DSP 及其在图像处理中的应用

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近年来,DSP 技术的不断发展已经将数字信号处理领域的理论研究成果应用 到实际系统中,并且推动了新的理论和应用领域的发展,其对图像处理等领域的技术 发展起到了十分重要的作用。详细介绍了DSP 及其在图像处理中的应用。
SP C 4 A\SIC 12V 4.2 ICETEK-DM642-PCI OSD FPGA EⅤMk USB FLASIIH,TMS320 USB ICETEK-SIO0USB This utility has successfully reset trolle USB The 4.3 M532 Ms320c6000系 DsPs的原理与 DsPs的质理 ICETEK-5100USBV20 4.4 ICFTEK-DMG42-PCI J7 +5V ICETEK-DM642-PCI J10 ICETEK-DM642-PCl 198210 2000 ICETEK-DM642 17110 C1994-2012ChinaAcademicJournalElectronicPublishingIlouse.Allrightsreservedhttp://www.cnki.net SCi-TECII INFORMATION DEVELOPmENT eCONoMY 201 1005-6033201126-0131-03 011-08-02 2005 1988 ········小·门分·· DSP and Its Application in Image Processing LANG Chong-lin ABSTRACT: In recent years, along with the continuous development of DsP technology, the results of theoretical research in the field of digital signal processing have been applied inlo the practical systeIn and have promoted the development of new theories and application fields, and the DSP lechnology plays a very important role in the technological development of image processing field. This paper introduces in detail DSP technology and its application in image processing KEY WORDS: image processing: DSP; TMS32DM642; FPGA; grayscale histogram C1994-2012ChinaAcademicJournalElectronicPublishingIlouse.Allrightsreservedhttp://www.cnki.net

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