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TABLE I 30 25.6 d Bm COMPARISON OF TIIE PREVIOUSLY REPORTED PAS WITIIOUT DIGITAL PRE DISTORTION(DPD) 47.5 dBc -472dB Reference 4] This work 30/-9.3dBc 59.6 dBc Process GaAs 0.18 umGa GaAs GaAs HBT HBT HBT HBT E-601 BicMos 562.5 58259 632.042.65 Freq(GHz)1.95 2.3.5 2.6 Frequenry(GHz) PIdB(dBm)30. 28.3 34 32.14 Fig 8. Measured spectral output of the proposed power amplifier at PIdB PAE(%) 58 n/a 39.7 25. 6 dBm average output power, with LTE 20MHz signal Gain(dB) 35 41.5 28.5 316 Plinear(d Bm) 15. 7 19 25.6 零5ˇ Plinear pae(%o) 15 14 172 LiMa FOMI0.74*1.37*2.88*12.8* 13.3* ::: LTE LTE LTE LTE i:r:3:; Modulation LTE 20MHz 20MHZ 20MHz 10MHZ 20MHz Area(mm2)0.855 2.6 n/a 123 Re: EW:125kHz *a CLR=-47 dBe: **ACLR=-419 dBc 2.6 GHz C30002:0A70065A4042r840606c02760155A5D0「me REFERENCES 2出出 [1 K. Choi, M. Kim, H. Kim, S. Jung, J. Cho, S. Yoo, Y.H. Kim H. Yoo, and Y. Yang, "A highly linear two-stage amplifier integrated circuit using InGaP/GaAs IIBT, IEEE J Solid-State Fig 9. Measured Error Vector Magnitude(EVm) of the proposed Circuits, vol. 45, no. 10, pp. 2038-2043, Oct. 2010 power amplifier at 22.7 dBm average output power, with 802. lac 2] T Oka et al., "A high-power low-distortion GaAs hbt power amplifier for mobile terminals used in broadband wireless 80 Mbps 256 QAM OFDM signal applications, IEEE J. Solid-Stage Circuits, vol. 42, no. 10, pp 2123-2129,0 3]Y. Wei, J. Staudinger, and M. Miller,"High efficiency power amplifier satisfies the system specifications of LtE linearGaAs MMIC amplifier for wireless base station and femto small-cell applications without a digital pre-distortion (DPD) cell applications, in Proc. IEEE Topical Conf. PAWR, Jan algorithm. The measured EVM with the 802. llac 80 Mbps 2012.pp.4952 256 QAM OFDM Signal is depicted in Fig 9. Thc mcasured [4] U.R. Jagadheswaran, H Ramiah, P.-I. Mak, R. P Martins, A2 average output power that satisfies the EVM requirement of um In GaP/GaAs Class-J Power Amplifier for Multi-Band LtE Achieving 35. 8-dB Gain, 40.5% to 55.8% PAE and 28-dBm 3 is around 22. 7 dBm Lincar Output Powcr, IEEE Trans. Microw. Theory Tech, Noy 2015 5 T. Yao, M.Q. Gordon, Keith K. W. Tang, Kenneth H K. Yau, IV CONCLUSION Ming-Ta Yang, Peter Schvan, and Sorin P. Voinigescu The proposed linearization bias circuit has been algorithmic design of CMos LNAs and PAs for 60-GHz radio, IEEE J. Solid-State Circuits, vol. 42, no. 5, pp. 1044 incorporated into the power amplifier. The proposed 1057.May2007 linearization bias circuit is carried out in GaAs HBT [6] M. L. Lee, C.Y. Liou, W.T. Tsai, C. Y. Lou, H.L.Hsu, and technology, realized by non-linear compensation transistor S.G. Mou,"Fully monolithic BiCMos reconfigurable power and envelope detection circuit, which result in linearization amplifier for multi-mode and multi-band applications, "IEEE Trans. Microw. Theory Techn., vol. 63, no. 2, pp. 614-624, Feb and back-off efficiency improvements. Table I is the 2015 performance comparison of the power amplifiers without a [7 W.L. Ma, et al., "Widc-Band High Efficicncy Small Ccll PA digital pre-distortion(DPD)algorithm. For the comparison of Characterized by dual Band DPD for LTE Carrier Aggregation linearity power, gain, and PAE, the figure of merit(FOM) is Application, "in IEEE Eur Microw. Conf, pp 254-257, Sept utilized [5 2015. 8 AWB7228 Small-Cell Power Amplifier Module, Anadigics FOM=Pour()X Gain(dB)X PaExlfrequency(GHz) Datasheet From Table I, it is observed that the proposed power amplifier presents excellent performance in linearity power ( Plinear)and power-added efficiency (PAE). Therefore, the proposed power amplifier exhibits highest figure of merit among all published papers reported to date 978-1-509063604/173100⊙2017EEE

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