SIM7500_SIM7600 Series_AT Command Manual_V1.07

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SIM7500_SIM7600 Series_AT Command Manual_V1.07 SIM7500_SIM7600 Series_AT Command Manual_V1.07
SIM Com Smart machine smart decision Ⅴ ersion History Version Date Chapter What is new V1.002016-07-08 New version V1012016-072155AT+CC Add notc V1.012016-07-2156AT+CUSD Add note V1.01201607215.7AT+CAOC Add note V1012016-07-2158AT+CSSN Add note V1.012016072111.2AT+STGI Add PDU format support V1012016-0721113AI+SGR Add PDU format support 1.01206072116 6 AT+STENV Add this command VI.012016-07-2111.7 ATI STSM Add this command 022016-07-27117 ATISTSM Modify this command 2016-07-275.13AT+ CNAOP Modify this command 2016-07-27518AT+CTZU Modify this command 2016-07-27519AT+CTZR Modify this command V1.02201607-275.6AT+CPSI Modify this command V:0220160727915AT+ CGAUTH Modify this command V1.022016-07-27 Chapter15 Delete the CSoCK Command V1.022016-07-273,21AT&F Modify this command V1.02201607-286.25AT+ CACDB Modify this command V1.022016-07-29518 ATICTZU Modify this command VIO 2016-07-29 8 ATICTZR Modify this command V1.022016-07-296.24A+ SIDET Modify this command V1022016-0729520AT+ NETMODE Modify this command PIN-NO 02201607-2912.5AT+ CGFUNC Modify this command VI .022016-07-29 12 6 AT+CGDRT Modify this command V.1.02201607-2912.7AT+ CGGRTV Modify this command V1022060729128AT( GSETV Modify this command 022016-07-29 2016-07-29 51 5 ATICPSI Modify this command 2 ATISTGI Modify this command V1.02 016-072911.7AT+STSM Modify this command SIM7500 SIM7600 Series AT Command Manual v1.07 2017-12-25 SIM Com Smart machine smart decision V1.02 2016-07-29 Dclctc CSD function Delete csd function V1.022016-08-05 11.5 AT+STKFMT Set STK Modify this command pdu format V1.02 2016-08-05 5.15 AT +CPSI Inquiring UE Modify 1xlte system information V1.022016-08-05 9.11 AT+CGDATA Entcr data Modify cid state V1.02 2016-08-05 9.3 AT+CGACT PDP context Modify cid activate or deactivate V1.022016-08-05 7.9 AT CNMI New message Modify default value indicaTions to TE V1.022016-08-12725 AT+CMGP Set Modify format cdma/evdo text mode parameters V1.022016-08-16 15.7 Common Channel Service Modify these commands 15. 8 SsL Certificate Key managcmcnt V1.022016-08-166.29AI+ CTXVOL Add commands 6.30 AT+CTXMICGAIN V1.02 2016-08-17 11.7 AT+STSM Get STK Setup Modify this command Menu list with pdu mode V1.022016-08-17 5.14 AT+CNSDP Preferred Delete this command service domain selection V1.02 2016-08-19 AT+CMGENREF Delete this command AT+CMSSEXM AT+CSALPHA V1.02201608-2615.1.6AT+ CPINGSTOP Modify this command 2016-08-305.19AT+ NETMODE Modify this command V1.022016-09-053.21A&F Modify this command V1.022016090510.6AT+CMTE Modify lest command V1.022016-09-0515.7.3AT+ CCHOPEN Modify these commands 15.7.7 AT+CCHSET 15.7. 