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Electrical Characteristics Unless otherwise stated, VCC=+5.0V, TA= Tmin to Tmax, C1 to C4=0.1uF, typical values apply at VCc=+5.0V and TA=25C Parameter Condition MinTypMa ax Units TL Logic Input T,IN, T2IN, T3IN, TAIN, T5IN,EN, SD TTL Logic Output R,OUT. ROUT. ROOUT ROUT ROUT RS-232 Input R,IN,R2IN, R3IN,RAIN,RSIN see specifications below RS-232 Output TOUT TOUT. TOUT TOUT TOUT Charge Pump pin CP,C俐N,C2P,C2N Power pin CC,V GND,DDˇss Charge Pump Caps CP, CN, C2P, C2N 0.1 0.1 10μF Temp O°cto+70°c Commercial grade 0 +25 70 Temp-40°Cto+85°C| Industrial grade 40+25+85°C V⌒⌒ Voltage range Vc =+5.OV Supply 4.5 5 5.5 Supply current TTL Inputs=Vcc/GND, RS-232 Input=float, TA=25C Quiescent Vcc=+5.0v +%, No load on transmitter outputs 6 mA Supply current TTL Inputs =Vcc/GND, RS-232 Inputs = float, TA=25C Transmitters loaded CC =+5.0V. All transmitter outputs loaded with R= 3kQ 15 mA Supply Current SHUTDOWN Enabled SD=GND, TTL Inputs=VCC/GND, TA=25C RS-232 Inputs= float, Vcc =+5.OV A TTL LOGIC Input Input Threshold Low 0.8 Input Threshold High Vcc=+5.0V Supply 2.4 Input Hysteresis 0.5 Input Leakage Current VIN=Vcc and GND, T, IN, EN, SD ±0.01 ±1 VVVAA Input Leakage Current IN-Vcc and GND, T_IN 200 TTL LOGIC Output Output Voltage Low lour 16mA Output Voltage High -1.0mA Vcc-0cc-07/04 √V Output Leakage Current Receiver Outputs Disabled, VOUT=Vcc or GND SDE GND, EN= V CC ±005±101A Receiver Input Input Voltage Range mIn 25 Input Threshold Low =25°C,Vc=5.0V 0.8 1.5 Input Threshold High V CC =+5.0V Supply 2.4 VVVV Input Hysteresis 05 Input Resistance N=+25V,TA=25C 3 kQ Transmitter Output Output Voltage Swing RL= 3kQ2, All Outputs are loaded 6 Output Resistance CC=V DD=ss=GND,Vour=±2V 300 Output Short-Circuit Currert VOUT =GND ±60 VaAA Output Leakage Current Transmitter Disabled, VOUT=+12V 5 8Zywyn Specifications subject to change without notice May 2006 rev. 1.6 Electrical Characteristics Unless otherwise stated, VCC=+5.0V,TA=Tmin to Tmax, C1 to C4=0.1uF, typical values apply at Vcc=+5.0V and TA=25C Parameter Condition Min Typ Max Units Timing Characteristics Maximum Data rate RL=3kQ2, CL=1000pF, TA=25C 250 One Transmitter Switching, Refers to Figure 1 and 2 Transition-Region Slew Rate R =3-7kQ, C= 150pF to 1000pF, One Transmitter Switching 6 V/中 a=25C, Measured from +3V to -3V or-3v to+3V,Vcc=4.5V Transmitter Propagation t LH All transmitters loaded with R1 =3KQ, C1 = 1000p Transmitter Propagation tp F 1.5 us HL All transmitters loaded with RL=3K Q2, CL=1000pF s ransmitter Output Enable Time 0.4 Transmitter Output Disable Time 0.25 us Receiver Propagation tpLH C1=150pF 0.15 uS Receiver Propagation tphL CL= 150pF 0.15 s Receiver skew PHLPLH 50 Receiver Output enable Time 0.2 p Receiver Output Disable Time 0.2 us ESD Tolerance RS-232 / Os ESD HBM ±15 KV TTL/CMOS I/Os ESD HBM KV ZT213E Only Power Receiver SD EN SD EN Up/Down Outputs 0 Enable Tri-State 0 0 Down Enable 0 Down Tri-State Zywyn Specifications subject to change without notice May 2006 rev. 1.6 Circuit Description Proprietary Switch-Capacitor Regulated Voltage ESD Immunity Converter Electro-Static Discharge(ESD)is an important factor when Different from other suppliers, Zywyn uses a patent pending implementing a serial port into a system. In some applica switch-capacitor voltage-controlled source and sink current tions, it is crucial that the ESd protection for the system must generators design to provide powerful bipolar voltages to meet a certain tolerance level. Since RS232 transceiver maintain compliant EIA/RS232 levels