been excited about the i phone since the initial unveiling of 2007 and the subsequent release of the original i phone in June of 2007, the i Phone has become an indispensable aspect to my life. i do not think i could own another type of phone and be able to perform many of the same tasks as i do today with each subsequent update of iOS, Apple continues to provide capabilities that benefit all users in different ways. ios 9 is no except to this This book will cover many different topics. If there is a topic that has not yet been and I will likely add to the list of items to be covered Wayne dixon books(@waynedixon com


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