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DC CharacteristiCs (STC11LEXX) Package Dimension 44 Version History 48 S]C11Fxx Technical Summa Features High Performance Enhanced 80C51 Unit Operating voltage range: 3.3V/5.0V Operating frequency range: 35Mhz (Max) On-chip 6K(max) FLASH program memory with flexible ISP/lAP capability On-chip 128+128 byte scratch-pad RAM Code protection for flash memory access Two 16-bit timer/counter(TO/T1) 6 vector-address, 4 level priority interrupt capability One enhanced UART with hardware address-recognition and frame-error detection function One 15 bits Watch-Dog- Timer with 8-bit pre -scalar(one-time-enabled)a Build In internal 6MHz RC oscillator Three power management modes: idle mode, slow down mode and power-down mode Power down mode can be woken-up by any external interrupt pins and any RXD interrupt Maximum 16 programmable I/O ports are available Package type: PDIP-16/18/20 SOP-16/18/20 STC11FXX Technical Summary General Description STC11FXX is a single-chip 8-bit micro-controller with instruction sets fully compatible with industrial-standard 80C51 series micro controller There is very excellent MCU kernel built in this device compared to general 80C51 MCU those take twelve oscillating cycles to finish an instruction, the device could take only one oscillating cycle to finish one instruction There is 6K(max) bytes flash memory embedded which could be used as program or data Also the In-System Programming and In-Application Programming mechanisms are supported. The data endurance of the embedded flash gets over 20,000 times, and 21 years data retention is guaranteed The operation frequency reaches at 35MHzS. An user can apply a crystal oscillator for the oscillating source, or alternatively uses the built in 6MHz Rc oscillator to save system cost The UART interfaces make the device convenient to communicate with the peripheral component, say talking to a personal computer via RS-232 port, or communicating with a serial memory. Up to 16 programmable GPlOs are available from STC11FXX The STC11Fxx is really the most efficient MCU adapted for simple control; say electronic scales, remote controller, security encoder/decoder, Video Player Controller, and user interface controller Order Information: Part Number Temperature Package Packing Operation Range Voltage STC11FXx-PDIP Industrial PD|P16/18/20 Tube 33v/5.0v STC11FXX-SOP Industrial soP-16/18/20 Tube 33v/50v X: voltage aa: rom size bbb: ADC, PWM. or none cc active frequency d: temperature"I"for industrial eeee: package type ff: pin count STC11FXX Technical Summary Pin Description Pin Definition Package Type MNEMONIC DESCRIPTION PDIP16PDIP-18PDIP-20 P1.0 10 12 Port1: General-purposed l/O with weak pull-up P1.1 11 12 13 resistance inside. When 1s are written into P12 12 14 Port1, the strong output driving PMos onl P13 15 turn-on two period and then the weak pull-up P1,4 14 16 resistance keep the port high P15 15 7 P1. 6/NT 14 18 P1.7/TXD 15 17 19 P3.0/RXD/INT Port3: General-purposed I/O with weak pull-up P3.1/TXD 3 3 3 resistance inside. When 1s are written intol P3.2/INTO Port1, the strong output driving PMOS only P3.3/NT1 6 6 turn-on two period and then the weak pull-up P3.4/CLKOUTO 7 resistance keep the port high. Port3 also serves P3.5/CLKOUT1 8 9 the special function of STC11Fxx P3,6/RST P3.7/RD 10 RESET RESET:A high on this pin for at least two machine cycles will reset the device XTAL1 5 5 Crystal1: Input to the inverting oscillator amplify XTAL2 Crystal2: Output from the inverting amplifier. VDD 16 18 20 Power GND 9 10 Ground STC11FXX Technical Summary STC Technology Co, Ltd. STCIIF02 Family STCIIFOIE/02E/ 04E/06 Pin Confiquration VCC /NT/RXD/P3.0 P1.7/XD TXD/P3. P1. 