regardless of power sup- devices are exposed to the outside world, there are many ply fluctuations. The design consists of an internal regulated environmental factors that can effect the serial port and oscillator, a two phase clock cycling, regulated complementary even subject it to transients that could potentially damage MOS switches, fast switching diode and switch capacitors. the transceiver itself The switch capacitor bi-directional current generators operate The RS232 transceiver is usually routed from the serial port with Zywyn's proprietary smartly regulated complementary connector to the transceiver IC through the metal trace on MOS switches and fast switching diode from its proprietary the printed circuit board. This trace will have some small high voltage process technology The efficiency of these bi- amount of resistance that will add some protection in terms directional current generators is well over 70%. The switching of limiting transient current to the IC. However for added frequency is generated by an internal oscillator and regulated voltage protection, transient voltage suppressors(Tvs)or by the current loads. The switch capacitor pump design deliv- transzorbs, which are back-to-back diode arrays clamp,are ers higher negative bucked voltage than the positive boosted usually necessary to protect the serial port circuity voltage to achieve a balanced voltage controlled source and To further reduce cost within their system, more engineers sink current generators resulting a balanced bipolar voltage are requiring higher ESD tolerances from the transceiver supplies to the chip Cs themselves without having to add costly TVs circuitry With its unique proprietary design technique, Zywyn's inter- Zywyn'srS232 transceivers includes built-in transientvoltage face product series provide a better power efficient stable suppression where external ESD circuitry is not necessary to and compliant EIA/RS232 levels with superior low power meet the MIL-STD-883, Method 3015, Human Body Model consumption and the EN61000-4-2 Air/Contact Discharge tests Controlled enable and power -Down The Human Body Model has been the generally accepted The ZT211E and ZT213E both feature an enable input ESD testing method for semiconductors. This test is intended which allows the receiver outputs to be either tri-stated or to simulate the human bodys potential to store electrostatic enabled. This can be especially useful when the receiver is energy and discharge it to an integrated circuit upon close proximity or contact. This method will test the IC's capability tied directly to a microprocessor data bus. For the ZT211E, to withstand an ESd transient during normal handling such enable is active low, in which a logic LoW applied to the En pin will enable the receiver outputs For the Zt213E, enable as in manufacturing areas where the ICs tend to be handled is active high in which a logic HIGH applied to the en pin will frequently enable the receiver outputs ZT211E and zT213E have a low-power shutdown mode con- trolled by the SD pin. During shutdown the driver output and the switch-capacitor regulated voltage converter are disabled with the supply current falls to less than 1HA ZT213E includes a wakeup function (see Table 1)that enables two receivers duringa shutdown state. With only the receivers active during the shutdown state, the devices draw 5-10uA of supply current. A typical application is when a rS232 cable is connected or when the peripheral is enabled such as a modem the devices will automatically become active again The ring indicator signal from the modem could be passed through an active receiver in the Zt213E that is itself in the shutdown mode. The ring indicator signal would propagate through the ZT213E to the power management circuitry of the computer to power up the microprocessor and the ZT213E drivers. After the supply voltage to the ZT213E reaches +5.0v, the Sd pin can be disabled, taking the ZT213E out of the shutdown mode. All receivers that are active during shutdown maintain 500mV(typ )of hysteresis. 