Fresco - loading images fast

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该文档来自MDCC 2016中国移动开发者大会。王洁(Jie Wang)发表了题为“Fresco - loading images fast”的主题演讲,欢迎下载!
facebook Fresco is an Open source library to fetch and show images In an e way Fetch images from Caching different sources Prefetching to memory and disk Decoding cache Image post processing Progressive PEG. Cancellation and Prioritization Animated gif and Webp support facebook Integrate Fresco using Android Studio or Gradle compile com, facebook, fresco: fresco: 0, 13.0 301 60 9:1 01 14 facebook Simple way to use it: Drawee facebook drawee view. impleDrawer android; id=F+id my image vler,o Eev_ew droid: layout wid- h= 20dp id: layout heigh-=20dp fresco fadeDuration= 300 fresco: actualImageScaleType= " fccusCrop android; id=(+id/my image viewi fresco: placeholde: Image="ecolor/wait co-or android: layout width="20cp fresco placeholde. Imacescalelype="fitCenter android: layout height="wrap content fresco: failureImage="drawable/error fresco: failureImagescalerype="centerIng- de fresco: viewAspectRatio= 1 fresco: retry Image='Edrawable/retrying < -. other attributes -- fresco: progressBar Imace="drawable/progress aar' fresco: progressBa ImaceScalenype="centerInside" fresco: progressBar AucoRotateInterval=1000 fresco: overlay Image="drawable/watermark fresco: pressedStateOverlayImace:"ecolor/red fresco: roundedCo ne Radius="lcp fresco: roundTopRigh-= false fresco: roundBottomleft= false fresco roundbottomRicht fresco: roundingBo: derNidth="2cp HingBorderColor="calor/border color facebook How to use it // Build image request l To prefetch to disk cache / To prefetch to bitmap cache Closeab le Image image imageReference. get( // Do something with the image f finally i I finally i data Source. close() The Image pipeline i UI thread Non-ul threads Memor Disk equest Cache Cache Network Read Read PG Render Decode k transform nemory Disk Cache Cache Write Write facebook Images use lots of memor facebook It removes all the unused object But there are drawbacks facebook stopped 0K

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