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Current Version --------------- [Engine] + added Bezier curve for polygons + added new time format minutes:seconds [mm:ss] - fixed image size calculation when AutoSize is enabled in the preparation stage - fixed RichText lists format - fixed a bug when font changed in parent report were not changed in inherited report * updated a polygon object: now the polygon toolbar is displayed not near to the object, but in the main toolbar and in ribbon; polygon modes are changed, new modes allow editing and adding curves > because polygons have got strong changes, we want to get more detail about the change, the polygon has 5 editing modes: the first allows you to work with the whole object, the second for selecting and moving points, the third allows you to add new points to the polygon, the fourth allows you to edit the curves, the fifth to delete the points of the polygon. For the 3rd and 4th mode, you must select a point + added a new Json data connection integrated into the engine + added FontListFolder property in the Utils.Config + added RepeatBandNTimes property for bands - fixed bug with changing the GroupHeaderBand hierarchy if it had a child GroupHeaderBand

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