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teleaticstab About the Long Term Evolution CTTGE Long term evolution represents an emerging and promising technology for providing a broadband ubiquitous internet access First 3GPP release: Release 8Dec. 2004)(the release of the release"is 2008) LTE has been designed for guaranteeing high capacity and data rates, low cost deployments for cellular networks TE will be the 4-th generation of cellular networks We need for a complete lte simulator for testing network performance and for implementing newer algorithms/protocols teleaticstab CTTGE The development of the lte module for ns-3 was carried out during the google summer of Code 2010 SUMMER OF CODE∥2010 code. google. com/soc Google The module is built completely in C++ The module has been merged into ns-8.1// It comprises 89 classes and approximately g( lo0 lines of code LTE is a very complex standard, and for this reason, at this time, it is not yet possible the simulation a complete LTE system e However this contribution is fundamental since it set the basis for developing such a complete tool o teleaticstab CTTGE What features have been implemented O Network devices: User Equipment qUE)and enhanced nodeB (enB) a Part of Radio Resource Control(rrC u MAC queues and the rlc instances(mi O Data radio Bearers(with their Qos parameters) u PHY layer model with resource block level granularity Outdoor e-utran channel model O dL Channel Quality Indicator(CQi) management u Adaptive modulation and Coding(Amc)scheme for the downlink u Support for the downlink packet scheduler teleaticstab CTTGE Implemented e-utran de evices and enB :51 enodeb The core of the te module is composed by both mac and phy MME/S-GW/ P-GW layers of an lte deⅤice enodeb The lte device has been conceived as a UES enodeb container of several entities the ip classifier, the rrc entity the Evolved EUTRAN Packet Core MAC entity, and the phy layer Their actual integration is device-dependent due the intrinsic ifferences between the entities involved qUE vs enB) The implementation of each of these entities depends on which the device have to teleaticstab CTTGE UPPER LAYERS Classify packet into a proper queue IP Classifier F dup RRC adio bearer Packet Scheduler AMC MAC Sendpacketburst Sendidealcontrolmessages PHY DI PHY UL PHY Receiveldeal controlmessages DI Channel UL Channel teleaticstab CTTGE UPPER LAYERS IP Classifier Forwardup SendPacketBurst RRC Radio bearer Create cQI feedbacks AMc MAC Sendidealcontrolmessages PHY DI PHY UL PHY Receiveldeal controlmessages DI Channel UL Channel teleaticstab CTTGE In lte networks each flow is mapped into a logical connection named bearer a Radio bearer maps a flow into the bearer established between uE andenB We can have different type of radio bearers Default radio bearer ys data radio bearer GBR Radio bearer vs non -gbr radio bearer Each radio bearer has associated a set of Qos parameters(target delay, minimum guaranteed bit rate, maximum guaranteed bit rate, class identifier), called Qos class identifiers(QCIs) The rrc entity manages active radio bearers for a given device teleaticstab CTTGE Both Channel and phy have been developed starting from the Spectrum framework This framework allow us to accurately model the ofdma phy layer by O defining a set of frequencies used at the PhY layer (resource block resolution u modeling the power spectral density of the transmitted received signal U allowing the computation of the sinr of the received signal We implemented the fdd channel access we need for 2 channels (the DL channel and the ul channel and for 2 PhySpectrum entities in the phy layer We chose to use the singleModelspectrum Channel for modelling the lte ci nanne The lte spectrumPhy has been implemented extending the spectrumPhy class LTE module extends the Propagation SpectrumModel for implementing the propagation model for E-UTRAN interface

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