Business Analytics: Data Analysis & Decision Making

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Business Analytics: Data Analysis & Decision Making (英语) 精装 – 2017年第六版S. Christian Albright (作者), Wayne L. Winston (作者)
Overview of Applications in the Book, by Discipline Accounting Accounts receivable 285,297 Auditing for price errors 329 Developing a flexible budget 537 Estimating total tax refunds 325 Estimating total taxable income 325 Overhead cost analysis 423,437,471,490,520,524 Economics/Government Demand and cost for electrici Demand for desktops and laptops Demand for french bread Demand for heating oi 536 Demand for microwaves 82 Electricity pricing 736 Home and condo prices Housing price structure Presidential elections Sales of new houses 566.572 Finance Bond investment strategy Capital budgeting 7|4 Cash management 852 DJIA Index 58,77 Investing for college 892 Investing for retirement 48|,857 nvestment strategy Investor's after-tax profit Land purchase decision 274 Liquidity risk management 829 Market return scenarios 152,157 Mutual fund returns 171,195 development 847 Pension fund management 708 Portfolio analysis 743 Random walk of stock prices 562 Stock hedging 757 Human resources Employee empowerment ployee retention Gender discrimination 450.457.5|4 obs in statistics and mathematics 897 Personnel testing Productivity due to exercise 384 Marketing Catalog marketing 503,508 Churn in cellular phone market Clustering shoe customers 934 Customer complaints Customer valuation 865 DVD movie renters Electronics sales 08 Frozen lasagna dinner buyers 125.915.919.923 Furniture prIcing Marketing and selling condos New pizza style decisions 365,373 New product decisions 233,240.243,260 Olympics sponsors 363 Response to new sandwich 319,346,.348 Running shoe style decisions 274 Sales presentation ratings Sales response to coupons 343 Sales versus promotions 421,433 Soft-drink can sty! 380 Supermarket sales 197 Supermarket transactions Value of free maintenance agreement 868 Miscellaneous statistical Crime in the U.s Cruise ship entertainment Election returns Family income sampli Forecasting U.S. population IQ and bell curve Predictors of successful movies Questionnaire responses 23 Relationship between smoking and drinking Removing Vioxx from marke 412 Sample size determination in legal case 279 Saving, spending, social climbing Simpson's paradox University admissions perations Management regate planni ng Airline boarding strategies 75 Airline hub location decisions 729 Arrivals at bank Automobile production tery lifetimes 9 Bidding for contracts Blending oil 670 Developing Army helicopter component 276 Developing electronic timing system 275 Delivery times at restaurant Distribution of metal strip widths 396 Employee scheduling 663 Expensive watch production 219 Forecasting sales 55l,554,559,566,572,576,58,586 Inventory management 208 Learning curve for production 466 Manufacturing plastics operations 599 Ordering decisions 781,784,7%6,806,812,8|5 Out-of-spec products 350 Overbooking at airlin 98 Product mix decisions 603,631,721 Production quantity decisions 827,828 Production schedul 641,840 Production, inventory, distribution decisions Quality control at paper company Reliability of motors 336 Site selection of motor inns 4|7 Timing uncertainty in construction 44 Transportation, logistics decisions 677,686 Variability in machine parts Warranty costs 835 Sports/Gaming salaries 3,40,46,49,8 Games at McDonald's l39 Golf stats on PGa tour 95 ncaa basketball tournament simulation 882 Revenue management at casino Streak shooting in basketball 20 Wheel of fortune simulation Winning at craps 879 Winning the lotter 220 6 TH EDITION Business analytics Data Analysis and Decision Makin S Christian Albright Kelly school of Business, Indiana University, Emeritus Wayne L. winston Kelly school of Business, Indiana University CENGAGE Learnin Australia· Brazil· Mexico· Singapore· United Kingdom· United States CENGAGE Learning Business Analytics: Data analysis o 2017, 2015 Cengage Learning Decision Making, Sixth Edition ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this work covered by the copyright S Christian Albright and Wayne L. Winston herein may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, Vice President, General Manager, Soci except as permitted by U.S. copyright law, without the prior written Science Qualitative Business permission of the copyright owner Balraj Product Director: mike schenk For product information and technology assistance, contact us at Cengage Learning Customer Sales Support, 1-800-354-9706 