Deep Learning for Beginners

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This book consists of six chapters, which can be grouped into three subjects. The first subject is Machine Learning and takes place in Chapter 1. Deep Learning stems from Machine Learning. This implies that if you want to understand the essence of Deep Learning, you have to know the philosophy behind Machine Learning to some extent. Chapter 1 starts with the relationship between Machine Learning and Deep Learning, followed by problem solving strategies and fundamental limitations of Machine Learning. The detailed techniques are not introduced yet. Instead, fundamental concepts that applies to both the neural network and Deep Learning will be covered. The second subject is artificial neural network. Chapters 2-4 focuses on this subject. As Deep Learning is a type of Machine Learning that employs a neural network, the neural network is inseparable from Deep Learning. Chapter 2 starts with the fundamentals of the neural network: principles of its operation, architecture, and learning rules. It also provides the reason that the simple single-layer architecture evolved to the complex multi-layer architecture. Chapter 3 presents the backpropagation algorithm, which is an important and representative learning rule of the neural network and also employed in Deep Learning. This chapter explains how cost functions and learning rules are related and which cost functions are widely employed in Deep Learning. Chapter 4 introduces how to apply the neural network to classification problems. We have allocated a separate section for classification because it is currently the most prevailing application of Machine Learning. For example, image recognition, one of the primary applications of Deep Learning, is a classification problem. The third topic is Deep Learning. It is the main topic of this book as well. Deep Learning is covered in Chapters 5 and 6. Chapter 5 introduces the drivers that enables Deep Learning to yield excellent performance. For a better understanding, it starts wi

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