Developing Windows 10 Applications with C#

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This book will help readers understand the Universal Windows Platform in details. Reading the first part you can find basic information that helps you to create simple applications and even publish it to the Store. In the second part you can find answers to the questions how to integrate your applications with the operating system, use more advanced user controls and monetize your applications. Finally, in the third part, you can learn some topics about Azure, Internet of Things and more advanced graphic frameworks.
o 2016 Sergii baidachnyi ISBN:1522894918 ISBN-13:978-1522894919 Library of Congress control Number: 2015921254 Create Space Independent Publishing Platform, North Charleston, SC Table of contents Preface Part I introduction to the universal windows platform Chapter 1 What Is the Universal Windows Platform? One Core, One Application Platform, One Store Tools and Languages Cross-Platform Development and bridges Our First Application Chapter 2 XAML Basics What IS Xaml? Basic syntax Namespaces inⅹAML Code-Behind Pages and Event Handlers Markup extensions Dependency properties Chapter 3 Layouts Canvas Stack anel Common Properties and Panel Class Grid Relative Panel Scrollviewer Chapter 4 Common User Controls Some Words about hierarchy Buttons Working with Text Range base controls ProgressIng ToolTip User Control Working with Collections Splitview Chapter 5 User Interaction Chapter 6 Styles, Resources, and Themes Introduction to Styles Basedon Styles Resources Resource dictionaries Themes How to Localize Your Application Chapter 7 Graphics, Transformation, and Animation Graphic Primitives Brushes Solidcolorbrush Linear gradient brush Image brush Web viewbrush Geometric Shapes Transformations Basic Types of Transformations Composite Transform 3-D Transformation Introduction to animations Basic Animation Types How to Run Storyboard Animation Using Key frames Easing Functions Embedded animations Transitions Theme animations Chapter 8 Data Binding Element-to-Element Binding Binding in Code Element-to-Object Binding Converters Binding to Collections Chapter 9 Navigation and Windowing Pages and Navigation Back Button Is Everywhere Application Life Cycle Windowing Application View Class itle bar How to Handle window Size Changes Working with Additional Views Chapter 10 How to Create Adaptive Interfaces What Do We already Know about Adaptive Interfaces VisualStateManager Setters Adaptive Triggers How to create different views Chapter 11 Tiles and Notifications ive tiles Toast notifications Scheduled notifications Periodic notifications Chapter 12 How to Publish Applications to the Store Create a publisher account Get Ready to Publish Your Application Publishing Part ii common features and extensions Chapter 13 Introduction to MVVM Chapter 14 How to Work with Files and Settings Working with Files and Folders Working with Settings and Temporary Data Local Storage Roaming storage Temporary storage File pickers Known folders File-Type Associations Chapter 15 App-to-App Communications How to Implement Drag-and-Drop Functionality Clipboard Data Sharing How to Launch External Applications Based on URL Protocol Publisher cache Chapter 16 Application Services and Background Tasks Background Tasks Application Services Chapter 17 Networking Network Information Working with Data How to work with rss feeds USing the Web authentication Broker Class Chapter 18 Audio and video Media controls Mediaelement Adaptive Streaming Captions Template for Media Media casting Media editing and transcoding hapter 19 Camera API Using Camera CaptureUI Dialog Media Capture API Chapter 20 Speech Recognition and Cortana Text to Speech Speech Recognition Cortana Chapter 21 Maps Chapter 22 Inking Chapter 23 Sensor AP Chapter 24 Platform Extensions Chapter 25 How to Publish Web Applications to the Store Web view Project Westminster Chapter 26 How to Make Money in the Store Paid applications Twins Trial mode Promo Codes Free Applications dvertising In-App Purchases Part iii advanced features Chapter 27 Windows Notification Service Chapter 28 Sending Notifications Using Azure "Native Development"Scenario Introduction to notification hub Creating a Simple Notification Hub Mobile service api vs notification hub api Tables How to send notifications from the server "Operator"application Windows notification service and windows runtime Server Side for Windows Runtime Application Interface of Our Application NET Back end Other mobile services features Templates ODS Custom apl Chapter 29 How to Build Your Own User Controls Templates User controls Templated Controls Chapter 30 Testing and Debugging Emulators and simulators ive visual tree in visual studio Profiling and Debugging Tools in Visual Studio 2015 XAML Tools in visual studio 2015 Chapter 31 Win2D: How to Use Graphics without Deep DirectX Knowledge Chapter 32 Composition API Chapter 33 How to Use blend Overview to blend How to create animations in blend States and State Triggers and blend Chapter 34 Internet of Things Overview of microboards Arguing Arduino and visual studio Netduino Raspberry p. How to create schemas Windows 10 lot core loT Extensions Analog and PWM on Raspberry Chapter 35 How to Build windows 10 Games in Unity3D Visual Studio Tools for Unity Publishing a Unity Game to the Store How to Create a Plug-In for Unity

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