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作者介绍:  Reto Meier,目前是Google Android 团队的一名Android 开发人员倡导者,帮助Android 开发人员创建最优秀的应用程序。Reto 是一位经验丰富的软件开发人员,拥有逾10 年的GUI 应用程序开发经验。进入Google 之前,他曾在多种行业中工作过,包括海洋石油、天然气以及金融业。   Reto 始终不渝地追求掌握新技术,从2007 年Android 发布之初Reto 就迷恋上了此项技术。 本书目录: 第1章 Android简介 1.1 一些背景信息 1.1.1 不远的过去 1.1.2 未来的前景 1.2 对Android的误解
Meiero2275 ffirs V2-03/22/2012 PROFESSIONAL ANDROIDM 4 APPLICATION DEVELOP MENT NTRODUCTION。 CHAPTER 1 Hello. Android CHAPTER 2 Getting started CHAPTER 3 Creating Applications and Activities ...53 CHAPTER 4 Building User Interfaces .......95 ChAPTER 5 ntents and Broadcast receivers 165 CHAPTER 6 Using Internet Resources .201 CHAPTER 7 Files, Saving State, and Preferences 221 CHAPTER 8 Data bases and Content providers .251 CHAPTER 9 Working in the background ..331 CHAPTER 10 Expanding the User Experience .359 CHAPTER 11 Advanced User Experience 425 CHAPTER 12 Hardware sensors .481 CHAPTER 13 Maps, Geocoding, and Location-Based Services ...513 CHAPTER 14 Invading the Home Screen ....565 CHAPTER 15 Audio, Video, and Using the camera 621 CHAPTER 16 Bluetooth NFC Networks and wi-Fi .665 CHAPTER 17 Telephony and SMs ..,,,..,,,,701 CHAPTER 18 Advanced Android Development ·:· ...739 CHAPTER 19 Monetizing, Promoting, and Distributing Applications..............771 INDEX ,787 firs . incd 4/11/201210:37:18AM Meiero2275 ffirs V2-03/22/2012 firs indd ii 4/11/201210:37:19AM 12 Meier02275 ffirs v2-03/22/2012 PROFESSIONAL Android 4 Application Development firs. incdⅲi 4/11/201210:37:19AM Meiero2275 ffirs v2-03/22/2012 firs indd iv 4/11/201210:37:19AM Meiero2275 ffirs V2-03/22/2012 PROFESSIONAL Android" 4 Application Development Reto meier WILEY John Wiley Sons, Inc firs. incd v 4/11/201210:37:19AM Book Title <Chapter no> V2-MM/DD/2010 Professional Android 4 Application Development Published by John Wiley Sons, Inc 10475 Crosspoint Boulevard Indianapolis, IN 46256 Copyright o 2012 by John Wilcy Sons, Inc, Indianapolis, Indiana Published simultaneously in Canada ISBN:978-1-118-10227-5 ISBN:978-1-118-22385-7(ebk) ISBN:978-1-118-23722-9(ebk) ISBN:978-1-11826215-3(cbk) Manufactured in the United states of america 10987654321 No part of this publication may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, elec tronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning or otherwise, except as permitted under Sections 10 or 108 of the 1976 United States Copyright Act, without either the prior written permission of the Publisher, or authorization through pay ment of the appropriate per-copy fee to the Copyright clearance Center, 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MAo1923, (978 750-8400, fax(978)646-8600 Requests to the Publisher for permission should be addressed to the Permissions Department JohnWiley&Sons,Inc.,111RiverStreet,Hoboken,Nj07030,(201)748-6011,fax(201)748-6008,oronlineathttp:// ww.wiley. com/go/p SSIons Limit of Liability/Disclaimer of Warranty: The publisher and the author make no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this work and specifically disclaim all warranties, including without lirnitatic of fit tended by sale materials. The advice and strategies contained herein may not be suitable for every situation. This work is sold with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional services. If professional assistance is required, the services of a competent professional person should be sought. Neither the publisher nor the author shall be liable for damages arising herefrom. The fact that an organization or Web site is referred to in this work as a citation and/or a potential source of further in formation does not mean that the author or the publisher endorses the information the organization or Web site may provide or recommendations it may make. Further, readers should be aware that Internet Web sites listed in this work may have changed or disappeared between when this work was written and when it is read For general information on our other products and services please contact our Customer Care Department within the United States at(877)762-2974, outside the United States at (317)572-3993 or fax(317)572-4002 Wiley publishes in a variety of print and electronic formats and by print-on-demand. Some material included with standard print versions of this book may not be included in e-books or in print-on-demand. If this book refers to media such as a CD ordvdthatisnotincludedintheversionyoupurchasedyoumaydownloadthismaterialathttp://booksupport Library of Congress Control Number: 2011945019 Trademarks: Wiley, the Wiley logo, Wrox, the Wrox logo, Wrox Programmer to Programmer, and related trade dress are trademarks or registered trademarks of John Wiley Sons, Inc. and/or its affiliates, in the United States and other ountries, and may not be used without written permission. Android is a trademark of google, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. John Wiley Sons, Inc, is not associated with any product or vendor mentioned in this book firs indd vi 4/11/201210:3721AM 10 Meiero2275 ffirs v2-03/22/2012 To Kris firs . incd 4/11/201210:3721AM Meiero2275 ffirs V2-03/22/2012 ffirs indd viii 4/11/201210:3721AM

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