CCTC 2016 Mirantis Gregory Elkinbard:OpenStack and NFV

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该文档来自CCTC 2016中国云计算技术大会。Mirantis公司高级技术总监Gregory Elkinbard发表的题为“OpenStack and NFV”的主题演讲,欢迎下载!
NFV Enables Transformation ccTc2016中云计真技水大会 SERVICE PROVIDER APPLICATIONS VMS 含ba NFS VMs EPC Session border CDM M Controller Router VIRTUAL TRADITIONAL NETWORK APPLIANCES OPENSTACK Firewa Carrier Generic servers Commodity Storage Network Switches Grade at Acceleratio Improve service delivery cost structures Accelerate service innovation and creation Benefits Customer wallet share New customer segments NFVs Require New Infrastructure Approach ccTc2016中云计真技水大会 OSS/BSS Mirantis OpenStack Web-scal Distribution Revenue Chaining Service Orchestration #1 Purpose-built OpenStack installer Hardened, support, HA VNF Partner Eco-System Optimized for nfv Resource Orchestration VNF VNF VNF VNF VNF Management and Orchestration MANO Orchestration Orchestration= Service Orch(S0)+ VNF Foundational sw Resource Orch (ro) Make Murano de-facto RO, and part of oSm MIRANTIS Murano application integration Infrastructure Platform Services Multi-site Fabric Manager NFV Infrastructure Virtualized Infrastructure w/Chaining Data plane acceleration Physical Infrastructure m High performance ovs with SRIOv COMPUTE STORAGE openstack ovs with DPDK support in-progress MIRANTIS MIRANTIS NFV Enables New Vendors and Innovation CCTc2016中云计真技水大 Today Tomorrow (Siloed) (Cloudified) CITRIX. riverbed Transformat on aalto OVERTURE ciena blueplanet Orchestra NETWORKS tion Key enablers: JUniPer CISCO ARIST Virtualization e o: VARMOUR ww. affirmed Workload/V HUAWEI x86 compute NF Alcatel- Lucent Automation ERICSSON Jun iPe NS※wh⑧ pLUMgri Infrastru Multi-tenancy nuagenetworks cture SW/SDN DLL Hewlett Packard EMC Enterprise BROCADE SUPERMICRo QCT solIdFirE cumulus networks Infrastr cture Incumbents Cloud era(Pure endors Mirantis Helps Transformation Through Open Cloud ccTc2016中云计真技水大会 Open Open community approach to developing nev platform ETSI-NFV compliant 100%Open Source, No vendor-lock in Unified One cloud for nfv, iot, and Enterprise it workloads MIRANTIS Best-of-breed, validated solutions from large partner ecosystem Open Stack Purpose-engineered by mirantis: the leading Openstack contributo OPNFV A glle Software-defined service definition Scalable and extensible architecture NFV Rich Partner. Ecosystem 2016中国云计算技术大会 Cloud Computing Technology Conference 2016 wl" paloalto Alcatel.Luce Network CISCO Open Source CDO vyTT入 Services. VNFs riverbed Ai∧ JUnIPer Stack Policy, cloudstack ce cloud computing Management CSco.“ and Orchestration redhat vmwAre MIRANTIS openstack ===二 ==================== -------===========4==================== 〓=〓============ vmware 罪。 OPEN SDN Controller csco.NS× PLUMgrid DAYUIGHT GS (C) OPENCONTRAIL FLoodlight Virtualized Network CTRIX vmware nuagenctworkr' (O)OPENCONTRAIL * OPnFV Infrastructure lIl.lll. JUniPer BROCADE: Q cumulus networks Physical OPEN NEYWORKING Infrastructure CISCO. ARISTA M Mellanox:: >X big switch Compute Storage Legacy Network White Box Physical Infrastructure Resources Deliver best of Breed Solutions ccTc2016中云计真技水大会 OSS/BSS MANO Revenue Chaining Service Orchestration 二==-=====二=------------ OVERTURE VCPE VEPC VSBC Metaswitch I Resource Orchestration ciena. blueplanet affirmed VNF Orchestration Orchestration all paloalto JUnIperCITRKX (NEVO VNF Foundational sw ∧ BROCADE MIRANTIS VNES Infrastructure platform services Multi-site Fabric Manager JUniper xbig switch :t midokura Virtualized Infrastructure w/Chaining dialup △小 CIsCO Nsx中⑧Puwe Physical Infrastructure OWIND QLOGIC Mellanox VIM The Ultimate: erformance (NETRON口ME OF COMPUTE a STORAGE 9 NETWORK openstack Infrastructure SW/SDN Data plane MIRANT MIRANTIS Acceleration Mirantis. Scalable Cloud Platform ccTc2016中云计真技水大会 IT/OPS Interface Developer Workload Interface OpenStack A Deployment pp guI or api Catalog Dashboa Deplo Identit rd Big Orchestra Deploy (Horizon) Data tion Operate Keystone APIs (Sahara) eat ue eate API Virtual Cloud Store Network Discove Telemeter Middlewal Install Block Monit re Image Compute Health-I (Glance (Nova torage Network e. g check (Cinder g Ceilometer Databases, (Neutron Messaging Use Images Store nag stor Fuel Deployment Plugins Object Scale- Validate Bare Storage out Metal (Swift) Storag D Ivers Mirantis openstack (CEPH) Core --£ astrue+ Mirantis OpenStack Addresses NFV Requirements ccTc2016中云计真技水大会 Scalable cloud High per formance low latency Compute Accelerated virtual network o Monitoring and service Assurance

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