WY070ML824CP24B 规格书

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WY070ML824CP24B规格书,LCD,1024RGB (H) x 600 (V),7inch,外形大小164(H) x 97 (V) x2.6(D)。
深圳市威耀光电有限公司 深圳市威耀光电有限公司 深圳市威耀光电有限公司 2. 1 Electrical Absolute Maximum Ratings. (Vss-0V,Ta=25C) Iem Symbol Min Max Unit Note Power Supply voltage 3.6 Logic Signal Input 3 cc+05 Outpul voltage Power Supply voltage for LcD Vop 3.6 Current af lED ILED 0 120 mA Notes: 1. If the module is above these absolute maximum ratings, It may became permanently damaged Using the module within the following electrical characteristie conditions are also exceeded, the module will ma function and cause poor reliablity 2. Please be sure uars are grounded when handing LCD Module 深圳市威耀光电有限公司 Item Symbol Condition Min Typ. Max. Unit Note Vsat 2.48 Threshold voltage yth 1.47 Luminous instensity cd/m2 IContrast CR (2)(3) Response Rising R 5 7 time msec(2)(4) Fa allIn g F 20 28 Color gamut 49 % C light =00.26 031 0.36 White Normal0280.33038 R X vewing0.61606310.646 Color Red ange03270.3420357 chromati city /(CIE1931) Green/Gx 03060.3210.336 053805530568 (2)(5) BX 0.1330.1480.163 ue CF Glass y 0.1730.1880203 C light Hor R viewing euCR>10 angle er Brightness uniformit DUNI =0 70 (6) Optima View Direction 6 o clock o 深圳市威耀光电有限公司 90 Transmittance 50 = wth vsat o 12 oclock Φ=90 R ①=180 d=0 6 o clock d=270 white(TFT OFF) black [ TFTON white!) TE response 深圳市威耀光电有限公司 Photo-detector(BM-5A Fie|d=2° LCD Display鸟『器 心1『 2]4Lv3 深圳市威耀光电有限公司 Pin No Syrnbol Functon Remark 1-2 LED+ LED Anode VGH Gate ON Voltage ViAL Gate 0 FFI Voltage UPDN Gate Up or Down scan control 6 SHLR Source Right or Left sequence 7-8 LED. LED Cathode 9 AVDD Power for Analog Circuit GND Ground 11 RXIN3E MIPI Data lane3 input 12 RXIN3N 13 GND Ground 14 RXIN2P MIPI Data Lane input 15 RXIN2N 16 GGND round 17 RXCLKP MIPI CLK input e1 RXCLKN GND Ground 20 RXINTP MIPI Data lane1 input 21 RXININ 22 GND Ground 23 RXINOP AiPI Data laneD input P4 RXINON 25 GND Ground STBYE Standby mode 27 RESET Global reset pin 2日 VDO Power Supply 29 VDD Power Supply Common voltage 深圳市威耀光电有限公司 Electrical characteristics( Vss=0V, Ta=25C) Parameter Symbol Condition Min Typ Max Unit Note Power supply vec Ta=25C 18 3.6 Input c-=2.8v|oavcc voltage v Vce=2, BV Normal mA Current EI mode Consumption Sleep 0.030.09 m mod自 Notc 1:When an optImum contrast is obtained in transmissive modo, 2: Tested in Bb ah兽△dpen

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