8 AT CCHADDR V1.022016-09-0515.7.10 Unsolicited common Add error code description channel command <err'> Codes V10220160906627AT+ CMICGAIN Modify these commands 6.28 ATI COUTGAIN 6.29 AT+CTXVOL 6.30 AT+CTXMICGAIN V1.022016-09066.31AI+ CRXVOL Add these commands SIM7500 SIM7600 Series AT Command Manual v1.07 2017-12-25 SIM Com Smart machine smart decision 6.32 AT+CECH 6.33 AT+CECDT 6.34 AT+CECWB 6.35 AT+CNSN 6.36 AT+CNSLIM 6.37 AT+CFNSMOD 6.38 AT+CFNSIN 6.39 AT+CFNSLVL V1022016-090612.6AT+ CGDRT Modify these commands 12. 7 AT+CGSETV 12. 8 AT+CGGETV 12.9 ATI CGISR V1.022016-09079.15A+ CGAUTH Modify read command and test command Vl022016-0909511 AT CNMP Modify this command V1.022016-09-09 1 at&F Modify this command V1.022016-09-0911.5AT+ STKFMT Modify this command V1.02201609-136.24AT+ SIDET Modify this command V1.02 2016-09-13 4.23 AT+ CUSBPIDS WITCH Add this command V1.02201609-146.22AT+ CSDVC Modify this command V1.022016-09-186.40AT+ CECRX Add these commands 6.41 AT+CNLPPG 6 42 ATI CNLPPL V022016091972AT+CPMs Modify this command V1.022016-092110.6A+CMIE Modify this command V1.022016-09-21 10.9 AT I CUSBDELETEADB Delete this command V1.022016-0922643AT+CECM Add this command V022016109221576 AT+CCHRECV Modify this command V1.022016-09-22 15.7.10 Unsolicited common Modify the format channel command <err> Codes V1.02 16-09-26 6.25 AT+CACDBFN Modify this command V.0 2016-09-27 152 2.10 AT I CIPFILTERSET Modify this command V1.022016-09-28 3.3 3 AT+CIMI Modify this command V1.02201609-283.34AT+ CIMIM Add this command V:0220160928713AT+CMGS Modify these commands 7.15 ATI CMGW 7.20 AT+CMGSEX V1.022016-10-083.21AT&F Modify this command SIM7500 SIM7600 Series AT Command Manual v1.07 2017-12-25 SIM Com Smart machine smart decision V1022016-101296AT+ CGTFT Modify this command V1.022016-10-1394AT+ CGDCONT Modify this command V1.022016-10-13168AT+ CGPSNMEA Modify this command 22016101793AT+ CGACT Modify these commands 9.7 AT+CGQREQ 9. 8 AT+CGEQREQ 9.9 AT+CGQMIN 9.10 Al+CGEQMIN 9. 11 AT+CGDATA 9.12 AT+CGPADDR 9.15 AT+CGAUTH 15.1. 12 AT+CDNSSRV V1.022016-10-187.2AT+CPMS Modify this command V1.022016-10-193.21AT&F Modify this command V1.022016-10209.8AT+ CGEQREO Modify these commands 9.10 AT I CGEQMIN VI 2016-10-2012.9AI+CGSR Modify this command VLO 2016-10-2 3 AT CNAOP Modify this command V1.0 2016-10-243.21AT&F Modify this command V1.022016-10-2816.20AT- CGPSMODE Id this command V.022016-1109114AT+STK Modify this command V1.022016-11046,22AT+ CSDVO Modify this command V1022016-11041621AT-CBDS Add this command V1.022016-110415.39AT+ CFTPGET Modify these commands 15.3.11 AT+CFTPLIST V1.02 2016-11-04. 15 AT+-CFTPCACHERD Add this command v1.022016-11-08 4.23 AT+ CUSBPIDSWITCH Modify this command V.0220161103.21AT&F Modify this command V1.022016-1109.3AT+ CGACT Modify these commands 9.11 AT+CGDATA V1.022016-11-10 15.1.1 AT- CSOCKSETPN Modify this command VI 32016-11-114.23 AT+CUSBPIDS WITCH Modify this command V1.032016-11-171621AT-CBDS Modify this command V1.032016-11-1716.15T-CGPSⅠ NFOCFG Modify this command V1.032016-11241539AT+ CFTPGET Modify these commands 15.311 AT+CFTPLIST 15.3. 