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Getting Started g 1 Requirements 2 Contents 2.1 Getting Started 2.2 User documentation 2.3 Example 6 2.4 FAQ 2.5 API reference 6 2.5.1 Get started with XBee Python library 6 Install your software 6 Configure your XBee modules Run your first XBee Python application 2.5.2 XBee terminology 14 RF modules,,,,,,,.,, 14 2.5, 2.2 XBee RF modules 14 Radio firmware 14 Radio communication protocols 14 Radio module operating modes ...15 API frames 17 AT settings or commands 18 2.5.3 Work with XBee classes 18 Instantiate an XBee device .,.19 Open the XBee device connection Close the XBee device connection 2.5.4 Configure the XBee device 24 Read and set common parameters ......24 Read, set and execute other parameters 26 Apply configuration changes 28 2.5. 4.4 Write configuration changes 2.5. 4.5 Reset the device 30 2.5.5 Discover the XBee network as 2. 5.4.6 Configure Wi-Fi setti Configure the discovery process 33 34 Discover the network 34 Access the discovered devices 37 2.5.5. 4 Add and remove devices manually ....38 2.5.6 Communicate with XBee devices 40 Send data Send explicit da 44 Send ip data 48 Send sms messages 50 Receive data 2 Receive explicit data 5 Receive ip data · Receive SMS messages 63 Receive modem status events 2.5.7 Handle analog and digital Io lines 65 5.7.1 Configure the io lines 2.5.7. 2 Read IO samples 70 Change detection sampling 73 2.5.8 Log e 75 2.58.1 ging 77 2.5.9 XBee Python sampl 78 Configuration samples 78 Network sample Communication samples IO samples .84 2.5.10 Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS) 85 What is XCTU and how do i download it? 2.5. 10.2 How do I find the serial port and baud rate of my module? 85 2.5. 10.3 Can I use the XBee Python Library with modules in AT operating mode?...... 86 2.5.10. 4 I get the Python error ImportError: No module named 'serial...86 2.5.11 API reference 2.5. 11.1 digi package 87 3 Indices and table 505 4 License 507 Python Module Index 509 XBee Python Library Documentation, Release 1.1.1 XBee devices allow you to enable wireless connectivity to your projects creating a network of connected devices They provide features to exchange data with other devices in the network, configure them and control their i/o lines An application running in an intelligent device can take advantage of these features to monitor and manage the entire network Despite the available documentation and configuration tools for working with XBee devices, it is not always easy to develop these kinds of applications Device running an xbee CPU thon XBee network application The XBee Python Library is a Python API that dramatically reduces the time to market of XBee projects developed in Python and facilitates the development of these ty pes of applications, making it an easy and smooth process. The XBee Python library includes the following features Support for multiple XBee devices and protocols High abstraction layer provides an easy-to-use workflow. ability to configure local and remote XBee devices of the network Discovery feature finds remote nodes on the same network as the local module ability to transmit and receive data from any XBee device on the network. Ability to manage the General Purpose Input and Output lines of all your XBee devices This portal provides the following documentation to help you with the different development stages of your Python pplications using the XBee Python Library Getting started XBee Python Library Documentation, Release 1.1.1 Getting Started CHAPTER Requirements The XBee Python library requires the following components in order to work properly Python3.Youcangetitfromhttps://www.python.org/getit/ PySerial 3. Install it with pip(pip install pyserial) or refer to the Py Serial installation guide for further information about getting Pyserial 3 XBee Python Library Documentation, Release 1.1.1 Chapter 1. Requirements CHAPTER Contents The XBee Python library documentation is split in different sections: · Getting started User documentation Examples FAQ API reference 2.1 Getting Started your XBee devices using the librarY e Python library. Learn how to setup your environment and communicate with Perform your first steps with the XB Get started with XBee Python library 2.2 User Documentation Access detailed information about the different features and capabilities provided by the library and how to use them · XBee terminology Work with Xbee classes Configure the XBee device Discover the Xbee network Communicate with Xbee devices Handle analog and digital 1o line XBee Python Library Documentation, Release 1.1.1 · Log events 2.3 Examples The library includes a good amount of examples that demonstrate most of the functionality that it provides XBee Python samples 2. 4 FAQ Find the answer to the most common questions or problems related to the XBee Python library in the FAQ section Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs 2.5 API reference The aPi reference contains more detailed documentation about the APi for developers who are interested in using and extending the library functionality API reference 2.5.1 Get started with XBee Python library This getting started guide describes how to set up your environment and use the XBee Python Library to communicate with your XBee devices. It explains how to configure your modules and write your first XBee Python application The guide is split into 3 main sections Install your software Configure your XBee modules Run your first XBee Python application Install your software The following software components are required to write and run your first XBee Python application PySerial 3 XBee Python library software ·XCTU othon 3 TheXbeePythonlibraryrequiresPython3.IfyoudonthavePython3,youcangetitfromhttps://www.python.org getit/ Chapter 2. Contents

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