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MATLAB 鲁棒控制工具包的英文使用手册
Revision History September 2005 Online only New for Version 3.0.2 Release 14SP3) March 2006 Online only Revised for Version 3. 1(Rclcasc 2006a) September 2006 Online only Revised for Version 3.1.1 (Release 2006b) March 2007 Online only Revised for Version 3.2(Release 2007a) September 2007 Online only Revised for Version 3.3(Release 2007b) March 2008 Online only Revised for Version 3.3.1 Release 2008a) October 2008 Online only Revised for Version 3.3.2 Release 2008b) March 2009 Online only Revised for Version 3.3.3 Release 2009a) Contents Building Uncertain Models Introduction to uncertain atoms .,,,,,,,.12 Uncertain Real parameters 1- Uncertain LTI Dynamics Atoms ,,,,,,,1-10 Complex Parameter Atoms ········ ·· 鲁垂 .1-13 Complex matrix atoms 1-15 Unstructured Uncertain Dynamic Systems 1-17 Uncertain matrices 1-19 Creating Uncertain Matrices from Uncertain Atoms 1-19 Accessing Properties of a umat 120 Row and column referencing 1-21 Matrix Operation on umat Objects 垂·垂 1-22 Substituting for Uncertain Atoms ,,,,,,,,,,123 Uncertain State-Space Systems (uss) ,,1-25 Creating Uncertain Systems l-25 Properties of uss Objects 126 Sampling Uncertain Systems 1-27 Feedback Around an Uncertain Plant 128 Interpreting Uncertainty in Discrete Time .,,,,,1-30 Lifting a ss to a uss 1-31 Handling Delays in uss 1-31 Uncertain frd ··甲 1-33 Creating Uncertain Frequency Response Objects 133 Properties of ufrd Objects 1=33 Interpreting Uncertainty in Discrete Time ,,,1-36 Lifting an frd to a ufrd 1-36 Handling Delays in ufrd 1-6 Basic Control System ToolboxTM and MATLABOR Interconnections 1-37 Simplifying Representation of Uncertain Objects.... 1-38 Effect of the Autosimplify Property ......,..,,1-39 Direct Use of simplify 1-41 ampling Uncertain Objects 1-42 Generating One Sample 1-42 Generating Many Samples ....1-42 Sampling ultidyn Atoms 1-43 Substitution by usubs 1-46 Specifying the Substitution with Structures 1-47 Nominal and random values .1-47 Array Management for Uncertain Objects........ 1-49 Referencing Arrays .... 1-49 Creating Arrays with stack and cat functions 1-50 Creating Arrays by assignment .152 Binary operations with arrays 1-53 Creating Arrays with usample 1-53 Creating Arrays with usubs 1-5 Creating Arrays with gridurcal b·· .,1-56 Creating Arrays with repmat 1-57 Creating Arrays with repays .1-58 Using permute and permute 1-58 Decomposing Uncertain Objects(for Advanced Users).. 1-60 Normalizing Functions for Uncertain Atoms........ 1-60 Properties of the decomposition ....1-61 Syntax of lftdat 1-62 Advanced Syntax of lftdata ...,..,,,...164 Generalized robustness Analysis 2 Introduction to Generalized robustness analysis 22 Robust stability Marg vI Contents Robust Performance Margin D· Worst-Case Gain Measure 26 Introduction to Linear Matrix Inequalities 3「 Linear Matrix Inequalitiy LMI Features 3-2 LMIs and lmi problems 34 Three Generic LMi Problems 35 Further Mathematical Background 3-9 References 3-10 LM Lab 4 IIntroduction 4-2 Some Terminology 4-2 Overview of the lmi lab ..,,4-5 Specifying a system of LMIs 47 A Simple Example 48 Initializing the LMI System 410 Specifying the LMi Variables 4-10 Specifying Individual LMis ········ 4-13 Specifying lMis with the LMi Editor .4-15 How It all works 4-19 Querying the LMI System Description ··· 4-20 Imiinfo 4-20 Iminbr and matnbr .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4-20 LMI Solvers 21 From Decision to matrix Variables and vice Versa ... 4-27 Validating results 4-28 Modifying a system of LMIs 429 Deleting an Lmi........... 4-29 Deleting a matrix Variable 429 Instantiating a Matrix Variable .....,,,430 Advanced Topics 4-32 Structured Matrix Variables .,4-32 Complex-Valued LMIs...,....... 4-34 Specifying c x Objectives for mincx ...,4-37 Feasibility Radius .......,,4-38 Well-Posedness lssues 439 Semi-Definite B(x) in gevp Problems 4-40 Efficiency and Complexity Issues ..,,,,,,,,4-41 Solving m PtXQ +QTXTP<o 4-41 References Function Reference 5 Functions- By Category 5-2 Uncertain elements....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,5-4 Uncertain matrices and systems Manipulation of Uncertain Models 5-4 nterconnection of uncertain models Model order reduction ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,5-6 Robustness and Worst-Case Analysis ···· 57 Robustness Analysis for Parameter-Dependent Systems(P-Systems) 58 vill Contents Controller Synthesis · 5-8 u-Synthesis ..,.,,.,,.,,5-10 Sampled-Data Systems ................ 5-10 Gain Scheduling 5-10 Frequency-Response Data(FRD) Modcls .5-10 Supporting utilities 5-12 LMIs 5-12 Functions- Alphabetical List 5-15 Block reference Index Contents

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