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work in action work in actionwork in actionwork in actionwork in action
Web work in action PATRICK LIGHTBODY JASON CARREIRA MANNING Greenwich (74 W long. For online information and ordering of this and other Manning books, please visit quantity. For more information, please contact Special Sales Department Manning publications c 209 Bruce Park Avenue Fax: (203)661-9018 Greenwich. CT 06830 @2006 by MailinG Publications Co. All rights reserved No Parl of this publication inay be reproduced, stored ill a retrieval systelll, or transmitted, in any form or by means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the publisher Many of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. Where those designations appear in the book, and manning Publications was aware of a trademark claim, the designations have been printed in initial caps or all caps e Recoguiziuy the importauce of preserving whaL has been wriLten, it is Marlings policy to have the books they publish printed on acid-free paper, and we exert our best efforts to that end MaInling Publications co Copyedilor: Tiffany Taylor M 209 Bruce Park Avenue Typesetter: Gordan salinovie Greenwich. CT 06830 Cover designer: Leslie haimes ISBN1-39493253-2 Printed in the united States of America 12345678910-VHG-100908070605 PART I NTRODUCTION TO WEBWORK Chapter 1 An overview of Web Work 3 Chapter 2- Hello World, the WebWork way 19 Chapter 3- Setting up WebWork 38 PART 2 CORE CONCEPTS..... Chapter 4 Implementing web Work actions 77 Chapter 5 Adding functionality with interceptors 112 Chapter 6 Inversion of Control 137 PART 3 DISPLAYING CONTENT 175 Chapter 7 Using results 177 Chapter8 Getting data with the expression language 209 Chapter 9 Tag libraries 280 later10■ Velocity254 Chapter 11 I components 271 BRIEF CONTENTS PART4 ADVANCED TOPICS…n…n311 Chapter 12 Type conversion 313 Chapter 13- Validating forIn data 858 Chapter 14 lization 360 Chapter15■ Best p s384 dx■ webWork archi ±24 contents foreword au presa ments x2X about this book xxi a look at the future xui about the cover illustration xxviii PART 1 INTRODUCTION TO WEBWORK An overview of web work 3 1. Why MvC is important 5 Classic mvc becomes outdated 6. Classic mvC gets an update the Front controller 7. MVC evolves: che Page controller 7 1.2 Understanding frameworks and containers 9 What is a framework? 9. what u container can do II 1.3 WebWork: past, prcscnt, and future 18 The history of web work 13. Understanding the Xwork core 13 future directions 15 CONTENTS 1.4 The CaveatEmptor application 15 How CaveatEmptor is organized 16 1.5 Summarv 17 Hello world, the web Work way I I Downloading Webwork 20 2.2 Preparing the skeleton 20 Creating the web. xm/ deployment file 27. Creating the xrork xml configuration file 23. Creating the webwork properties configuration file 23. Tips for developing Web Wonk apps 24 2.3 Your first action 24 Saying hello, the Web Work way 25. Displaying oulput to the web browser 26. Configuring your new action 2 9 g ts 28 2.5 Advanced control flow 31 2.6 Letting Webwork do the work 33 Taking advantage of Action Support 34. Intermediate modifications to theSP 35. Fxploring the (ll tag library 36 2. 7 Summary 37 Setting up Web work 38 3.1 Configuring actions, results, and interceptors 39 Overview of terminology 39, Actions 4( Results46· Intercept 3.2 Advanced configuration 52 The work. xml DTD 52 Namespaces and packages 55 Componentization using the include tag 57 8. 3 Other configuration files 66 Web-app configuration wteb xml 66 Feature configuration: webwork properties 6 3.4 Setting up your web app 70 General layout 70. Required libraries 77. Optional libraries 72 3.5 Summarv 72 CONTENTS PART2 CORE CONCEPTS……175 4 Implementing WebWork actions 77 4.1 Thc Action intcrfacc 78 Resull codes 78. Handling exceptions 79 4.2 Using the Action Support base class 80 4.3 Understanding basic validation 80 Validating an action: validateable 81 Displaying error messages: ValidationAware 82 4.4 Using localized message lexis 86 Retrieving the user's locale: localeprorrider 86 Displaying the localized text: TextProvider 86 Providing messages for other languages 89 4.5 Advanced inputs 90 Intermediary objects 90. Using domin objects directly 91 4.6 Working with ModclDrivcn actions 95 Implementing modeldriven actions 96 onsiderations when using modelDriven 100 4.7 Accessing data through the Action Context 102 Caveatemttor accessing the session. 102 Examfle: accessing the request and response 705 4.8 Handling file uploads 107 Accessing uploaded files through the request wrapper 107 Automating file uploads 109. Configuration settings 110 4.9 Summary 1ll Adding functionality with interceptors 112 5. 1 How interceptors are called 113 5.2 Using the prepackaged interceptors 114 Utility interceptors 117. Setting parameter s 119 Defining work flot 723 5.3 Using prepackaged interceptor stacks 126

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