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Learn the fundamentals of QT 5 framework to develop interactive cross-platform applications Key Features A practical guide on the fundamentals of application development with QT 5 Learn to write scalable, robust and adaptable C++ code with QT Deploy your application on different platforms such as W
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Learn QT 5

Qt is a mature and powerful framework for delivering sophisticated applications across a multitude of platforms. It is widely used in embedded devices, including TVs, satellite settop boxes, medical equipment, car dashboards, and much more. It also has a rich history in the Linux world, with KDE and

Mastering Qt 5 和 learn qt 5两本书

《Mastering Qt 5: Create stunning cross-platform applications》和《Learn Qt 5: Build modern, responsive cross-platform desktop applications with Qt, C++, and QML》 2个积分,意思一下

Learn Qt 5

2018最新的Qt/QML学习书籍[Learn Qt 5 Build modern, responsive cross-platform desktop applications with Qt, C++, and QML] Learn the fundamentals of QT 5 framework to develop interactive cross-platform applications Key Features A practical guide on the fundamentals of application development with QT 5

Learn Qt 5 Written by Sherriff Nicholas

Learn Qt 5 Written by Sherriff Nicholas qt5入门好书

Mastering Qt 5

About This Book, Unleash the power of Qt 5 with C++14Integrate useful third-party libraries such as OpenCVPackage and deploy your application on multiple platforms, Who This Book Is For, This book will appeal to developers and programmers who would like to build GUI-based applications. Knowledge of

Mastering Qt 5 [2016]

Mastering Qt 5 English | 6 Feb. 2017 | ISBN: 1786467127 | 575 Pages | AZW3/MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 25.28 MB Key Features Unleash the power of Qt 5 with C++14 Integrate useful third-party libraries such as OpenCV Package and deploy your application on multiple platforms Book Description Qt 5.6 is




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