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QT canvas 3D模块的简要介绍,该模块集成了webGL技术,可以使用three.js,为QT 3D开发带来极大方便
About webGl What it is-History -Capabilities 3 2014 The Qt Company About WebGl WebGl A low level, state based, 3D vector graphics rendering API for HTML Java Script lebEL Often described as"OpenGL ES 2 for the web Khronos Group Non-profit technology consortium that manages WebGL API(plus OpenGL/Es etc. WebGL 1.0 is based on OpenGL ES 2.0 KHRONOS Initial webGl Standard release in 2011 Stable release 1.0.2 in 2013 2014 The Qt Company About WebGl Widely Supported in Modern Browsers Desktop Mobile Google chrome 9 Safari on ios 8 Mozilla firefox 4.0 Android Browser, Google Chrome 25 Safari 6.0 Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 8.1 Opera 11 Firefox for mobile, firefox os. Tizen Ubuntu touch Internet Explorer 11 2014 The Qt Company About WebGl Scene Graphs There are many scene graph libraries built on top of WebGL They let you get started quickly without having to work with the low level API threejs-http://threeis.org Scenejs-http: O3D https://code.googlecom/p/o3d/ Osg.js-httP: /osgis. org Other Libraries Resources Seehttp://www.khronos.org/webgl/wiki/userContributions Seee.g.https://developer.mozillaorg/en-us/docs/web/webGl 6 2014 The Qt Company About WebGl Projects Some well known projects built with Web GL and HTML ZygoteBody-http://zygotebody.com. GoogleMaps-http:/maps.google.com Autocad360-https://www.autocad360.com/ Chrome Experiments Demonstrate beautiful things done on top of WebGL API http://www.chromeexperiments.com/webgll 2014 The Qt Company Qtcanvas3D What it is -Why -Where to get 8 2014 The Qt Company Qtcanvas3D What is QtCanvas3D? A Qt module that implements a 3D canvas component that can be added to a QtQuick scene You can get a WebGl like context API from the canvas component QtCanvas3D implements all the functions from WebGL 1.0.2 API spec, but is not tested for webgl conformance due to the current nature of webgl conformance tests 2014 The Qt Company Qtcanvas3D A Bit About Why? WebGL is nice and productive environment for doing 3D QtQuick is nice and productive environment for doing 2.5D UI Combining these two makes for a very productive environment A lot of innovation going on around WebGL, allowing porting of that content to QtQuick makes a lot of sense Allows developers to make 3D QtQuick applications that re-use existing 3D assets There are a lot of resources on the web to get started with WebGL About Qt3D 2.0 10 2014 The Qt Company

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