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Table of contents Mastering microservices with java Credits About the author about the reviewer e Books. discount offers and more Why subscribe? Preface What this book covers What you need for this book Who this book is for Conventions Reader feedback Customer support Downloading the example code Errata Piracy Questions A Solution Approach Evolution ofuservices Monolithic architecture overview Limitation of monolithic architecture versus its solution with sErvices One dimension scalability Release rollback in case of failure Problems in adopting new technologies Alignment with Agile practices Ease of development- could be done better Microservices build pipeline Deployment using a container such as Docker Containers Docker Docker's architecture Docker image oc ker container Deployment Summary 2. Setting Up the Development Environment Spring boot configuration Spring boot overview Adding Spring Boot to the rest sample Adding a Jetty-embedded server Sample restprogram Writing the rest controller class a restcontroller aRequestMapping aRequestParam a Variable Making a sample rest app executable Setting up the application build Running the maven tool Executing with the Java command REST API testing using the Postman Chrome extension Some more positive test scenarios Negative test scenarios NetBeans IDE ins tallation and setup References Summary 3. Domain-Driven Design Domain-driven design fundamentals Building blocks Ubiquitous language Multilayered architecture Presentation layer Application layer Domain layer Infrastructure layer Artifacts of domain-driven design Entities Value objects Frequently asked questions Services Aggregates Repository Factory Modules Strategic design and principles Bounded context Continuous integration Context map Shared kernel Customer-supplier Conformist Anticorruption layer Separate ways Open host service Distillation Sample domain service Entity implementation Repository implementation Service implementation Summary 4. Implementing a Microservice OTRS overview Developing and implementing sErvices Restaurant sErvice Controller class API versioning Service classes Repository classes Entity classes Booking and user services Registration and Discovery service(Eureka service Execution Testing References S ummary 5. Deployment and Testing An overview of microservice architecture using Netflix Oss Load balancing Client-side load balancing Server-Side load balancing Circuit breaker and monitoring USing Hystrix's fallback methods Monitoring Setting up the Hystrix Dashboard Setting up Turbine Microservice deployment using containers Installation and configuration Docker machine with 4 GB Building Docker images with Maven Running docker using maven Integration testing with Docker Pushing the image to a registry Managing docker containers References Summary 6. Securing microservices Enabling Secure Socket Layer Authentication and authorization OAuth 2.0 Usage of oauth OAuth 2.0 specification- concise details OAuth 2.0 roles Resource owner Resource server Client Authorization server OAuth 2.0 client registration Client types Confidential client type Public client type Web application USer agent-based application Native application Client identifier Client authentication OAuth 2.0 protocol endpoints Authorization endpoint Token endpoint Redirection endpoint OAuth 2.0 grant types Authorization code grant Authorization code requests and responses Implicit grant Implicit grant requests and responses Resource owner password credentials grant Client credentials grant OAuth implementation using Spring Security Authorization code grant Implicit grant Resource owner password credential grant Client credentials grant References Summary 7. Consuming Services Using a Microservice Web App AngularIs framework overview MVC MVVM Modules Providers and services S copes Controllers Filters Directives UI-Router Development ofoTRS features Home page/restaurant list page index. html app Is restaurants.S restaurants html Search restaurants Restaurant details with reservation option restaurant. html Login page login. html login is Reservation confirmation Setting up the web app Summary 8. Best Practices and Common Principles Overview and mindset Best practices and principals Nanoservice(not recommended), size, and monolithic Continuous integration and deployment System/end-to-end test automation Self-monitoring and logging a separate data store for each microservice Transaction boundaries Microservices frame works and tools Netflix Open Source Software(Oss Build-N bula Deployment and delivery- Spinnaker with aminator Service registration and discovery- Eureka Service communication Ribbon Circuit breaker-Hystrix Edge (proxy) server- Zui Operational monitoring-Atlas Reliability monitoring service- Simian Army aws resource monitoring- Edda On-host performance monitoring-Vector Distributed configuration management- Archaius Scheduler for Apache Mesos-Fenzo Cost and cloud utilization -Ice Other security tools- Scumblr and FIDo Scumble Fully Integrated Defence Operation(FidO References Summary 9. Troubleshooting guide Logging and ELK stack a briefoverview Elasticsearch stash Kiana K stack setu Installing elasticsearch Installing Logstash Installing Kiana Tips for elK stack implementation Use of correlation id for service calls Let's see how we can tackle this problem Dependencies and versions Cyclic dependencies and their impact It needs to be analyzed while designing the system Maintaining different versions Let' s explore more References Summary Indeⅹ Mastering Microservices with Java


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