OpenMPI User Manual

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Open MPI Document Project September 17, 2013 Open MPI The Message Passing Interface (MPI) is a set of denitions for managing multiple processes on a wide variety of computational platforms. Open MPI is an implementation of this set of denitions. The MPI denition is based on the idea of multiple processes running in parallel, and the set of denitions provides a way to create multiple processes, initiate multiple processes, and share information between them. At its most basic level Open MPI provides a framework in which the compu- tational platform can be treated as a array of independent, distributed memory, distributed processor machines. This framework allows for the creation of programs that can exploit this assumed structure, and it allows for the creation and execution of multiple processes that can be thought of as acting independently of one another. Any information shared between the processes must done so explicitly making use of the Open MPI library. TODO:Provide a low level introduction to MPI

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