ST TOF飞行时间激光测距传感器VL53L0X.pdf

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ST TOF飞行时间激光测距传感器VL53L0X.pdf,,,ST TOF飞行时间激光测距传感器VL53L0X.pdf
User Detection with Flightsense 4 Fast User Detection for PC, laptops tablets. Enable huge energy savings! SOLAR SPECTRUM Embedded low power MCU Programmable threshold and repetition rate 卡 Autonomous solution> no external microcontroller required Wake-up through GPIO pin when i2C inactive Truly invisible 940nm laser light Robust detection detection range up to 2 meters Wavelength Fast detection, capable in <30ms 1 2026Mm Example of Energy Saving enerty VL53L0 active ranging 10Hz >0.02W 940nm 10 tablet> Active: 8W, Sleep Mode: 0.4W ENERGY STAR 27"PC- Active: 80W, Display off: 20W, Sleep mode: 1W FlightSense Product Info at st. com s VL53L0CXVODH/1 t=keywords-page=2 VL6180XVONR/1 t=keywords-page=1 VL6VL6180V1NR/1 VL6180X w/o ALS ifcaFfer=t FlightSenseMproducts benefits VL6180X VL53LOX Distance measurement Proximity Ranging up to 40cm(*) upto2 meters(“) Very short range Performance under strong ambient light ++ FoV 25 degrees 25 degrees ALS Yes (0 to 100klux) N Laser emitter(Class1) 850nm 940nm(no red glow) Speed for Distance acquisition Few ms(”) x2 faster (programmable Accuracy +/-10mm() +/-3%(“) 3 modes in APl Programmable modes (High-speed, long distance, high accuracy Small all-in-one module 2.8X4.8X1mm 2.4X4.4X1mm Low power consumption HW stdby <5uA Ranging: 20mW(average at 10Hz with 33ms ranging sequence Power supply-functional operating 2.6V to 3V 2.6V to 3.5V (Absolute maximum rating (-0.5to3.6v) -0.5to3.6V" ()Depending on conditions like Ambient light, target retlectance and product settings VL53LOX Outlines Smallest ToF sensor in the market 4.4 x 2.4x 1.0 mm System Field of view: 25 Emission 35 R eturn (Vcsel 940nm) array COLLECTOR EMITTER EXCLUSION CONE EXCLUSION CONE (O20 OF CONE 口040 FCONE AIDAHUI AT DAFUM A OLGA12 Package(6 effective pins) 44X2,4x1mm Reflowable 11a4s at lead-free solder profiles Msl level 3 (IPC/JEDEC JSTD-020-C) VL53LOX System FOV(Field of view)Le VL53L0 device act as single central zone with Fov of -250 ok VL5S DEw device Bacm 2 The square size of chart Chart Distance I Minimum Square Area White (88%)/100mm 44mm X 44mm Gray(17%)/700mm 310mm x310mm Gesture Recognition FlightSense TM benefits versus traditional IR L 9 FlightSense TM allows to discriminate vertical gesture from horizontal gesture while traditional IR sensor cannot Hand Movement Classical IR sensor ST FlightSensemMA Signal Amplitude DistenCe〔gE) =sooTed distance signal Amplitud Up/ Down SEndI AmPLitudE Reame英e 就sane Amplitude time Swi Sensor answer 1。 utput 2。 utput ifcaFfer=t FlightSenseM vs other proximity sensing technologies Hight 10 Conventional Capacitive Ultra- Sonic R ST FlightSense Size/Weight Small/light 2XToF/Heavy Small/Light Small/Light Mechanical Complex (antenna) Complex Easy Easy(all in one, integration Large module) (if all-in-one) flowable Signal Amplitude No Yes Yes es Real distance No Real distance in mm output Very un-precise (computed) (computed (readable thru i2C) Minimum distance Ocm 10cm Ocm Ocm Maximum distance Few cms Up to 1.5m 20cm up to 2 meters Reliable No es (Vs objects color May detect target in No, impacted No even black(3%) and reflectance) all directions around impacted antenna gloves,… Reliable No No. IsotropIc, (Vs material Sensitive to body or impacted by No Angular Yes, with angular finish/roughness) dependency dependency obJect charge wide sound Gesture control No Tap vs Swipe Yes Yes (1)depending on conditions ifcaFfer=t ST Flight SenseTM Part selection, api Cover glass ∠s

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