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IBM doors 培训材料 DOORS是业界公认的全球使用范围最广的需求管理工具,DOORS/ERS为需求管理提供全面的解决方案,它提供三种编辑需求的环境:基于文档或表格的数据库环境(DOORS)、基于Internet的Web环境(DOORSnet)、基于MS Word的环境(DOORSrequireIT)
Foundation Course-QN160 Skill level: Basic. Duration: 1.0 days Delivery type: Classroom(Hands-on labs) The telelogic doors foundation user course is designed to introduce you to the basic concepts of using Telelogic dOORS. this includes those who expect to use dOORS infrequently or those who will be making use of it daily Audience this is a basic course for those who are new to doors that will be creating, editing or reviewing requirements Prerequisites There are no prerequisites for this course skills taught: Navigate within a doors database Create structured data in a doors formal module Modify existing data in a doors formal module Review existing data in a dooRS formal module Create relationships in a doors database Report on relationships in a doorS database Foundatⅰon2 Course outline. Navigate a doors Database View information Edit information Structure information Get Word documents into doors Capture additional information Find data Manipulate the display Create traceability Analyze your traceability Insert information in other formats Use forms User Options Help and Support Practitioner- Course Qn110 Skill level: Intermediate. Duration: 1.0 days delivery type: Classroom( Hands-on labs The telelogic dOORS Practitioner course builds on the foundation level and is designed to take you to your next development stage. this course demonstrates the use of many additional telelogic doorS functions including using external applications for data manipulation It also includes examples of advanced linking and project management Audience This is an intermediate course for Business analyst, Systems Engineer, Software Engineer, Requirements Engineer, Requirements manager and Requirements team Leader. Prerequisites You should complete: DOORS Foundation course. An understanding of requirements management is beneficial but not required Practitioner 2 skills taught Build your own projects in dOORS Use doors external linking facilities Share doors information with 3rd parties (whether they use doors or not) Control the flow of changes through your doors database Apply configuration management and backup strategies to your dooRs data Course outline Creating relationships Analyzing relationships Get information into doors Get information out of doors Practitioner 3 Course outline contd Advanced attributes Round-trip your requirements Recording and managing Changes Module Properties Advanced Structuring Advanced Word Import Advanced relationship Management Tables Advanced display management OLE Objects Tools Creating Forms Archive and restore User Options Regular Expressions

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