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What is new about RDs-PP RDS-PP has modernized KKs The development of RDS-PP was largely based on KKs, which has been well reputed for nearly 30 years. Therefore, the basic structure known from kks. as well as essentia parts of the function key have been transferred into RDS-PP The structuring principles known from kks have been revised to allow for a more consistent structuring on a levels. Moreover, a couple of problems with the application of kks could be eliminated In the course of the standardization activities, terms and structures of the function key have been harmonized on international level In addition, rDs-PP does not only allow for the classifica tion according to products and or components. RDS-pP also features the ability for object and/ or task oriented assign ment, thus enabling structuring in accordance with func tions and functional units respectively The rds-pp has been enlarged Compared to kks, a few of extensions have been intro duced into RDS-PP. They mainly address the ability to des- gnate new instrumentation Et control components, such as e.g. bus systems, as well as decentralized generation plants n addition, the uniform and standards-compliant designa- tion of signals, connections and documents is supported by RDS-PP RDS-PP is internationa RDS-PP has been standardized at international level, and therefore accepted world-wide Why is RDS"PP introduced RDS-PP provides reliability International harmonization and the consistent structure of RDS-PP help to avoid designation errors and misunder- standings, thus increasing plant reliability Through the integration into inter- national agreed upon standards, RDS-PP substantially contributes to the fulfillment of legal safety re quirements, given in the European Directives e.g. in the Machinery Di- rective, as well as in numerous na tional legislative acts RDS-PP is a cost-saving Like already the kks, rDs-PP is a common standard for operators and manufacturers of power plants. The now world-wide acceptance is opening up additional opportuni ties for long-term cost savings at the planning, building and operation of power plants In addition, the reference structure laid down in RDs-PP has the poten tial of raising considerable synergy effects with respect to consistent IT based document management solu- tions RDS-PP is IT compatible Due to its consistent structure, rds-pP can be used as a powerful navigation tool to obtain complex information for planning, operation and maintenance RDS-PP is a suitable basis for the develop- ment of software applications, which can be integrated in to existing IT-landscapes. These are applicable for operatio- nal tasks as well as for training purposes When is RDs PP available? The work on rds-pp is finished. the relevant standards are available on german national level The work on the inter- national standards is also completed regar- ding its content and the 2007 finalization is pushed ith high pressure. the publication is expected by the end of 2007 The change-over from kkS to RDS-PP oppose principally no obstacles. At least for new plant projects a change to RDS-PP is recommendable as soon as possible The members of the vgB Working group "Reference Desig nation and plant documentation" will continue to be en gaged intensively with RDS-PP, with a view of supporting the enterprises with the introduction and application of RDS-PP in manifold means The change-over to RDS-PP will certainly cause some addi tional efforts. However this will be a sma I0 Di amount in comparison to the long-term eco- nomic advantages, re sulting from the app cation of this new des 9 M gnation system for all persons involved 22D 23F The IT-tool for RDs-Pp Functional Standards Application Areas Guidelines Explanation RDS-PP Processes VU= POWERTECH The lT-tool is providing all information needed for plant designation using RDS-PP in a quick and simple manner The introduction portal allows to access to individual des ignations and the related documentation in multiple ways These are among others the areas of the designation of signals and components, the VGB list of abbreviations. the application Explanations and the related national and international standards Therewith the It tool to RDS-PP is offering a wide range of features suitable for training, as well as the presentation of general and detailed information on plant designation It is also an ele gant tool to sup port the project engineering 0 power plants The way from kks to RDSPP The function and/or system code of kks and rdS is identi- cal in wide ranges or can clearly be assigned Relations can be established for the equipment unit key and component key Guides for the conversion are available at the vgb office The following table indicates some examples for the con- version from the kks function key to the rds-pp system ke Note identical clear correlation correlation correlation required required 1:1 1:1 1:n n:1 KKS (a) Ac BAA PB PD. PH RDS-PP(b Ac MSA U. Z a)=(b)(a)→(b)(a)→(b1).(a1,(a2 Correlation (b2)|(a3)→(b Commentary of code letters LAC KKS: Feed water pump system RDS-PP: Feed water conveyance system BAa KKS: Generator lead MSA RDS-PP. Generator lead B KKS: Circulating(main cooling) water treatment system PD KKS: Service(secondary cooling) water treatment system, conventional area PH KKS: Closed cooling water treatment system for conventional area PU RDS-PP: Common equipment for cooling water system U KKS: Structure U RDS-PP: Structures and areas for systems in the power plant process Z RDS-PP: Structures and areas for systems outside of the power plant process Do you have questions about rds pp? Further questions and need on information you can gladly address to the vgB office as well as to the experts of the Working panel Reference Designation and Power docu mentation Contact. VGB PowerTech Klin Be 27-31. 45136 Essen Germany Phone+492018128288 joerg. kaiser@vgb. org www.vgb.oRg

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