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elmo软件说明书 英文版本 软件操作说明输
Chapter1:Introduction...,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,. 1.1 Composer Description 1.2 System Requirements 1.3 Composer Installation 131 stalling from CD-ROM……… 1.3.2 Downloading from the Web.. 1.4 How to Use this manual Chapter 2: Using the Wizard.............. 21 Before You begin.… 2.2 Accessing the Composer 2.3 Creating a New Application 2.3.1 Defining rs-232 Communication………… 2.3.2 Defining Can communication 2.4 Specifying the Motor Parameters 2.5 User Interface for Absolute feedback 2.5.1 Rotation Motors-Heidenhain and Stegmann......... 2.5.2 Linear motors 垂;音4·。垂 2.6 Defining System Limits ·;;··“······;···· 27 Tuning the Current Loop……… 2.8 Configuring Commutation……………… 2.9 Tuning the velocity Loop.............. 2.9.1 Manually tuning the velocity loo 2.9.2 Automatically Tuning the velocity Loop 2.9.3 Performing Advanced Manual Tuning-Velocity Loop 2.10 Tuning the Position Loop 2.10.1 Manually tuning the Position Loop 2.10.2 Automatically Tuning the Position Loop 2.10.3 Performing Advanced Manual Tuning-Position Loop 2.11 Tuning the Dual Loop 2.11.1 Manually tuning the dual Loop……… 11.2 Automatically Tuning the Dual Loo 2.11.3 Performing Advanced Manual Tuning-Dual Loop 2.12 Saving Your Application 2.13 Composer shortcuts 2.13.1 Opening an Existing Application 2.13.2 Opening Communication Directly 2.13.3 Loading the Network Chapter 3: Using the Composer 31 The Composer Desktop…… 3.1.1 The Toolbar ··· 3.1.2 The menu bar 3. 1.3 Getting Ilelp 3.2 The motion Monitor 3.2.1 Motion monitor recorder 3.2.2 Motion Monitor indicators 3.3 The smart terminal 3.3.1T 332 Tabbed Dialog Boxes…..….……,. 3.4 The elmo studio 3.5 The 3.5.1 The scope toolbar 352 Using the Scope menu……… 3.6 The Application Editor... 44 3. 7 The table editor 3.7.1 Creating a PVt or pt Data File 37.2 Editing a File in the Table editor……… 3.7.3 Downloading a table to a drive 38 The Sync manager…………………… 39 Advanced Manual Tuning…...……… 3.10 Downloading Firmware Appendix: Using the Advanced Filter Designer………… 要看D带要 assar Index The Composer is a sophisticated suite of windows-based software designed by elmo to enable you to quickly and easily set up and fine tune your motion control systems using Elmo's digital servo drives. The Composer can work with any brush or brushless servo motor You can use the Composer to Tune the connected servo drive, either manually or automatically Test the controlled feedback system Interpret the test results and modify the test parameters Perform tests with different controllers to evaluate the closed-loop performance for different sy tsem noise levels and different margins, in order to determine the optimal controller settings for specific applications Each application created in the Composer includes a unique name, all host communication parameters used with the application, a dedicated program (if any), and all driver and motor parameters defined for that specific application. Each application can be applied to other drives with the same characteristics, without requiring a new setup process The Composer includes a range of tools for setting up your system. They include: The Composer Wizard, used for the initial tuning of single-axis servo drives. Th Wizard tunes the drive to the motor, creates the application database and specifies the dedicated l o components. It fully analyzes the entire system and defines all resonance and mechanical parameters The Smart Terminal, used to manually manipulate the servo drive The Motion Monitor, which controls the drive recording function to display the current drive status. The Motion Monitor can record and display almost any system value The Elmo Studio, a basic environment for writing, downloading and executin programs in the connected drives The Application Editor, which enables you to view all the parameters of the open application The Table editor, used to edit an existing pvt or pt table and to download it to the connected drive The Sync Manager, which synchronizes the internal clocks of all drives connected through the canopen network The Scope, which displays the recorded parameters and provides a wide range of mathematical functions for manipulating the recorded curves. Data from the Scope can be exported to other programs such as Microsoft Excel or the MathWorks MATLAB A networking option, which provides direct communication with multiple servo drives. You may set up as many as eight drives to communicate with the Composer via rs-232 communication, using different COM ports. In addition, you may connect up to 127 drives-each with a unique ID number- through can communication; the Composer supports the CANopen protocol for this type of network. After defining your network, you can save the configuration, and later restore the network in a single click. In order to optimally configure your system, each data item must be correctly set and entered. The drive checks for database consistency before applying power to the motor, nd rejects the data if inconsistencies are found. Once the motor is on, it prevents the acceptance of parameters that affect database integrity In order to install the Composer on your computer the following items are required Microsoft Windows 95/98//XP ■ At least32 MB RAM 300 MB of hard drive space CD-RoM drive Pentium II processor or equivalent(minimum) ■RS-232port CANopen board for CANopen serial communication(optional) You can install the Composer software either by using the CD-ROM delivered with the Elmo servo drive or by downloading the software directlv from the elmo website To install the Composer software from the CD-ROM to your hard drive 1. Insert the CD-RoM into your CD-rom drive From the Windows taskbar, select Start-Run. The Run dialog box will be displayed 3. In the Open text box, type: d: \setup. exe or e: setup. exe, according to the drive letter 4. Click OK. The Install Wizard will be displayed 5. Follow the Wizard instructions to install the compose 6. Upon completion remove the cd-Rom from the drive To install the Composer by downloading it from the Elmo website 1.UsinGyourInternetbrowsergototheElmowebsitewww.elmomc.com 2. From the main