Product Manager: Aaron Arnsparger For permission to use material from this text or product, Associate Content Developer: Brad Sullender Product Assistant: Audrey Jacobs Further permissions questions can be emailed to Sr Marketing manager Nathan anderson Manufacturing Planner: RonJ Montgomery Library of congress control number: 2016934323 Art and Cover Direction Production SBN:978-1-30594754-2 Management, and Composition: Lumina Datamatics Inc Loose Leaf Edition ISBN: 978-1-305-86647-8 Cover Image: iStockphoto. com/derrek ntellectual Property Cengage Learning Analyst: Brittani Morgan 20 Channel center street Project Manager: Nick Barrows Boston MA o2210 USA Cengage Learning is a leading provider of customized learning solutions with employees residing in nearly 4o different countries and sales in more than 125 countries around the world. Find your local representative at Cengage Learning products are represented in Canada by Nelson education ltd Purchase any of our products at your local college store or at our Printed in the United states of america Print number: o1 Print Year: 2016 To my wonderful wife Mary-my best friend and travel mate; to Sam, Lindsay, Teddy, and Archie, and to Bryn, our ball-playing Welsh corgi! S.C.A To my wonderful family WL.W About the authors S Christian Albright got his B.S. degree in Mathematics from Stanford in 1968 and his phD in Operations Research from Stanford in 1972. He taught in the operations decision Technologies Department in the Kelley school of Business at Indiana University (U) for close to 40 years, before retiring from teaching in 2011. While at IU, he taught courses in management g science, computer simulation, statistics, and computer programming to all levels of business students, including andergraduates, MBAs, and doctoral students. In addition he taught simulation modeling at General Motors and Whirlpool, and he taught database analysis for the army. He published over 20 articles in leading operations research journals in the area of applied probability, and he has authored the books Statistics for Business and Economics, Practical Management Science, Spreadsheet Modeling and Applications, Data Analysis for Managers, and vBA for Modelers He worked for several years after "retirement" with the palisade corporation developing training materials for its software products, he has developed a commercial version of his excel@ tutorial. called exceINow! and he continues to revise his textbooks On the personal side, Chris has been married for 44 years to his wonderful wife Mary, who retired several years ago after teaching 7th grade English for 30 years. They have one son, Sam, who lives in Philadelphia with his wife lindsay and their two sons, Teddy and archer Chris has many interests outside the academic area they include activities with his family (especially traveling with Mary), going to cultural events at IU, power walking while listening to books on his iPod, and reading. And although he earns his livelihood from statistics and management science, his real passion is for playing classical piano musIc Wayne L. Winston taught in the Operations Decision Technologies Department in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University for close to 40 before retiring a few ' ears ago. wayne received his b.s. degree in mathematics from Mit and his phd in Operations research from s Yale. He has written the successful textbooks operations Research: Applications and algorithms, Mathematical g Programming: Appllcations and Algorithms, Simulation 8 Modeling using @risk, Practical Management Science, o Data Analysis and Decision Making, Financial Models Using simulation and Optimization and Mathletics. wayne has published more than 20 articles in leading journals and has won many teaching awards, including the school-wide mBa award four times. He has taught classes at Microsoft, Gm, Ford, Eli Lilly, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Arthur Andersen, Roche, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and NCR, and in"retirement, he is currently teaching several courses at the University of Houston. His current interest is showing how spreadsheet models can be used to solve business problems in all disciplines, particularly in finance and arketing Wayne enjoys swimming and basketball, and his passion for trivia won him an appearance several years ago on the television game show Jeopardy where he won two games. He is married to the lovely and talented Vivian. They have two children, Gregory and jennifer

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