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y June 2004 First printing New for MATLAB 7.0(Release 14) October 2004 Online only Revised for MATLAB 7.0. 1(Release 14SP1) March 2005 Online only Revised for MATLAB 7.0.4(Release 14SP2) June 2005 Second printing Minor revision for MatLaB 7.0.4 September 2005 Online only Revised for MaTLAB 7. 1(Release 14SP3) March 2006 Online only Revised for MATLAB 7.2(Release 2006a) September 2006 Online only Revised for matlab 7.3 Release 2006b March 2007 Online only Revised for MaTLAB 7.4 (Release 2007a) September 2007 Online only Revised for Version 7.5 (Release 2007b) March 2008 Online only Revised for Version 7. 6( Release 2008a) October 2008 Online onl Revised for Version 7. 7(Release 2008b) March 2009 Online onl, Revised for Version 7.8( Release 2009a) September 2009 Online onl Revised for Version 7.9(Release 2009b) March 2010 Online only Revised for Version 7. 10( Release 2010a) September 2010 Online only Revised for Version 7.11 Release 2010b) April 2011 Online only Revised for Version 7. 12 (Release 2011a) September 2011 Online only Revised for Version 7. 13(Release 2011b) March 2012 Online only Revised for Version 7. 14 (Release 2012a September 2012 Online only Revised for Version 8.0 Release 2012b March 2013 Online only Revised for Version 8. 1(Release 2013a) September 2013 Online only Revised for Version 8.2(Release 2013b) March 2014 Online only Revised for Version 8.3(Release 2014a) October 2014 Online only Revised for Version 8.4 (Release 2014b) March 2015 Online only Revised for Version 8.5(Release 2015a) September 2015 Online only Revised for Version 8.6(Release 2015b) October 2015 Online onl Rereleased for Version 8.5.1(Release 2015aSP1 March 2016 Online only Revised for Version 9.0(Release 2016a) September 2016 Online only Revised for Version 9. 1(Release 2016b) March 2017 Online only Revised for version 9.2(Release 2017a) Contents Language Syntax Basics Continue Long statements on Multiple lines Call functions Ignore Function Outputs 1-4 Variable names,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Valid names Conflicts with Function names 1-5 Case and Space Sensitivity Command vs Function Syntax 1-9 Command and Function Syntaxes 1-9 Avoid Common Syntax Mistakes 1-10 HoW MATLAB Recognizes Command Syntax 1-11 Common Errors When Calling Functions 1-13 Conflicting Function and Variable Names 1-13 Undefined Functions or variables 1-13 Program Components 2 MATLAB Operators and Special Characters 2-2 Arithmetic Operators 2-2 Relational operators 2-2 Logical operators 2-3 pecial characters 2-3 String and character formatting 2-10 Array vs Matrix Operations 2-14 Introduction 2-14 Array Operations 2-14 Matrix Operations 2-17 Compatible array sizes for Basic Operations.... 2-20 Inputs with Compatible Sizes 2-20 Inputs with Incompatible Sizes 2-23 Examples 2-24 Array Comparison with Relational Operators 2-26 Array Comparison 2-26 Logic statements 2-29 Operator Precedence 2-30 Precedence of AND and OR Operators 2-30 Overriding Default Precedence 2-31 Average Similar Data Points Using a Tolerance 2-32 Group scattered Data Using a tolerance 2-35 Conditional statements 2-38 Loop Control Statements 2-40 Regular Expressions 2-42 What Is a Regular expression? 9A9 Steps for building expressions 2-44 Operators and characters 2-47 Contents Lookahead Assertions in Regular expressions 2-57 Lookahead assertions 2-57 Overlapping matches 2-57 Logical AND Conditions 2-58 Tokens in Regular Expressions 2-60 Introduction 2-60 Multiple tokens 2-61 Unmatched Tokens 2-62 Tokens in Replacement Text 2-63 Named Capture 2-64 Dynamic Regular Expressions 2-66 Introduction 2-66 Dynamic Match Expressions-(??expr) Commands That Modify the Match Expression-(?? 2-67 acmd 2-68 Commands That Serve a Functional Purpose -(? 2-69 Commands in replacement expressions-icmdk 2-71 Comma-Separated Lists What Is a comma-separated list? 2-74 2-74 generating a Comma-Separated List 2-74 Assigning Output from a Comma-Separated list 2-76 Assigning to a Comma-Separated List 2-77 How to Use the Comma-Separated lists 2-79 Fast Fourier Transform Example 2-81 Alternatives to the eval function 2-83 Why avoid the eval function 2-83 Variables with Sequential Names 2-83 Files with Sequential Names 2-84 Function names in Variables 2-85 Field names in Variables 2-85 Error handling 2-86 Classes Data Types) Overview of matlaB classes 3 Fundamental matlab classes 3-2 Numeric Classes Integers 4-2 Integer Classes 4-2 Creating Integer Data 4-3 Arithmetic Operations on Integer Classes 4-4 argest and smallest values for Integer classes 4-5 Floating-Point Numbers 4-7 Double-Precision Floating Point 4-7 Single- Precision Floating Point 4-7 Creating Floating-Point Data 4-8 Arithmetic Operations on Floating-Point Numbers 4-9 rgest and smallest values for Floating-Point Classes 4-11 Accuracy of Floating-Point Data 4-12 Avoiding common problems with Floating-Point Arithmetic 4-14 Complex numbers 4-17 Creating Complex Numbers 4-17 Infinity and naN 4-18 Infinity 4-18 a 4-18 Identifying Numeric Classes 4-21 Display format for Numeric Values 4-22 Default Display 4-22 Contents Display Format Examples 4-22 Setting Numeric Format in a Program 4-23 The Logical class 5 Find Array Elements That Meet a Condition 5-2 apply a single condition 2 Appice values that Meet a Condition oly multiple conditions Repl 5-5 Determine if Arrays Are Logical 7 Identify Logical matrix 5-7 Test an Entire Array 5-7 Test Each array element 5-8 Summary Table 5-9 Reduce Logical arrays to Single value....... 5-10 Truth Table for logical Operations 5-13 Characters and strings Represent Text with Character and String arrays 6-2 Create Character Arrays 6-5 Create Character Vector 6-5 Create Rectangular Character Array 6-6 Identify Characters 6-7 Work with Space Characters 6-8 Expand Character Arrays 6-9 Create String Arrays 6-10 Cell arrays of Character Vectors 6-19 Convert to Cell Array of Character Vectors 6-19 Functions for Cell arrays of Character Vectors .... 6-20 Analyze Text Data with String Arrays 6-22 Test for Empty Strings and Missing values 6-29 Formatting Text 6-34 Fields of the Formatting Operator 6-34 tting Field width and precision 6-40 Restrictions on Using Identifiers 6-43 Compare Text 6-45 Search and replace Text 6-51 Convert from Numeric values to Character array 6-58 Function Summary 6-58 Convert Numbers to Character Codes 6-59 Represent Numbers as Text 6-59 Convert to Specific radix 6-59 Convert from Character Arrays to Numeric values 6-60 Function Summary 6-60 Convert from Character Code 6-61 Convert Text that Represents Numeric values 6-61 Convert from Specific radix 6-62 Function Summary 6-63 Dates and Time Represent Dates and Times in MATLaB 7-2 Specify Time Zones 7-6 Convert Date and Time to Julian Date or posiX Time 7-8 Set Date and Time Display Format 7-12 Formats for Individual Date and Duration Arrays 7-12 Contents

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