15 AT+CFTPCACHERD SIM7500 SIM7600 Series AT Command Manual v1.07 2017-12-25 SIM Com Smart machine smart decision V1.032016-1141573AT+ CCHOPEN Modify thesc commands 15.76 AT+CCHRECV V1.03201612-129.3AT+ CGACT Modify this command V1032016-122194AT+ CGDCONT Modify this command V1.032016-12-233.21AI&F Modify these commands 5.11 AT+CNBP 5.14 ATICPSI 2017-1-4 9.12 AT+CGPADDR Modify this command 2017-1-11 16.10 AT CGPSFTM Modify this command V1.032017-1-125.14AT+CPSI Modify this command V1.042017-1-20 157.6 AT+CCHRECV Modify this command V1.042017-2-9 6.26 AT+CPCMREG Modify these commands 6 43 ATICECM V1.042017-2-9.7.6 AT-CCHRECV Modify this command V104 2017-2-20 )512 2 AT+CNBP Modify this command V1042017-2-213.12 ATHIPR Modify these commands 12.1 AT+IPREX V1.042017-3-8 3.21AT&F Modify this command V1.042017-3-2817.24AT-CLBS Add this command V1.042017-4-13 17.9 AT+CGPSNEMARATE Add this command V1042017-41415.5HIPS Add this chapter V1.042017-4-1917.25 AT CLBSCFG Add this command V1.042017-54 4.23 AT+ CUSBPIDSWITCH Modify this command V1.042017-5-11 17.26 AT-CASSISTLOC Add this command V1.042017-5-17 AT Commands for Add this chapter Open/ Close Network ——— V1.04 2017-5-24 18 Audio Application Commands Add this chapter V1042017-5-2515.7SMIP Delete this chapter V1.042017-5-25 15.4 FTPS Add this chapter V1.052017-6-19 15.6 Https Modifyhttpscommands √1.052017-7-3 16.4 Unsolicited CNETSTART/ Add this command CNETSTOP Codes 1052017-7-3 17.24 AT-CLBS Modify these commands 17.25 AT-CLBSCFG V1.052017-7-10142 AT+CFTRANTX Modify this comman V1.05 2017-7-10 13 AT Commands for File Modify the description SIM7500 SIM7600 Series AT Command Manual v1.07 2017-12-25 SIM Com Smart machine smart decision System V1.052017-7-116.44AT+ CPCMFRM Add this command V1.05 2017-7-14 15.8.9 AT+CCERTVERIFY Add this command V.052017825712AT+CMGR Modify this command V1.052017-9-5 5.15 AT+CNSMOD Modify this command V1.052017-95 5.14 AT+CPSI Modify this command V1.062017-10-1311 Scope Modify scope V1.062017-10-1317.24 AT-CLBS Modify this command V1.072017-10-161532AT+ CFTPMODE Modify this command V1.072017-10-16 15.6.4 at+ChttPsclse Modify this command V07201713 79 AT+CNMI Modify this command V1.0720717 12.2 AT+CFGRI Modify this command V1.072017-11-131725 AT-CLBS Modify this command V1.072017-11-1315.8NTP Add this chapter V1.072017-11-131723AT- CGNSSINFO Add this command V1.072017-12-14 4.23 AT I CUSBPIDSWITCI Modify this command V1.072017-12-1517.25AT+CIBS Modify this command SIM7500 SIM7600 Series AT Command Manual v1.07 2017-12-25 SIM Com Smart machine smart decision Contents Ⅴ ersion History…. Contents 8 ··· 1 Introduction 17 17 1.2 References 17 1.3 Terms and abbreviations 17 1. 4 Definitions and conventions 2 AT Interface Synopsis… 20 Interface settings .20 2.2 AT command syntax 2.3 Information responses 3 AT Commands according v25TER 22 3.1 A/ Repeat last command 22 3.2 AtD Dial command 3.3 ATD><mem><n> Originate call from specified memory 24 3.4 ATD ><n> Originate call from active memory (1) 3.5 ATD><str> Originate call from active memory (2 )..... 26 3.6 ata Call answer .27 3.7 ATH Disconnect existing call 28 3. 