menu, select Support-Downloads. The Support page will be displayed 3. From the Support-Downloads menu, select Software Tools in the right column. The Software Tools page will be displayed 4. From the Software Tools menu, select the Composer, [date] option in the Description column. The Windows File download dialog box will be displayed 5. Select the Save this file to disk option and click OK. The Save As dialog box will be displayed 6. Navigate to the location where the Composer application should be stored and click Save. The software will be downloaded to that location 7. After the download is complete(and you click Close), select Start-Run from the Windows taskbar. The Run dialog box will be displayed 8. Click Browse, navigate to the Composer folder and select the Setup. exe file. Then click OK. The Composer Welcome dialog box will be displayed as follows welcome wwel=cme to the Composer Setup program. Ths Frcrsm will install Composer on your compute It r gIggly recommended that you exit all windows progams LIrh Cancl b gut 5ctup and thon closc any program3 vod FEVALFr I ck. Next to continue with the setup progar rEHPIIN-: I FIs program is protected by copynight law ard ber Et ona e了 Uraulholized leploduction or distribution of this program,cr poton ol t. ma result in severe civil and criminal penalties. ard h∈ d to th 9. Click Next and follow the instructions to install the Composer. 10. Upon completion of the installation, you may wish to create a desktop shortcut for fast access to the application This Composer user manual explains how to install the application, tune your elmo servo drive and use the Composer software tools. It is organized as follows Chapter 2, using the wizard, explains how to connect your elmo servo drive to your pc and the motor, and then tune the drive using the Composer wizard Chapter 3, using the Composer describes the other Composer tools, including the motion Monitor, the Smart Terminal, the Elmo Studio and the application Editor Chapter 4, Using the Elmo Studio, describes the elmo Studio program editing application integrated with the Elmo Composer. The appendix, Using the Advanced Filter Designer, explains how to use that tool to deline a specialized filter used for tuning the velocity loop, position loop and dual loop The Glossary contains a list of terms used in the software, along with brief explanations This manual is an integral part of the SimpliQ documentation set, which includes The Harmonica, Cello and Bassoon Installation Guides, which provides full instructions for installing one of Elmo's SimpltQ digital servo drives The SimplIQ Command Reference Manual, which describes, in detail, each software command used to manipulate a SimpllQ digital servo drive The SimnliQ Software Manual, which describes the comprehensive software used with a simplif drive The following figure describes the accompanying documentation that you will require CANopen implementation guide SimplrQ Software manual SimpllQ Command Reference manual Programming Composer user Manual Setup SimplIq servo drive Installation Installation Guides Figure 1-1: Elmo Documentation Hierarchy After connecting your elmo servo drive to the motor and to the pC, you need to define its setup parameters in order to customize it to the motor, create the application (with the network, drive and motor parameters) and specify the dedicated I/O components. You can tune: a single-axis system A single dominant resonance mode, or two resonances that are far apart a balanced system, such as one with a horizontal axis You may use the Composer Wizard to define the following: ■ Motor parameters Commutation method and parameters Current loop tuning Commutation tuning Velocity loop tuning Position or dual loop tuning Generally, the first time you use the Composer to initialize a drive, you will use the Wizard to define the drive application by tuning of the various loops either manually or automatically. The Composer stores the parameters for feedback, load, drive communication and user program in an application database Once you have completed your initial setup using the Composer Wizard, you can verify that the configuration parameters meet your requirements by viewing them before cunning the motor. When you are satisfied with the configuration, you save the setup nformation as a designated application. This completes the installation and you can run the motor In order to ensure successful drive setup, you should verify that the following conditions are me If you are using CANopen networking, be sure that the required can board(s)have been successfully installed The static friction should be less than 20 percent of the full torque. While most systems use drives that can produce current satisfying this condition, it is recommended to heck this by injecting 20% of full current and determining if the plant moves The system should be properly balanced; that is, the motor speed should be 0 when zero current is injected to it The system should be open-loop stable. For example, the Composer Wizard cannot be used with an inverted pendulum The mechanical system should not have any low resonance below 5 Hz The motor axes should be free to move plus or minus several electric poles While the wizard can operate with noisy or fairly inaccurate encoders encoder accuracy should be no less than several hundreds per cycle You access the Composer in one of two ways By clicking the Composer. exe shortcut icon on the desktop By selecting Start- Programs-Composer from the windows taskbar The Welcome to Composer Application window is displayed immediately, as follows muni: ador Tsol: Window Help Elmo is Simplicity Create a 闽川回图口当巴④囡司‖圆囱网围山E今倒的命$争 Creating a new application entails giving it a unique name, defining the communication network to be used and specifying the relevant motor and drive parameters To define the new application, click Create a New Application from the Welcome to Composer Application window. If you have already accessed the Composer application, you can do one of the following Click the button in the composer toolbar Select Tools-Create New Application from the Composer menu bar.

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