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希望大家表骂偶假洋鬼子,板砖?偶闪! /***************************************************************************** / / This software is published under the GPL 2. / For the detail about GPL 2, look into / / author: sproll.gangaro / mail: / / Hi every body, thanks for choosing Free Hex Control! / / Errrrr...Actually, I hesitate to release the source code of this control, / Because when I checked after completion, I found that it's really ugly! Putting all / graphic codes in the CDraw class is the worst idea, and this makes re-drawing / specific area difficult, so I lazily redraw almost the whole control whenever / it needs. This results in the slowness (I suggest you can use the control in data / display, ^_^). In next version, I will optimize draw efficiency, / making range class to express character and other elements. / And the ascii-bar will support multi-character language, / for example: Chinese, etc. / / Here are some description of some properties: / HScroll: extend control by horizontal scroll bar / AddressStart: the first byte's offset / AddressStyle: style of address, 0, HEX; 1, Dec / AddressNumber:number of address data in characters / ShowData: used in debugging, don't use it / SolidSelectionDisplay: / selected data's background is solid or not / BytesPerLine: if HScroll is true, how many bytes per line, / if HScroll is false, this depends on control's width / Group: separate data into groups or not in a line / GroupSize: if Group is true, how many bytes in a group / ShowCaret: high light the selected byte or not / ShowAddress: show address bar or not / ShowAscii: show ascii bar or not / ShowColumn: show column bar or not / AddressTextColor: / ColumnTextColor: / TextColor: / AsciiTextColor: / text color in each bar / *****************************************************************************/

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