8Zywyn Specifications subject to change without notice May 2006 rev. 1.6 RS232 Signal Characteristics he charge pump voltage converter efficiently converts the The receivers convert RS-232 input signals to inverted TTL necessary voltage for the driver's output transistors so that signals. The inputs have a typical hysteresis margin of 500mV the Rs232 output is close to the ideal rail voltage of 10V in order to account for signal degradation caused by system While loaded with a typical RS232 load, the driver's output interference and other noise related disturbers. This ensures level only drops 0.2V from its open circuit voltage. Zywyn's that the receiver is relatively immune to noisy transmission low-drop driver circuitry working with its efficient voltage lines. The input thresholds are 0.8V minimum and 2.4V regulator allows superior line driving capability while meeting maximum, which are within the TIAElA-232 requirements the requirements of TIA/ElA-232-E The receiver inputs are also protected against voltages up The drivers are inverting transmitters which accept ttl or to +25V. Should an input be left unconnected, a kohm pul CMOS inputs and produces the Rs-232 compliant signals down resistor to ground will force the output of the receiver that is inverted relative to the input logic levels. Typically the to a high state RS232 output voltage swing is +6V. Even under the worst case loading conditions of 3kohms and 2500pF, the output is guaranteed to be +5v, which adheres to the RS232 stan- dard specifications. The transmitter outputs are protected against infinite short-circuits to ground without degradation in reliability The instantaneous slew rate of the transmitter output is internally limited to a maximum of 30V/us in order to meet the TIA/ElA-232-E requirements Specification RS232D RS- 423A RS422 RS485 RS562 Mode of Operation single-Ended single-Ended Differential Differential Single-Ended lo, of Drivers and Receivers 1 Driver 1 Driver 1 Driver 32 Drivers 1 Driver Allowed on One Line 1 Receiver 10 Receivers 10 Receivers 32 Receivers 1 Receiver Maximum Cable Length 50 feet 4,000fet 4,000fet 4.000 feet Cs2, 500 pF@ <20kbps C≤1000pF@>20kbps Maximum data rate 20 kbps 100 kbps 10 Mbps 10 Mbps 64 kbps Driver Output Maximum Voltage ±25V 0.25 to +6V 7V to +12V 3.7Vto+13.2V Driver Output Signal Level Loaded ±5V 36V ±1.5V ±37V Unloaded 十 ±6V ±5V ±5V ±132 Driver Load Impedance 3~7KQ 4509 10092 54Q 3~7K Maximum Driver Output Current High Impedance State) Power on ±100uA Power off VMA×300 100uA ±100A ±100A Slew Rate 30V/Hs max. Controls Provided 30V和s Receiver Input Voltage Range ±15∨ 7v to +7V 7V to +1 Receiver Input Sensitivity ±200mV ±200my ±200mV ±3V Receiver Input Resistivity 3~7KQ kOMin 4KQ min 12K O min 3~7K Zywyn Specifications subject to change without notice May 2006 rev. 1.6 Pin Configuration T3OUT T4OUT T2QUT 品 T3OUT TlOUT _23R2|N T1OUT T2OUT 3 22R2OUT R2IN RIIN ZYWYN 2口1T5N R2OUT ZYWYN 21T4N R1OUTE 20T5OUT T1IN 20】T4OUT T2IN ZT207E 197T4N Rout[6 ZT208E N T1IN 8T3IN RuIN T2IN 177R3OUT GND R4OUT vcc■9 R3N Vcc RaIN c1+ c1+ 14c2 C1 13c2+ c1■121 24-pin SSOP/PDIP/SOIC 24-pin SSOP/PDIP/SOIC T3。