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this file contains:5G LTE Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT)-CRC Press (2019).pdf Artificial Intelligence in IoT-Springer International Publishing (2019).pdf Beginning LoRa Radio Networks with Arduino_ Build Long Range, Low Power Wireless IoT Networks-Apress (2019).pdf Cognitive Computing for Big Data Systems Over IoT Frameworks, Tools and Applications.pdf Compact and Fast Machine Learning Accelerator for IoT Devices-Springer Singapore (2019).pdf Creating Smart Enterprises_ Leveraging Cloud, Big Data, Web, Social Media, Mobile and IoT Technologies-Auerbach Publications_CRC Press (2018).pdf Cyber Physical Computing for IoT-driven Services -Springer International Publishing (2018).pdf Defending IoT Infrastructures with the Raspberry Pi_ Monitoring and Detecting Nefarious Behavior in Real Time-Apress (2018).pdf Delphi Cookbook, _ Recipes to Master Delphi for IoT Integrations, Cross-Platform, Mobile and Server-side Development, 3rd Edition.-Packt Publishing Ltd (2018).pdf Design, Launch, and Scale IoT Services_ A Practical Business Approach-Apress (2018).pdf Designing Embedded Systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) with the ARM? Mbed?-Wiley (2018).pdf Guide to Ambient Intelligence in the IoT Environment_ Principles, Technologies and Applications-Springer International Publishing (2019).pdf Handbook of Big Data and IoT Security-Springer International Publishing (2019).pdf Hybrid ADCs, smart sensors for the IoT, and sub-1V & advanced node analog circuit design _ advances in analog circuit design 2017-Springer.pdf Internet of things (IoT) _ technologies, applications, challenges and solutions-CRC Press_Taylor & Francis (2018).pdf Internet of Things Programming Projects Build modern IoT solutions with the Raspberry Pi 3 and Python.pdf Internet-of-Things (IoT) Systems_ Architectures, Algorithms, Methodologies (2018, Springer International Publishing).pdf IoT and Low-Power Wireless _ Circuits, Architect

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