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Qualitative Data Analysis的清晰版本,Sage出版社,量化数据分析经典教材
Matthew B Miles A. Michael huberman Johnny saldana Arizona State University Qualitative Data analysis A Methods Sourcebook edition SSAGE os Angelos I L orion I Now Delhi First and Second Edition Copyright o 1994 by Matthew B. Miles and A. Michael Huberman Third Edition Copyright C 2014 SAGE Publications, Inc All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or utilved in any Torm or by any means, electronic or mechanical, imcludmg photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher Printed in the United States of America Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Miles. Matthew B Qua liLative dala analysis: a methods sourcebook/ Matthew B. Miles, A. Michael I lubernan, Johnny Saldana, Arizona State University Third edition pages. cm Inchides bibliographical references and index isBn 978-1-4522-5787-7(pbk. alk paper) 1. Social sciences Research. 2. Ecucation Research I. Huberman, A M. II. Saldana, Johnny. Ill. Title H62.M4372014 00142dc23 2013002036 This book is printed on acid-free paper. 13141516171098765432 SSAGE LOs Angeles London New De Sngaparn washington DC FOR INFORMATION SAGE Publicalions. Inc 455 Teller road Thousand aks. California 91320 E-mail: order(asagepub SAGE Publications Ltd I Oliver's Yard 55 City road London eci isp United Kingdom SAGE Publications India pvt. Ltd BlII Moh rative Indus Mathura road. New Delhi 110 044 SAGE Publicalions Asia-Pacilic Pte Lid 3 Church stree #1004 Samsung i lub Singapore 049483 Acquisitions Editor: Helen Salmor Editorial assistant: Kaitlin petty assistant editor: Kale koscielak Production editor: Laura barrett Copy Editor: QuADS P epress (P)Ltd Typesetter: C&M Digitals(P)Ltd Proofreader: Theresa Kay Indexer:W山 Ragsdale Cover Designer: Janet Kiesel Marketing manager: nicole elliott Permissions editor: Adele i hutchinson Brief table of contents List of Displays Preface to the Third edition by johnny saldana Acknow ledgments From the Second Edition by Matthew B Miles and A. Michael Huberman About the authors Part One- The Substantive start Chapter 1-Introduction Chapter 2-Research design and Management Chapter 3-Ethical Issues in Analysis Chapter 4- Fundamentals of Qualitative Data Analysis Part Two- Displaying the Data Chapter 5-Designing Matrix and Network Displays Chapter 6- Methods of exploring Chapter 7-Methods of Describing Chapter 8-Methods of ordering Chapter 9-Methods of Explaining Chapter 10-Methods of Predicting Part Three- Making Good Sense Chapter 1 1-Drawing and Verifying Conclusions Chapter 12 -Writing About Qualitative Research Chapter 13-Closure ppendix- An annotated Bibliography of Qualitative Research resources References Author Index Subject index Contents List of Displays Preface to the Third edition by johnny saldana Acknow ledgments From the Second Edition by Matthew B Miles and A. Michael Huberman About the authors Part One- The Substantive start Chapter 1- Introduction The Purpose of This book The Nature of This book Audiences pproac h Our Orientation Genres of Qualitative research An Approach to qualitative Data Analysis Analytic Methods: Some Common Features The Nature of Qualitative Data General Nature Strengths of Qualitative Data Our View of Qualitative Data analysis Data Condensation Data Display Drawing and Verifying Conclusions Suggestions for readers Students and Other Novice researchers Experienced researchers Teachers of Qualitative Research Methods Courses Closure and Transition Chapter 2- Research Design and Management Introduction Tight Versus Loose Designs: Some Trade-Offs Building a conceptual framework Description and rationale Examples Advice Formulating Research Questions Description and rationale E xample Advice Defining the case Description and rationale Examples Advice Sampling: Bounding the Collection of Data Description and rationale Key Features of Qualitative Sampling general Sampling Strategies Within-Case Sampling Mul tiple-Case Sampling E Maple Advice Instrumentation Description and rationale Example Advice Linking Qualitative and Quantitative Data pproaches to mixed-Methods designs Management Issues Bearing on Analysis Computer and Software Use Data Management Staffing and Time Planning Closure and transition Note Chapter 3-Ethical Issues in Analysis Introduction Agreements With Study Participants Ethical Issues Worthiness of the Project Competence Informed Consent Benefits, Costs, and reciprocity Harm and Risk Honesty and Trust Privacy, Confidentiality, and Anonymity Intervention and advocacy Research Integrity and quality Ownership of Data and Conclusions Use and Misuse of results Conflicts Dilemmas. and Trade-Offs Closure and transition Chapter 4- Fundamentals of Qualitative Data Analysis Introducti Data Processing and preparation First-Cycle Codes and Coding Description pplications First-Cycle Coding examples Creating Codes Revising Code Structure and Unity in Code lists Definitions of codes Levels of Coding detail Second Cycle Coding: Pattern Codes Description Applications Examples From codes to patterns Coding Advice Jottings Analytic Memoing Description and rationale Examples OnⅤ usuaL d Memoing advice Assertions and propositions Within-Case and Cross-Case analysis Purposes of cross-Case Analysis A Key Distinction: Variables Versus Cases Strategies for Cross-Case analysis Closure and Transition Part Two- Displaying the Data Chapter 5- Designing Matrix and Network Displays Introduction Display Format Options Matrices Networks Timing of Display design Formatting the Matrix Template Entering Matrix and Network data Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions From Matrices and Networks The Methods profiles Closure and transition Chapter 6-Methods of Exploring Introduction Exploring fieldwork in Progress Data Accounting Log Contact Summary form Case analysis Meeting Interim Case Summary Partially ordered Meta-Matrix Explanatory Effects Matrix Exploring variables Checklist matrix Content-Analytic Summary table Contrast Table Two-Variable Case-Ordered matrix Exploring reports in Progress Pre-structured Case Sequential analyses Closure and Transition Chapter 7-Methods of Describing Introduction Describing Participants Role-Ordered Matrix Context chart Describing Variability Construct Table Conceptually Clustered Matrix Folk taxonomy Describing action ⅵ 1gnettes Poetic display Cognitive maps Closure and Transition Chapter 8-Methods of Ordering Introduction Ordering by Time Event-Listing matrix Growth gradient Time-Ordered matrix Ordering processes Decision modeling Event-State Network Composite Seqt uence analysis Ordering by Cases Case-Ordered Descriptive Meta-Matrix Closure and transition Chapter 9-Methods of Explaining Introduction Explaining Interrelationship Variable-by-Variable matrix Explaining change Effects matrix Case Dynamics Matrix Explaining causation Causal chains Causal Netw ork: Within-Case Analysis Causal Network: Cross-Case Analysis Closure and transition Chapter 10-Methods of Predicting Introduction


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