UT T4OUT T3OUT ]T4。UT T1OUT R3IN T1OUT R3IN ToUT R2IN 品 IZOUT 26R3OUT R2IN R2OUT ZYWYN R2OUT5 ZYWYN 24EN T2IN R4IN T2|N□ 23 R4IN ZT211E E RoUT TiN ZT213E L22 R4OUT 21T4|N R1OUT 21T4IN RlIN T3IN R1IN 20T3N GND R5OUT 9RSOU R5IN Vcc11 因1R5N C1 C1 v+[13 611c2 C1- 28- pin SSOP∧sOc 28-pin SSOP/SOIC 8Zywyn Specifications subject to change without notice May 2006 rev. 1.6 Typical Application Circuits ZT207E ZT208E ZT211E ZT213E ×5 Zywyn Specifications subject to change without notice May 2006 rev. 1.6 Typical Test Circuits Maximum data rate Test circuit Measuring Notes Oscilliscope A. RL-3kQ2,CL=1000pF, TA=25C, RS-232 Generator output One Driver Switching (see Note B) L B. The pulse generator had the following characteristics (see Note A) PRR=250 kbps, Zo= 5022, 50% duty cycle, T&T≤10ns TEST CIRCUI Tek Stopped 18Acquis itions ek stopped: Acquisitions Ch2 M Ch2 Max 6.7V Ch2№in Ch2 MIn 0 Y 2→ 00V Ch2 5.00Vs M 2.50us 0 Ch25.00ⅴ Um飞 Ch35.00v Test Circuit RS232 Signal Characteristics Figure 1 shows the normal RS232 transceiver function with is looped back to the receivers input. The resultant output a TTL/CMOS signal applied to the input on channel 1 and on channel 3 is the receiver's TTL/CMos output. While the resultant RS232 output shown on channel 2. T his figure loaded with a typical RS232 load, the driver's output level shows a typical RS232 line driver output without loading. In only drops 0. 2V from its open circuit voltage while running at other words, this is the open circuit RS232 output voltage. 250kbps. The Rs-232 output on channel 2 also shows good The charge pump voltage converter efficiently converts the signal integrity while at the high data rates, which allows the necessary voltage for the driver's output transistors so that receiver to process the signal will minimum skew and delay the rs232 output is close to the ideal rail voltage of 6.6v Zywyn's low-drop driver circuitry working with its efficient Figure 2 shows the RS232 transceiver function using the voltage regulator allows superior line driving capability with TTL/CMOS input on channel 1 while showing the RS232 out- the bonus of #15kV ESD immunity put on channel 2. This figure shows the RS232 signal while the output is loaded with 3kohms and 1000pF. The resistive load is the receiver's input impedance as the driver's output 8Zywyn Specifications subject to change without notice May 2006 rev. 1.6 Driver Transition-Region Slew Rate Test Circuit Input Notes RS-I 1,5y 15V V ARL=3k-7kQ2, CL=150pF to 1000pF, Generater Output see Note B) 50g CL Hk→←qL One Driver Switching, TA=25C, R>个(eNh Measured from +3y to -3V or -3V to +3V B. The pulse generator had the following characteris- TES CIRCUIT 6V VOL-TAGE WAVEFORMS SHit) PRR= 250 kbps, Zo 50Q2, 50% duty cycle, PHL or T&T≤10n 3v Driver Propagation(tph tpLH) Test Circuit RS-232 15V Notes Generator< Output see Ncte Bl 50Q A. All drivers loaded with ri= 3k22, ci 1000pF 3个eleA B. The pulse generator had the following characteris VOH ti Output 50%m oL PRR=250 kbps, Zo=5092, 50% duty cycle, TEST CRCUI VOLTAGE WAVEFORMS 31.5V Receiver Propagation Delay Times Test Circuit Output -3v notes Generator (see Note B) 50g tHL (R++ P. H(R) A. CL= 150pF, including probe and jig capacitance isee Note A) output 508 OH B. The pulse generator had the following characteris- tie PRR=250 kbps, Zo= 5022, 50% duty cycle TESTCIRCUIT VOLTAGE WAVEFORMS Zywyn Specifications subject to change without notice May 2006 rev. 1.6

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