8 ATSO Automatic answer incoming call 8 Switch from data mode to command mode 29 3. 10 ATo Switch from command mode to data mode …30 3.11 ATI Display product identification information 30 3. 12 AT+iPR Set local baud rate temporarily 32 3.13 AT+ICF Set control character framing 33 3.14 At+IFc Set local data flow control 3. 15 At&c Set dcd function mode 35 3.16 ATE nable command echo 36 3. 17 At&v display current configuration................................36 3. 18 At&d Set dtr function mode 3. 19 AT&s Set dsr function mode 37 3.20 atv Set result code format mode …38 3.21 AT&F Set all current parameters to manufacturer defaults 39 3.22 ATQ Set Result Code Presentation Mode 3.23 AT Set CoNNECT Result Code format 40 3.24 Atv Sel CONNECT Result Code Format About Protocol 4 3.25 AT&e Set CONNECT Result Code Format About Speed 3.26 AT&w Save the user setting to ME 43 3.27 ATz Restore the user setting from Me 43 3.28 AT+CGMI Request manufacturer identification 329AT+ CGMM Request model identification.………… 45 SIM7500 SIM7600 Series AT Command Manual v1.07 8 2017-12-25 SIM Com Smart machine smart decision 3.30 AT+CGMR Request revision identification 45 3.31 AT+CGsn Request product serial number identification.... 3.32 AT+CScs Select te character set 3.33 AT+CIMI Request international mobile subscriber identity 48 334AT+ CIMiM Request another international mobile subscriber identity.….……………248 3.35 AT+GCAP Request overall capabilities 49 4 AT Commands for Status Control 4.1 AT+CFUN Set phone functionality 4.2 At+cpin Enter PIn 52 4.3 AT+CICCID Read ICCID from SIM card 4.4 At+CSIM Generic SIM access 4.5 AT+CrSM Restricted SIM access .55 4.6 AT+SPIC Times remain to input SIM PIN/PUK 7 AT+ CSPn Get service provider name from SIM 4.8AT+ CsQ Query signal quality….,………… 4.9 AT+AUTOCSQ Set CsQ report 62 4.10 AT+CSQDELta Set rssi della change threshold 63 4.11 AT+catr Configure urc destination interface 4.12 AT+CPOF Power down the module 4.13 AT+CRESet Reset the module 66 4. 14 AT+CACM Accumulated call meter 66 4.15 AT+CAMM Accumulated call meter maximum 4.16 AT+CPUC Price per unit and currency table. 4. 17 AT+CCLK Real time clock management ......... 69 4.18 AT+CMEE Report mobile equipment error 4. 19 at+cpas Phone activity status 4.20 AT+SIMei SeL IMEI for the nodule 4.21 AT+SMEID Request Mobile Equipment Identifier 4.22 AT+CSVM Voice Mail Subscriber number 174 4.23 AT+CUSBPIDS WITCH Change module's PID. 75 4.24 Indication of eons .76 4.25 Indication of Voice mail 76 5 AT Commands for network 77 5.1 AT+CREG Network registration 5.2 AT+COPS Operator selection 78 AT+CLCKFacilitylock...,, 5. 4 AT+CPWd Change password .5AT+ CCUG Closed user group…… 5.6 AT+CUSD Unstructured supplementary service data 5 5.7 AT+CAoC Advice of charge 86 5.8 AT+Cssn Supplementary service notifications 87 5.9 AT+CPOL Preferred operator list 5.10T+ CoPn Read operator names…… SIM7500 SIM7600 Series AT Command Manual v1.07 2017-12-25


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