6/RXD/INT XTAL2 STCUFxx P1.5 PDIP/SOP- 16 ANT1P3,3 P1.1 /INTCLKOUT/TO/P3.4 P10 D 8 P3.7 RST/%6口● VCC NTARXD/ P3.0 P1.7/X TXD/P3.1 P1.6/RXDNINT XTAL2匚 STC11Fxx P15 xA1□ PDIP/SOP.18 P14 P12 INT/CLKOUTO/TO/P3. 4 /NT/CLKOUT1/T1/P3.5 P1.0 GNDL9 P3.7 NT/RXD/P30匚 P1.7/TXD TXD/P3. 1 P1.6//INT XTA2 P15 STC11FxX XTAL1 PDIP/SOP-20 P1 ANTO/ P3.2 L P13 NT1/P33□ P1.2 INTCLKOUTO/TO/P34口 P1.1 / NT/CLKOUT1/T1/P3.5 D GND□10 This document contains information on a new product under development by STC. STC reserves the right to change or discontinue this product without notice. 2000/12 version A1 STC Technology Co, Ltd. STCIIF02 Family STCIIFOIE/02E/ 04E/06 Block Diagram 弓 Point sUFFER2 当FFER1 Address Baudrate GeneratOr generator ALU -chanced →S RESET Port1 Dmv Port3 P17 STC11FXX Block Diagram This document contains information on a new product under development by STC. STC reserves the right to change or discontinue this product without notice. 2000/12 version A1 Special Function Register Address Map 0/8 1/9 2/A 3/B 4/c 5/D 6/E 7/F OF8H OFFH OFOH B OF7H 000000 0E8H 0EFH OEOH ACC 0ETH 00000000 QD8H ODFH ODOH PSW odd OC8H OCFH WDT CONTR LAP DATA LAP ADDRH LAP ADDRL IAP CMD IAP TRIG IAP CONTR OC7H 0x00c0 11111111 00000000 XXXXXXOO OB8H IP SADEN 0BFH 0BOH P3 P3MO 0B7H 11111111 000aC0 000o0000 OA8H IE SADDR WKTCLWKTCH OAFH 0x00000 0000oc0 00000000 00000000 QA0H P2 AUXR1 0A7H 1111111 098H SCON SBUF BRT 09FH XxXxxXXX 090H P1M1 POM POMO P2M1P2M0 CLK_DIV 0971 11111111 000000C0 00000000 00000000 Do00000 00000000000 XXXXXO0O 088H TCON TMOD TLO TL1 THO TH1 AUXR WAKE CLKO08FH x000x000 080HP0 DPL DPH SPISTAT SPICTL SPIDAT PCON 087H 11111111 co0111 00n0 0o0000 00xxx00100。0000 0o110000 08 1/9 2/A 3/B 4/C 5/D 6/E ZF STC11FXX Technical Summary Bits Description SYMBOL DESCRIPTIONADD BIT ADDRESS AND SYMBOL NITIAL R MSB LSB VALUE POrto 80H|p0.7 P06 P05 Po P03 P0.1 P001116 Stack Pointer 0000011B Data Pointer Low 82H 00000000B DPH Data Pointer High 83H 00000000B PCON 87H SMOD POF GF1 GFn PD IDL 00010000g TCON Timer Contrcl 88HTF1 TFO 000000B TMOD Timer Mode 89H GATE GATE M M00000000B TLO Timer Low 0 8AH 00000000B Timer Low 1 8BH 0000000B 0 Timer High 0 8CH 0000000B 8DH l00000000B AUXR Auxiliary register 8EH TOX12T1X12 UARTBRTR BRTR S1BRs 0000x00 X12 NAKE 8FH AXD_PN_ T1_PIN_I TO_ PIN BRTCLKo TICLKO TO CLKO X000x 000B CLKO Port 1 90H|p1.7 P1.6 P1.5 P14 P13P12 P11 P1.011111 P1M1 P1 configuration 0 91H 00000000 PiMo P1configuration1 92H 00000000B POM1 PO configura: ion 0 93H 00000000B POMO PO configuration 94H 00000000B P2M1 figuration 0 95H P2 configuration 1 96H 00000 CLK DIv Clock Dvcer CLKS2 CLKS1 CLKSO XXXXXO00B ISCON Serial Control 98H SMO/FE SM1SM2RENTBBRB8TI Rl0000000B SBUF Serial Busier 99H BRT Dedicate Baud-Rate 9CH 0000n0B Port 2 AOH 11111111B AUXR1 A2H UART P1 GF2 DPs OxXXOxX0 正E Interrupt Enable A8H EA ET2 ES ET1 EX1 ETOEXO0×00000 SADDR Slave Address A9H 000 WKTCL Wake Up Control AAH 00000000B WAKCH Wake Up Control ABH WKTEN OXXXO000B Port 3 B0H|P37P36P35P34P33P32P31P30116 P3M1 P3 configuration B1H 0000000B P3M0 P3 configuration 1 B2H Interrupt Pricrity LowB PX1 PTO Px0|×00000B SADEN Slave address mask B9l 0000000B WDT_CONTR Watch Dog Timer C1H WDT FL EN_WDTICLR_WD IDLE PS2 PS1 PS0 XX000000B Control Regi lAP DATA ISP/AP Flash Data C2H 111111113 Register lAP_ ADDR ISP/IAP Address HighC3H 00000000B LAP_ADDRL ISP/IAP Address LDw C4H 00000000B lAP CMD ISP/IAP Command C5H MS1 MSO XXXXXC00B lAP TRIG ISP/IAP Command C6H XXXXXxXx lAP CONTR ISP/IAP Contra C7H lAPEN SWBS SWRST-CMD FAIL WT2WT1 WTo|0000x000B PsW Program Status Word DOHCY AC P|0000000B ACC Accumulator EOH ACC 7 ACC 6 ACC5 ACC 4 ACC3 ACC 2 ACC 1 ACC0 00000000B Regist FOH 0000000B STC11FXX Technical Summary

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